[Fixed 2023] Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Android Phone?

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The most serious issue is that YouTube not working on Android devices. With 1.5 billion monthly logged-in visitors and hours of videos added every minute, Youtube is the largest video platform on the internet. Youtube has become a vital part of our life, with so much video available for consumption and as a source of entertainment and knowledge.

In terms of free internet video consumption, Youtube has a monopoly. If the platform stops working or we are unable to use it, we may feel anxious. So, here’s a step-by-step approach to figuring out why Youtube isn’t working on Android and how to fix it.

How Do You Fix YouTube Not Working On Android?

The first step is to determine whether YouTube is down on its server end or whether there is a problem with our device that is preventing YouTube from working on Android phones. Use this Down Detector to see if Youtube is currently experiencing any server downtime. If your status is fine and it says “No difficulties at Youtube,” the fault is very certainly with your phone. To detect and resolve the problem, follow the procedures below:

Check to see if YouTube is unavailable

YouTube can occasionally go down, even if it isn’t a typical occurrence. The first thing you should do is look into it. There is no simple way to see if YouTube’s servers are down, but there are a few options.

By heading to the official YouTube Twitter account, you can get information straight from the horse’s mouth. Any downtime is likely to be reported there.

We also recommend Down Detector, a website that allows users to report concerns with YouTube not working. The site is usually always accurate, and it even has a live map to check for local outages.

You have no choice but to wait if YouTube is unavailable.

Restart the app or website by closing and reopening it

Closing and reopening the YouTube app frequently resolve any local problems or difficulties. If you’re on a computer, shut the tab or the browser and try to visit YouTube again.

Check for any updates

Running earlier versions of software is usually not a problem, although it might occasionally cause issues. This is especially true for larger updates or upgrades that involve server-side modifications. Make sure you’re using the most recent app version.

It’s also a good idea to double-check that everything else is up to date. Check for updates to your browser (if you’re using one), as well as your operating system.

Restart your device

It’s always the first thing we recommend when troubleshooting! For reasons we don’t understand, a simple restart can miraculously get everything up and running. It may appear ridiculous, but it’s worth a shot!

It’s possible that your internet connection is to blame! Other apps that require an internet connection may also be tested to see if they function. Alternatively, you can use Google to search for anything. If nothing else works, you can be cut off from the internet.

Check to see if your Wi-Fi is turned on, or if you accidentally activated Airplane Mode. Those who use Wi-Fi or LAN should check to see if their router is connected. Are there any other gadgets that are working? Restart the router if necessary. Although most routers have a dedicated button, disconnecting and replugging the router also works.

Clear the cache and data in the app

Clearing YouTube’s cache and data is the next step on this list. The former clear temporary data, whereas the latter clears all app data, including preferences. This may be useful because data and settings can become corrupted, and bugs can cause problems. Clearing everything clears the app or browser, allowing you to start fresh.

Check internet connection

You should also check whether your phone’s internet connection is operating properly. Simply run any program or open any webpage through a browser. Examine your internet connection. If everything appears to be in order, the internet is working properly. If additional things aren’t loading, you should check your phone’s internet connection.

Open Quick Settings on your Android phone to enable Airplane mode. To do so, go to the notification panel and select Quick settings from the menu at the top. Toggle the Airplane mode on/off switch. Allow 1 minute before turning it off. Open the YouTube app on your device. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly.

Reinstall app

If there is no update available or if installing the YouTube app did not resolve the issue, you should delete it. After that, reboot your phone and reinstall it. To uninstall YouTube, go to the Google Play Store and search for it. Select Uninstall from the menu. 

Because YouTube is pre-installed software on many phones, it will not completely uninstall. The factory version of the program will be restored in such circumstances. That’s also sufficient. If this happens, reinstall the app.

Reset app preference

If nothing else works, you’ll need to take the slightly more drastic step of resetting your phone’s app preferences. There will be no personal data or files deleted from your phone as a result of this. It will restore default values for settings such as app permissions, restrictions, and so on. 

To reset app preferences, click to Settings > System > Reset choices. By pressing the Reset button, you can clear the app’s preferences.

Is the network blocking YouTube?

YouTube and other services may be subject to network restrictions at times. When surfing the internet from schools, libraries, or other places where officials don’t want you to be distracted, this is a typical occurrence. It could also be the outcome of parents who monitor their children’s YouTube usage.

Inquire with the network administrator if there are any YouTube restrictions. The only way to solve this issue is to ask the administrator to provide YouTube access. You can alternatively utilize a different network or switch to data.


We conclude the above article by saying that the greatest issue is that YouTube does not operate on Android. The first step is to determine whether YouTube is down on its server end or whether there is a problem with our device that is preventing YouTube from working on Android phones. And you can follow the above points in order to fix the bug. 

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