How to Show Internet Speed Meter in Windows 11?

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If you need to show the internet speed meter in Windows 11 but don’t know how to do that? Then, no need to be worried you’re at the right place. You will learn through this article, how to show an internet speed meter in Windows 11.

Some of us are so lucky who have a reliable and fast internet connection, but unluckily when the internet works slowly or not working then some of us have to face a lot of issues and become frustrated. So, here we should thank the amazing internet speed meter tools, to reduce our tension. So, let’s go to know, how to show an internet speed meter in Windows 11:

Show Internet Speed Meter in Windows 11

The Internet Speed toolbar is used to hold up the upload and download network speeds. Now, internet speed can be measured by Android mobile phone devices because they can do it. It is odd, to work on a computer or laptop without using an Internet Speed Meter. So, to install the internet Speed toolbar on your PC, you have to use a Net Speed Meter.

Net Speed Meter

The desktop meter that shows the download and upload speeds of your Internet connection in main or real-time is also functional in the system tray. There is no combined tool available on windows to monitor the download and upload rates of your Internet connection.

For that reason, several developers try to create useful and simple software apps to enable you in maintaining track of like crucial network-related information. And Net speed meter is one of these useful apps.

This Net Speed Meter may be established, beginning with, Windows, so you don’t need to launch this software each time you boot up your PC or Laptop. Must have to check the upload and download speeds.

Net Speed Meter delivers data about the speed of your Internet connection right on your desktop. The meter is configured to keep up on top of all other enthusiastic windows, so you don’t fail to picture the upload and download speeds.

Following are the steps to download and install the Net Speed Meter from the Microsoft Store:

  • Firstly,  you have to download and install it from the Microsoft Store.
  • After that, when the installation will complete, you have to click Open.
  • Now, You’ll be invited here whether you like to maintain Net Speed Meter on your taskbar, then you have to click Yes to confirm.
  •  Now finally, Net Speed Meter is perfectly enabled in Windows 11.
  • After that, you have to Right-click on the Net Speed Meter and then you will choose to Keep in Taskbar.
  • Now, the Net Speed Meter exists in the taskbar of your Windows 11.
  • In order to customize it more, you have to right-click on it and then have to choose Settings.

Above mentioned are the steps to show the internet speed meter in Windows 11 by installing and using Net Speed Meter.

Try to test Your Network Connection Speed by Using Windows PowerShell

 In order to the link speed of your network connection, Windows PowerShell is one of the important processes or ways to test your Network Connection Speed using Windows PowerShell you have to follow these easy and simple steps:

  • First of all, you have to open the Start menu, then you have to search for ‘PowerShell’ and after that, open the top result.
  • When you see the PowerShell window has opened, you have to copy-paste the below command or type the command and then hit Enter.
  • After the command stands exclusion, you have to check the ‘Link Speed’ column for the speed of various network k adapters. You have to check for the link speed of Wireless LANs in order if you are connected via Wi-Fi or in a situation where you are utilizing a wired connection, then you have to check the Local Area Network. Moreover, you can also be able to determine the active network adaptor through the checking Status column that would be ‘UP’.
  • The link speed is commonly considered the most theoretical speed between your local Wi-Fi router and your device but keeps in mind that it is not the real download or upload speed you can obtain when browsing the internet or downloading a file.

How do you turn on your internet speed meter on your computer? 

Operates in the system tray as well, the foremost instinct is that you have to right-click and then have to double-click on the meter to notice if there any menu pops up. Even, you will be shocked to notice that the meter merely disappears. When your helm to the system tray, you will see that the icon of the Net Speed is also there.


Hopefully, you have got a lot of relevant information that you need to know. And after reading this article you fully know about the way, how to show an internet speed meter in Windows 11. Net Meter plays an important role to get a fast network speed. So, just read the above carefully and apply it to get results!

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