SEMrush Alternative: 5 Tools That Are Worth for Digital Marketing Agencies

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Anyone who can’t afford Semrush can lead people to look for SEMrush alternatives. That’s true it’s not an easy task to understand the number of good and bad SEO tools out there and if you are thinking about SEMrush alternative tools that are worth for digital marketing agencies, so we must say, Semrush alternatives are tough to follow. Semrush has unbeatable and complicated features that marketers love.  If we talk about the features of analytics reports, backlink audit reports, and keyword research toolkits. These are legendary and amazing features.

 All these features are beneficial but also high-priced. The high leveled price tag of Semrush alternatives is so important to freelancers who are looking for a keyword research platform. So, we are going to tell you the 5 best Semrush alternative tools that are worth it for digital marketing agencies.

So, let’s have a look at the top 5 unbeatable SERrush alternative tools!

1. Wask

WASK is an online digital marketing software that has the ability to eliminate all challenges to manage Facebook and Google ads. However, this software has a lot of tools that help freelancers to get amazing results from their ads.  And if we talk about the Competitor Analysis Tool of this WASK software, so it is one of the most impressive features that anyone can compare to their competitors’ website traffic and social media ads.  And the user can also analyze the competitor’s keywords (organic or paid), and track backlinks and top-visited URLs. The software of WASK provides three different pricing plans, Basic, Premium, and Professional. Let’s take a glance at its features!

Features of WASK:

  1. The competitor analysis tool will help the user to examine the ads of your competitors and can also analyze the website traffic.
  2. The user can compare his data with the competitors.
  3. The user can also improve the underperforming ads by using the optimization tool of WASK.
  4. By using the WASK software, the user can publish both Google and Facebook ads.
  5. The user can also manage and track all ads from one single screen.
  6. The design tool is so useful for designing ad photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.
  7. Pricing

2. Moz

Moz is also an amazing SERmush alternative because it has the useful feature of a comprehensive Keyword Explorer. The user can easily lift the web content and outperform the competitors. The price of Moz Pro subscriptions is from $79 to $479 per month when the buyer paid yearly.  Let’s have a look at the amazing features!

Features of Moz:

  1. Moz has an amazing tool for keyword research called, “Explorer”. This tool compiles the list of keywords, which is sorted by complicated score and search volume.
  2. This tool also lets the user categorize all the key phrases include in the SEO strategy.
  3. The user can also measure the SEO impact of the keywords by tracking the performance of SERP.
  4. The site has the top audit feature that can uncover weak links, absent title tags, and broken architecture issues in websites.
  5. The user builds the link profile by using the service of Moz’s link research.
  6. Pricing

3. SEO Power Suite

The next Semrush alternative is SEO Power Suite. It is also amazing software that can combine compelling features, the support of the customer, the compatibility of a search engine, and white-label reports. This software has both free and paid tools and the version of the free tool provides unlimited site crawls and keyword searches, which is the basic and most important thing to understand when we compare SEO Power Suite vs Semrush. So it has a free plan and professional plans and an enterprise plan.

 Features of SEO power suite:

  1. The user can get 19 different keyword suggestion tools in this alternative that will explain the outline traffic and the rate of the bounce of every keyword on the radar.
  2. SEO power suite has weighed backlinks for 50+ factors that will help to create profound reports and powerful links to build recommendations.
  3. A site audit can reveal all the dead links and missing HTML snippets.
  4. The user can also optimize all the suggestions to improve page ranking.
  5. The feature of competitive analysis can help the user to crack the backlinks of competitors, keywords, and content strategies.
  6. Pricing

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a leading Semrush alternative, that has deep data analytics and frequent updates. It has also amazing and impressive features, Ahrefs has the ability to boast of an expert SEO community on Facebook and useful marketing tutorials. The price of the popular Standard plan is almost $179 per month.

 Features of Asrefs:

  1. Organic search reports will provide information about the traffic of competitors, keywords search, and backlinks.
  2. The features of Content will highlight the keywords for which the competitors outrank the user.
  3. The tool of keyword research, “Explorer” has a database of 3 billion keywords with the base of search volumes, traffic, and CPC numbers.
  4. Pricing

5. Search metrics

Search metrics is a tool that includes the features of keyword analysis, SEM & PPC, site audit, backlink audit, and SEO. This Semrush alternative tool is a high choice for all smart marketers. This website gives the user a trail.

 Features of Search metrics:

  1. The feature of Global SEO will give provides the user with historical search data, 130 domains, and 30 countries.
  2. The Local SEO feature allows the user to monitor SEO which trends across 14 countries.
  3. The user can harness the backlink analysis’s power to optimize the off-page performance.
  4. They give the user organic activities and suggestions to optimize both.
  5. Pricing


These SEO tools are necessary for any online marketing campaign and these tools can give the right direction to the users. It’s an amazing way to customize the content that the user needs of the target audience while also considering how the competitors are using keywords.  We wrote about some great SEMrush alternatives, now which tool you want to use it’s depends on you. Hopefully, this article will help you

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