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Few things leave a lasting impression on your customer or client quite like an email signature. Perhaps the ultimate way to enhance the credibility of your message, an email signature delivers important information about you, your brand, and your offer.

The best email signatures are both educational, and engaging, designed to capture the hearts and minds of a specific audience, and inspire a valuable response. With an effective signature, you can improve your chances of potential leads turning into clients, and make sure your brand stays top-of-mind with anyone you might want to contact.

Here are some modern email signature designs to help inspire your own signature creation journey, along with insights into why these choices are so effective.

Examples of Amazing Email Signatures

An effective email signature uses a careful combination of typography, visuals, and formatting to instantly capture the attention of a specific audience. Using state-of-the-art designs, companies and their individual employees can send an important message about the brand, without having to add a lot of extra text to the bottom of a message.

Let’s take a look at how some established brands use email signatures effectively:

1. Your Place Realtors (Emily Scott)

Emily Scott from “Your Place Realtors” has the perfect signature to inspire engagement. This signature combines useful contact information (a phone number, physical address, and email address) with a host of additional information. You get links to Emily’s social media pages, so you can see she’s a real, credible person.

The ”Recent Listings” segment at the bottom of this signature is particularly valuable because it allows Your Place Realtors to draw additional attention to the properties they’re promoting at any given moment. With the right Outlook signature templates, you can add all sorts of additional information to your signature, to increase the value to your audience, and improve your chances of engagement and conversion.

Modern Email Signature Designs

2. FedEx (Frederick w Smith)

There’s limited time and space to make an impact in any email, particularly in an environment where customers are viewing more emails on mobile devices. Adding a sign-off to your signature is a great way to save some time, and space, without compromising on formalities.

For instance, this signature example from FedEx includes the “Best Regards” component as part of the signature itself. The use of a built-in sign-off makes the person sending the message look more professional while ensuring they don’t have to type a sign-off at the end of every email.

Modern Email Signature Designs

3. On the Edge Interactive Games (Jed Albright)

Sometimes, adding a unique element to your email signature can be the perfect way to set yourself apart from the competition. Although a GIF in your signature will place additional pressure on the application your customer is using to open your email, it shouldn’t cause too much of a problem if you keep the rest of your email as lightweight as possible.

In this example of an impressive email signature from Jed Albright, the “On the Edge Interactive Games” company gets to show the fun and playful side of the brand. The carousel of different images shown in the GIF gives personality to the company, and the individual employee too. All the while, the use of various buttons linking to social media pages helps to highlight the credibility of Jed Albright as a real person.

Modern Email Signature Designs

4. Microsoft

Sometimes, the best email signatures are simple and eye-catching. Using a specific branded color palette, the Microsoft energy brand ensures its employees can deliver a consistent image in the email inbox. This example signature combines a beautiful gradient in the background with an eye-catching image of the professional in question.

Like many of the best email signatures, this example also offers plenty of useful information in an easy-to-consume and minimalist manner. You get the website for the brand, an email address, a physical address, and a phone number, in a mobile-friendly, and responsive format.

Modern Email Signature Designs

5. Mona’s Cups (Mona Hinson)

The style and personality of your email signature should match the energy of your brand. This is something we see perfectly in this email signature from Mona’s Cups. The simple but effective signature is eye-catching and minimalistic, with a few bright stripes of color to highlight the playful and friendly nature of the company.

Because the brand is highly focused on visuals, it also leverages visuals to boost engagement with its email signature. Not only do you get a photo of Mona herself in this signature, to improve credibility, but you get a selection of photos straight from Hinson’s Instagram page.

Modern Email Signature Designs

There’s even a link added to the signature so you can check out the latest from the company’s Instagram page with one click.

6. Salease (Susan Rodrigus)

Email signatures are a wonderful way to convey brand identity and provide your contacts with useful information about your business. However, provided you have the right tools to help you enhance and customize your signature whenever you choose, they can also be a flexible solution for promotion.

The Salease company uses email signatures for its employees as a way to not only highlight information about the staff member but also draw attention to sales and offers. The addition of an animation block under the main information of the signature can be an excellent way to improve your chances of positive action from your customers.

In this example from Susan Rodrigus, we see how a brightly-colored and engaging email signature can immediately make the chances of conversion more likely within an email.

Modern Email Signature Designs

Creating Your Own Email Signature

Creating the perfect email signature doesn’t have to be as complex as it seems. With a wide range of tools available to help you leverage existing templates and drag-and-drop design features, you can create a stunning signature in no time.

Remember, an email signature is a powerful tool in your brand identity, and a sensational way to convey more information in every email message. Don’t underestimate yours.

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