Top Qualifications You Need to Get a Job in IT

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How to enter the IT industry? Both young specialists and people with huge work experience in other sectors ask this question themselves. IT jobs usually offer higher salaries and better work conditions than other jobs. So this is why IT positions are one of the most attractive career options nowadays.

You are very wrong if you think IT companies only offer tech jobs. Learning how to code to work in an information technologies company is not necessary. Project manager, product owner, digital marketer, copywriter, and customer support positions don’t require programming skills. But of course, all IT jobs have some qualifications in common, and we’ll tell you about them.

Many companies offer internships for people with no experience, and it’s a good chance to dive into the IT world. But to achieve a good job, a candidate has to match with essential qualifications for the position in an IT company. What are these qualifications, and how can they be acquired quickly? Dive into this article to find answers to these questions.

There are Jobs in IT For Both Introverts and Extraverts

For some people deciding to go into IT is like a significant compromise with themselves because they think stereotypically about this market and don’t know its key features. For example, there is an assumption that all IT specialists work with computers, so they avoid talking and communicating with people. This is not entirely the truth.

Introverts who find comfort in limited contact with friends and colleagues can find joy in working as programmers, QA specialists, and designers. A close circle of people will limit their communication with people. Usually, it’s their project manager and technical team lead. Their job requires a remarkable ability to focus on long and complex tasks.

Extraverts can find their heaven in taking on a job in project management and marketing. Let’s remember and customer success department too. Their schedule is often filled with meet-ups with their team members and representatives of other departments. Frequent communication takes a lot of energy, so introverts usually try to avoid such positions.

Computer Literacy

An IT specialist should have computer skills that correspond to his job requirements. If you are an office-manager wanna be, then it’s enough for you to have basic computer skills, the ability to research online, and good knowledge of task management software. If you apply for a WEB designer position, the recruiter will surely ask about your knowledge of Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, or other tools for designers.

What about software developers? Their key focus should be on the programming language of the project they’re applying to. To be a front-end developer, you should have a good command of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Talking about the back end, without the knowledge of Python, Java, or Ruby, nobody will invite you to a job interview.

The presence of key qualifications is a top1 criterion for recruiters in the hiring process. Professional resume writers can give you an excellent example if you need help highlighting your skills. The job competition rate is very high in the IT market, so your resume must look professional and up-to-date to stand out among other candidates.

Why Hard Skills Only Are Not Enough 

Qualifications You Need to Get a Job in IT

During the job interview, people are always nervous about asking all the questions and their hard skills and experience. But suppose their answers on tech background satisfied hiring managers. In that case, it is not a guarantee that the candidate will get a job offer. Look at the most popular reasons recruiters refuse to hire good tech specialists:

  1. They don’t show enthusiasm;
  2. Low leadership skills (applied for senior positions);
  3. They cannot present themselves;
  4. They answer too fast but can’t explain the flow of their thoughts;
  5. Not able to explain his idea;
  6. Rude interrupts all the time;
  7. Too self-confident.

So, there are two candidates with equally high hard skills. In that case, the employer will prefer the one who is better at communication, can take more responsibility, and shows more enthusiasm.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Working in a new environment can feel like moving to another country. Every company has different rules, corporate culture, and even slang. The new job is stressful. Flexibility is crucial to help fight this stress and fit into a new team. You must build a good connection with your manager and teammates to get started and succeed in your project.

You will have to interact with your colleagues daily during meetings, negotiations, and calls. There will be situations when you must support your argument and agree to compromise. Flexible people can do it and achieve high results in their work.

Desire to Develop

Employers are always interested in long-term cooperation with their employees. During the job interview, they need to see that you want to grow in their company and expect you to develop your professional skills.

One of the most frequent questions from recruiters to applicants is: what resources do you follow in your industry? What professional literature have you recently read? What was the last professional training you attended? So, if you don’t have the answers to these questions, it’s hard to imagine that the hiring manager will hire you.

IT companies usually not only appreciate the desire of their employees to gain new knowledge, but they also sponsor these initiatives. But they must be sure that you won’t attend some professional training and leave to competitor’s company to apply this knowledge.

The first six months of employment are usually when the company invests more in the worker than the worker does in the company. After the first six months, they expect you to show your input to the project, and you will use new knowledge to solve more complex tasks.


A job in IT is a cherished dream for many job seekers. Getting hired by an IT employer is challenging but not impossible. With the right tech and soft skills and a proper resumes like those from resume writing services, the doors to the IT market are opened for you. So, show some enthusiasm and excitement, read literature, and prepare to present yourself in the best light possible. Good luck!

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