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It’s a very bad situation when your motherboard is damaged or scratched. But how to fix scratched motherboard becomes more complicated. As we all know, the motherboard is a delicate and complicated part of your PC. If we say your motherboard is the main hub of your computer so it is not wrong.

Every function and every work you do on your PC depends on your motherboard. If your PC does not power on that mean there is something wrong with the motherboard. When the PC does not turn on then the owner thought to purchase a new PC. But there are many ways to repair your motherboard.

We tried our best to cover useful methods on how to Fix Scratched motherboards or damaged motherboards. You may also replace the motherboard without replacing many other components of your PC.

In this way, you can save money. Our guide will explain how you can fix the scratched motherboard or how can you repair your motherboard easily at home. So, have a look at this guide.

Important things you should know about your Motherboard

This is a very difficult thing for your motherboard that when something is going to wrong with the motherboard, this issue can also trickle down to other components of your pc. You can find out the exact issue with a careful process, it is time-consuming method and you must have an idea of how to know the issue.

Fixing a motherboard is quite delicate because every component in the PC needs to be stripped out before replacing the motherboard.

Your motherboard is the most complicated component of electronics, many different variables can put a motherboard out of order. Electrical spikes, dust, hairs, surges, and other objects are sucked by the fan into your PC and make the issue reason.

Signs of a scratched Motherboard

There are many signs you can be able to understand that there is an issue with your motherboard. When you switch on your PC, you will see a blue screen with error codes. This is a sign that there may be problems with one component and more components like HDD, RAM even the motherboard also.

When you switch on your PC, it will not boost and there will be nothing displayed on the screen. It is a sign also a sign of a scratched and harmed motherboard. Your computer can also start to boot up very slowly.

There will also happen that peripherals on the PC begin to become unreliable. You can also face strange behavior on your monitor such as flickering, freezes, blinks, or lines on the screen.

It may also happen when you try to fix a flash drive into the port of USB on your PC, it may fail to initialize it. Increased frequency of blue screen of death error is also a sign that your motherboard gets scratched.

 How to fix Scratched motherboard?

When you accidentally starched your motherboard, the most basic damage will appear on the top layer of your motherboard. However, this top layer has conductor codes with the enamel for isolation that helps the motherboard to be secure from any typical scratches. We can say that motherboard is just like a multi-layer cake, there is also icing in between layers as an analog for the conductors.

That means you do not need to worry about this scratch because it is a small scratch on the top layer of your motherboard and it does not make any difference. But if the scratch is deep enough, then it would penetrate the enamel and can also expose the topmost conductor underneath.

It is not good for your motherboard. The important thing you must understand is that at this point, here you can have three outcomes, let’s talk about these outcomes.

  • If the scratch is not deep to expose the conductors and you scratched the enamel by chance, then there is nothing to do because your motherboard is all right and secure.
  • The second outcome is that you scratched the enamel deep enough to expose the conductors, but the conductors are in good condition and still intact so they keep functioning on your motherboard.
  • The last outcome is that you scratched the layer of motherboard deep enough, started the enamel to expose the conductors, and may inflict damage to that conductor underneath, it is dangerous and also may result in short or it can also miss all the connections.

It is a good thing that on the condition of the first outcome you do not need to worry. It is also good that 2 and 3 outcomes are repairable also. It may be tricky but I cannot say that it is impossible or dangerous. You can repair or fix your scratched motherboard by following these steps.

1. Take out your motherboard

First of all, you need to take your motherboard out from the case of the computer very carefully. Just remember to take good light and a pair of steady hands. These are necessary things.

2. Fix it with candle wax

Now you need to see that scratch very carefully under the proper light. If you feel the copper-colored trace that means the enamel is damaged. If you see that this copper-colored trace is undamaged then you just need to clean this copper trace by rubbing some alcohol now you will be able to isolate the damage point of the enamel with some non-metallic coat you can clear this point with a nail polish or a drop of the wax of the candle. So it is nicely done.

3. Missing the copper trace

If you see copper is missing and the substrate underneath the copper turned brown or shiny color, and it becomes an unconnected conductor then the process of repair is more involved. You have to remove the enamel surrounding the damage point. You can use nail polish remover on the enamel.it will help to expose enough conductors to reconnect the scratched copper trace.  To reconnect the scratched traces you can use electricity conductive paint. Must clean the point with air blower and see repair trace don’t touch to each other. Finally, you need to test the motherboard if it is working or not.

Wrapping up

We hope so, after reading our guide you will be able to understand how to isolate the damaged or scratched area and then how you can repair the scratch. If you are not sure to do this by yourself then we recommend you to consult with a computer expert and don’t try it by yourself. Hopefully, this article helped you a lot!

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