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The Logitech G633 Gaming Headset is the greatest option for the several platform gamer on the go. Made to be works with PCs, mobile devices, PS4s, and the Xbox One, these Logitech G633 Gaming Headset give the expansive cinematic gaming experience you want.

Logitech G633 Gaming Headset

The Pro-G audio drivers provide 7.1 Dolby and DTS Headset: X Surround audio for an extraordinarily lifelike gaming experience.

Logitech G633 Gaming Headset is designed for serious players who demand precision sound, letting them detect exclusive ability clues, identify sneak attacks from enemies, and boost their gaming skills together with adrenaline-pumping soundtracks and sound effects programmed into the top games. 40 Millimeter Pro-G Driver.

Furthermore, relaxation is improved with the Logitech G633 gaming headset. The innovative Pro-G drivers are created with hybrid mesh materials that provide crystal clear highs and rich deep bass. You are going to be immersed in surround sound and listen to the sound details that inferior headphones often miss.

It is also possible to customize your options, such as countless RGB lighting options, audio profiles, along with G-key macros, letting you program customized functions to your favorite games.

Logitech G633 Gaming Headset

Logitech G633 Gaming Headset also allows you to combine sound from two devices at precisely the exact same time, allowing one to talk with buddies, answer calls, and listen to music all at once.

Logitech G633 Gaming Headset

The Logitech G633 Gaming Headset also comes with a secondary cable and an inline microphone for your mobile devices when you are gaming on the go.

The system requirements for Your Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum gaming headset includes Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, the PS4, or Even the Xbox One.

An internet connection is also required for Logitech Gaming Software setup in addition to a USB jack, a 3.5millimeter audio port, or RCA audio output port.

The 7.1 surround sound, light setup, and G-key programming need Logitech Gaming Software.

Logitech G633 Gaming Headset

From the box, you will discover that the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Performance Gaming Headset, also a 3.5millimeter analog cable w/ audio controls, a USB data cable, user documentation, and custom tags (left/right).

Logitech G633 RGB 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headphones: Experience your games like never before. Logitech G633 Gaming Headset is a full featured, surround audio headphones with advanced audio drivers, noise-cancelling mic, LIGHTSYNC game-driven RGB light, and much more.

Game-Driven Light + Sound: G633 comprises Logitech G LIGHTSYNC technology. Next generation RGB illumination powered by action in of over 300 top games. Customize colors + impacts across LIGHTSYNC mice, keyboards, speakers and headphones for new gaming strength.

Innovative Pro-G Audio Drivers: Listen to your games clear and loud by genuine precision as their designers intended. Pro-G hybrid mesh, anti-distortion drivers generate booming bass and exceptionally clear highs.

Superior Sound Performance: Get expansive cinematic sound with Innovative Pro-G audio drivers and 7.1 Dolby or DTS Headphone: X surround audio. It is the gaming headset worthy of serious sound lovers.

MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY: One headset for all your devices enables you to choose G633 out of the gaming directly to your games console and mobile devices. It works with PC, phones, tablet computers and consoles, such as PS4 and Xbox One.

Changeable RGB Lights and Custom Labels: Use Logitech Gaming Software to personalize light from 16.8m colors and LIGHTSYNC light impacts driven by games. Insert the added custom tags to improve your appearance even further.

Programmable G-Keys: Use Logitech Gaming Software to personalize buttons and boost your gaming or media experience. Setup instant macro command combination use them to control your audio without leaving the match.

Custom Sound Profiles: Preset your personal audio profiles at Logitech Gaming Software. Easily adjust the sound equalizer to follow music, movies and games just how you like it.

FOLDAWAY NOISE-CANCELLING MICROPHONE: The most flexible boom microphone comprises an LED light to allow you to know when you are on silent settings. Twist it back if not using a superior audio experience.

Logitech G633 Gaming Headset

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