How Mobile Technology Can Benefit Businesses?

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Mobile technology or tech is used for cellular communication. This ever-so-growing technology has evolved over the last few years, and many businesses use it internally. Over time, mobile tech has been replacing outdated systems and communication methods like landlines and post offices that most companies utilize.

Mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets have become integral to many everyday business processes since they play a crucial role in streamlining operations. They’ve transformed from just calling or texting machines to multi-tasking systems where you can install several up-to-date apps like the Google Maps phone tracker. Plus, you can use your phone for internet browsing, GPS navigation, and sharing data and files.

Did you know that there are many practical benefits of mobile technology in business? They include:

1. Enhanced Communication

Organizations vary in values, sizes, scales, capacities, cultures, and purposes. And, despite the industry or type of organization that you’re running, effective communication is paramount.

Communication is one of the most basic functions of management in any organization. It’s the process of transmitting ideas, thoughts, information, options, and plans between various parts of an organization or sometimes to those outside the company.

The importance of business communication can never be over-emphasized. And, even as you strive to achieve good communication, try and ensure that you do the following for your employees:

  • Empower them to air out their feelings;
  • Give them the liberty to use asynchronous and real-time communication channels;
  • Allow them the freedom to communicate whenever it is necessary and from wherever they are;
  • Give them access to tools like telephones, smartphones, and email; and the like.

Through mobile technology, it’s easy for the above to happen and this can help streamline the workflow process. Moreover, mobile devices enable you to communicate with other stakeholders involved in your business like the following:

  • Clients:  With nearly 7 billion smartphone users embracing mobile technology all over the world, you can easily reach out to many customers and have personalized interactions with them.
  • Vendors: You can easily handle and manage vendors through mobile programs or apps. This makes it easy to contact the sellers from wherever you are, make orders, update invoices, and pay them using up-to-date technology.
  • Your Network: As a manager, chances are high that you have professional connections. To maintain these associations, having conversations through mobile-friendly social media platforms and staying updated with what’s happening in the market would be best. This has been made possible using mobile technology.

Effective business communication is the key to successful teamwork, increasing business productivity and profits.

2. Mobile Technology Enables Remote Working

Remote working means working far from where your employers are located. Workers don’t commute or travel to an office building, business premises, warehouse, or central workplace in a remote working arrangement.

Since the advent of mobile technology integrated with the internet a few decades ago, how individuals work and manage their businesses has tremendously changed. Today, you can have business and company meetings through online video conferencing; it’ll be as effective as one-on-one communication. And you can text or call your colleagues and business partners working remotely if you want them to do something. They don’t have to come to the office.

You can store your work in the cloud for your colleagues to access. Moreover, it’s easy for managers to track the total working hours of their employees through employee monitoring software. Other functions that this software does include the following:

  • Monitor the apps your team uses in real-time;
  • Get verified working hours for payroll and attendance;
  • Take recurring screenshots of your employees’ screen;
  • Visualize employee productivity in real-time; and the like.

3. Mobile Apps Optimize Businesses Operations

Many business owners still believe that having a website or a social media page is sufficient to attract and get in touch with their customers, and this idea may need to be revised. Today, every business, even the small ones, needs a mobile app. Here are some of the reasons why some business owners have invested in a mobile app for their businesses:

  • It helps you make a better impression than the businesses without the app, hence, helping you gain a competitive advantage;
  • Apps make it easier for you to interact with your customers in real-time;
  • It enables you to sell your products and services faster;
  • Creates a direct marketing channel; and others.
Mobile Technology Can Benefit Businesses

Your customers may have something to say – a review, a suggestion, or feedback about your products. For your business to run well, you need to give your customers a chance to say what they want to. Mobile apps allow you to do exactly that.

4. Boosts Customer Loyalty And Sales

With new technology, business, and commerce have changed, and so have your customers. Today they’re more enlightened and are connected 24/7 on the web.

Moreover, the rules have changed, and now customers are in control more than ever. They demand nothing but extraordinary and excellent service. Unfortunately, the majority of them leave after having one bad experience.

With mobile devices, customers are moving seamlessly between the online world and the real world. Mobile technology, such as utilizing registered 10DLC numbers to reach customers, has on the flip side, increased business efficiency because even before customers come to your physical shop, you can communicate with them. You can also do the following:

  • Allow them to book a service;
  • Push notifications based on their location and the service they’ve requested;
  • Offer mobile or virtual queueing;
  • Connect them to the best suitable staff for an improved experience; and so on.

Providing outstanding experiences to your customers helps build your brand reputation, increase customer retention and loyalty, and increased sales.


In today’s world, many people carry smartphones in their pockets. Over time, you can attest that mobile technology has been significantly growing and evolving with increasing popularity. The are many more uses for mobile phones as well; henceforth, it’s no longer just about calling or texting.

People can now use mobile devices to share files, surf the internet, and do many other things. And most business owners haven’t been left behind. They’ve integrated mobile technology into their operations to boost their business and enjoy the benefits discussed in this blog.

As a business owner, it’s essential to know that mobile technology will continue advancing; hence, you must be on the lookout to avoid being left behind. By doing so, you’re assured of a more lucrative business as you continue enjoying the advantages of using this type of technology.

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