10 Tips To Achieve Employee Recognition In A Remote Team

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Are you thinking about the ideas and tips to achieve Employee Recognition in a remote team? If yes…so you do not need it because here is a list of 10 amazing and helpful tips to achieve employee recognition that will surely help you to hit the mark. If you want that more organizations come to rely on remote work, then keep in mind that, it’s essential to transfer over some of the successful practices that we’ve done in the past.

One of them is employee recognition. As we all know that with spending time the employment market is also changing and if we talk about the expectation of employees they are also evolving. So what should you try to find out for your successful recognition program?

 So, we must suggest that it is patience, a target of achievement, and a strong admire to succeed. Employee recognition in a remote team is indeed so important for organizations, but the more important is the isolating nature of working remotely. So we are going to talk about that below, after reading this guide you’ll be able to find some useful tips on how employee recognition will give you profit in your company.  Let’s have a look at the top 10 employee recognition tips to help you to succeed in the coming years.

What is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition is a highlighting of any kind of achievement of an employee or team. This is the most positive way to ensure your employees that their hard work and effort are not avoided and how much the company values them and their great contribution to the success of the company.

They must know that you appreciate them for their hard work.  Must develop the habit of employee recognition not only for your employees will appreciate it because their efforts have been recognized but also because it will give benefits to your company.

Tips to achieve Employee Recognition in a remote team

The Employee recognition ideas may be big or small but the most important thing is to motivate them. For instant,   “thank you”, “well done”, and “good work” these words can appreciate their hard work and contributions to the success of your company. Ask some questions to yourself, it can also help you to generate some unique ideas. But at this time, we are here to find out the best solution. These 10 tips to achieve employee recognition in a remote team will help you amazingly.

1. Social Media Recognition

Social media recognition is an amazing idea, you just need to quick positive feedback on their corporate profiles on any platform that will help them and their career. And you should also appreciate their work on your organization’s social media platforms so that other people can see their corporate notice and congratulate them. In This way, you can give them respect and space to work more passionately.

2. Bonuses, rewards, gifts

You can give bonuses or Gift care packages to your employees, in this case, you will show your care and recognize their hard work.  You can also hire anyone to take care of or give gifts to deserving employees as and when needed. You can also add some extra cash to the salary of the deserving employees. You can also organize a reward program. You can also achieve employee recognition in a remote team in this way.

High-performing employees can be awarded on a regular basis (e.g., monthly or quarterly) or given a one-time incentive for a specific accomplishment. In addition to bonuses, other incentives like award ribbons can also be used as a way to recognize high-performing employees. These items can be worn or displayed by the employee and serve as a visible symbol of their achievement. Awards can also be customized with the employee’s name, the company’s logo, or a message of congratulations, making them a personal and meaningful way to recognize an employee’s hard work.

3. Buy Lunch for them

 Launched is a fantastic idea of recognition.  You can order their favorite food for a deserved employee. We can say it is a thank you launch from you being a boss.  You can appreciate their career enhancement too.  Giving them a lunch card or coordinating with them can also help you to achieve employee recognition in a remote team.

4. Work from Home

Working from home is on trend. You can give them a special day in a week to work from home and Honor the personal of your employees. It will be a refreshing day for them from a tough work routine. You can say it is an outing day that will release the stress of regular work. This is an amazing idea for recognizing both remote and office employees.

Consider getting them the proper equipment as well when they choose to work from home. Get them laptops built for enhanced productivity so you can be assured of their work quality and efficiency, even in the comfort of their homes.

5. Open House

Must appreciate them in front of their family and children, it becomes the most beautiful memory in their career. Many companies are going towards the system of “Open House.” An open house is where the families of employees are invited, and their families and friends can visit their workspace. So it’s a unique idea to achieve employee recognition. In this way, you can express your appreciation to them in front of their families or friends.

6. Track Your Progress

If you’re going to run your employee recognition program, so must be sure you’re going to track the results. So that you can get many answers to your question such as are your customer satisfied? Are your employees happy with their jobs?

See from where you start and have set your goals and then also see how you’re progressing.  If you don’t see the right results so you do not need to worry about it because sometimes it may take a little while. So just continue your strategies and keep an eye on the results for some time before you reach any result.

7. Achievement

A great tip for employee recognition is the achievements of your employee. For example, your employee brought a big client or a project team for you or your employees complete their work well ahead of the tight schedule. So you can recognize your employees after achievements and you can show your appreciation for their efforts. Your appreciation lets them know that their work has unnoticed. So in this case you can motivate your team for more achievements

8. Write Creative Thank you Notes

This is one of the easiest ways of recognizing employees in a remote team. it is totally priceless that involves no charge.  By writing a creative Thank you note you can make an employee feel appreciated. You just need to write a note that describes how proud you are of the employee’s efforts. After reading this thank you note your Employee will be pleased and will find it very thoughtful.

9. Wellness Day

Wellness day is a popular trick nowadays. Employee wellness is also a trending topic right now. It is an awesome way to achieve employee recognition. You can offer your well-deserved employees a wellness coupon from any fitness coaching center. It will enhance their mental well-being. As we all know that talented employees are the base of a business’s success, and they should stay in sound health. So it is an amazing way to show your care for your employees.

10. Personal Events

Personal events of the employee are also important for them and employee recognition doesn’t mean that it is all about professional milestones. You can also do it when there is something event in their personal life. For example, you can congratulate them on their birthday or wedding. You just need to say congratulations or you can also send small gifts to them.


Almost 41% of organization use employee recognition programs to improve their employer brand according to a survey. There is no doubt about it, there are a lot of benefits of employee recognition. Actually, employees have an important backbone of a skeleton. And their hard work is much important for any business.

So, achieving employee recognition is much easy, you just need to follow the right trick at right time. We have tried over best to cover all the important things that will help you to achieve employee recognition in a remote team. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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