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Technological advancements combined with internet penetration have opened up new avenues for businesses. With the advent of e-commerce platforms, the way businesses work has gone through tremendous change, working towards a positive approach. E-commerce platforms help businesses work 24X7 round-the-clock irrespective of location and timing. It is minting money and bringing in business continuously.

E-commerce stores got a great push after the pandemic hit the world, and there were restrictions on physical gatherings. And that is when online shopping became more prominent and profitable for businesses and customers. For businesses, in a way that it works all through the day and night. And for users, your product and services are at your doorstep with just a click on our device.

This popularity of E-commerce platforms gave way to Shopify web development – a cloud-based platform to open an online store for your business hassle-freely. Nowadays, no business wants to lose on the opportunity by not going digital and having broad access to the marketplace.

Shopify platform offers numerous advantages as explained below:

1) Easy Installation

Shopify offers a one-stop solution for all the businesses who want to open their e-commerce store. It’s a quick, easy, and hassle-free way to transition from traditional stores to the online marketplace. The user need not worry about any additional services or interface development costs. Shopify provides a user-friendly interface to admin, which is easy to use and operate. With Shopify, you need not juggle different things. In one place, you will get all the requirements. It becomes easy for businesses to focus on their products and services rather than trying their hands on hundreds of different things and losing focus.

2) No Expertise Required

You don’t need to be an expert in coding to launch a basic-looking e-commerce store on Shopify. All the required software and hosting Shopify provides you. It takes into account the scaling facilities and necessary updates in the future. You do not have to worry much with Shopify. You can concentrate your attention on selling and provide a better customer experience.

3) Secure Transaction

An E-commerce store contains sensitive information about the user’s bank account details. Thus it is essential to have a secure platform for secure e-commerce transactions, which is online. Shopify offers to build an e-commerce platform that is safe, fast, and reliable for use. Shopify offers to build an e-commerce store that can hold multiple transactions at the moment. Users trust the e-commerce store to buy products and services, which provides a safe and secure platform for its customers. Hence it is a must-have to build a user base, and Shopify lets you do this. 

4) Mobile Friendly

Lately, e-commerce stores are attracting more traffic from mobile devices than desktop devices. Hence an e-commerce store needs to be desktop as well as mobile friendly. Shopify understands this requirement. Therefore with Shopify, build a website that works well for mobile and desktop customers. It’s a great way to cash on the business opportunities, build a user-friendly website, and attract customers.

The efficiently built e-commerce website helps broaden the user base.

Handheld devices like mobile are hugely popular nowadays and attract an audience. Having a mobile-friendly website with a good user interface is a must-have. 

5) Takes care of marketing needs 

Shopify helps you build a superb user interface on the website but is not limited to it. It also takes care of its marketing needs helping your business reach its target customers. There is no use in building a beautiful-looking website, offering great products and services that no one finds and lost among many e-commerce stores. 

Shopify offers a Search Engine Optimisation feature that helps you reach your target customers. It helps increase sales opportunities and expand your business. This feature also helps business owners understand the business requirement as it gives a better analysis of customers based on their location, age group, etc. Access to this information helps form an effective marketing strategy focused on the target customers.

The role and Responsibilities of Shopify web developer

Shopify web developers are professionals who specialize in Shopify website development. They are individuals who have extensive knowledge and skill in building an e-commerce platform on Shopify.

The role and responsibility of the Shopify web developer are as follows:

  • To build an attractive though user-friendly interface that attracts the audience and helps broaden the user base, thus increasing sales and revenue of the business.
  • Shopify web developers’ responsibility is to customize the themes per the business, understand their requirements, and create an interface unique to the brand. It helps create a brand its a unique identity.
  • Shopify web developers must be well versed in the different aspects of the e-commerce platform, such as navigation, payment gateway, inventory management, and other e-commerce operations.
  • Shopify web developers must seamlessly communicate with the User Experience (UI) and User Interface (UI) design teams to build a responsive and smooth user experience for the customers. The efficient communication skills help remove issues and glitches while building a successful e-commerce platform.
  • Shopify web developers must be able to debug errors in the website, testing it frequently. So it works smoothly and performs better functionalities. It helps safeguard the website from abrupt halting and can give technical support to the users.


Increasing digitalization has given way to the cropping up of various e-commerce platforms. There is a website and an app for every service in the market. Every business owner wants to expand its’s user base broadening its business reach. There is no better way than moving toward the online marketplace. It helps reach broad audiences and work efficiently, irrespective of the geographical location and time. Your e-commerce store works continuously for you without getting tired. It helps minimize other business overheads like shop rent, electricity, etc. With an online e-commerce platform, the whole world is your marketplace.

To help you relish all the above benefits of the online marketplace, use Shopify web development. It helps you to build a website that is desktop as well as mobile friendly.

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