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Do you want to grow the subscriber base of your YouTube channel and get results quickly? Following this, we will discuss our growth strategies for YouTube. We are going to show you all of the hidden tactics that may be used to grow Youtube channel, from crafting catchy video titles to producing thumbnails that encourage users to click on them.

To cultivate a successful YouTube channel, you need views, traffic, and followers. Everything that follows strives to improve the number of people watching videos, visiting profiles, and engaging with content. You can also learn effective ways to earn money from youtube videos.

Even though this guide covers several strategies to grow a Youtube channel, you may find that testing just a handful of them is enough to increase your subscriber count.

1.  Choose Keywords

YouTube, just like Google, has become one of the most widely used search engines. There is a lot of rivalry on YouTube because artists upload 500 hours of material per minute. No one will ever find it if you don’t optimize your content for search engines.

Your profile, video titles, and descriptions ought to focus on keywords that receive a high number of monthly searches yet have a relatively low level of competition. That is not easy.

To begin, use the Keyword Tool to select terms that receive a lot of search traffic (extremely descriptive). Utilize TubeBuddy in order to evaluate how competitive it is. Again, you need to look for keywords that have a big number of monthly searches but relatively moderate levels of competition.

2.  Optimize Profile

After selecting keywords, you should optimize your profile to grow Youtube channel. Fill out all of your data fields and insert your keywords. For instance, you should include a keyword in the name of your YouTube Channel. If you have a YouTube channel dedicated to search engine optimization (SEO), rather than naming it Entertainment’s Channel,” you could call it “SEO Guru.”

This will help your channel achieve higher search rankings. Complete your “About Us.” Include pertinent keywords in the first 48 characters of the description (since this will be displayed in YouTube search results). In addition to the search value it provides, the visitors you receive from your profile page may be new. Instead of assuming that they will view all of the videos on your channel, explain the benefits of subscribing to it.

3.  Create Amazing Thumbnails for Your Videos on YouTube

The video preview image that appears on your YouTube channel could be responsible for the majority of clicks. When visitors come to your website, they first become aware of it because your films display on their homepage or in their search results. Although your channel and title are both highly important, the thumbnail is the very first thing that viewers see.

If it’s very important, you should optimize it. Try to avoid utilizing a screenshot that has already been pre-populated from your video. Make your video thumbnails with a program like Canva or Photoshop instead.

The thumbnails on YouTube can vary. In most cases, visuals and a concise guarantee are included. See how the movies in the snapshot entice viewers by using text overlays in bold font, graphics, and colors that contrast.

This strategy will ensure that as many people see your YouTube thumbnails as possible. The next step is to ensure that the headline is properly optimized whenever someone clicks on a thumbnail.

4.  Give Videos Professional-Sounding Titles

After they have seen your thumbnail, readers should be enticed by your headline. This ought to be appealing and searchable, much like a good blog title. As more people click on your video, YouTube will start recommending it on homepages, search results, and other relevant videos. Avoiding using bait to get people to click will not help to grow the Youtube channel.

  • What are the benefits of your content to your audience?
  • Will they be amused, educated, or given information during this event?

It is up to your headline to persuade them to watch your film rather than one of the dozens (or hundreds) of others available. Is your video complete? How quickly can viewers absorb information? What’s the newest? Your audience is going to be thinking these things in the fraction of a second that passes between them, viewing the thumbnails and titles and clicking on one.

Include relevant keywords in the title of your video so that it will appear in search results on YouTube. Find a happy medium between being intelligent, using relevant keywords, and providing value. It is more challenging than it may first appear; nonetheless, you will need to do experiments in order to determine what is successful for your channel and audience.

5.  Post Videos at the Best Time

YouTube upload timings might vary greatly depending on the viewer and the film. Because YouTube is a global platform, something other than what may work for content related to technology may work for gaming. Experiment with different timings and monitor engagement using the information provided by YouTube.

Grow Your YouTube Channel With Social Plug

However, the data collected by recent research indicates that the best days to publish on YouTube are Thursday and Friday and that three in the afternoon see the most activity. Because the recommended videos on YouTube are not displayed in a feed as on most social media sites, you do not need to publish your video seconds or minutes before your audience will watch it.

6. Video Playlists: How to Make and Publicize Them

YouTube users largely disregard playlists. The best channels have yet to categorize their movies or make improvements to the viewing experience for their audience. Users are, however, able to select videos that are similar and continue viewing them, thanks to playlists. YouTube gives greater rankings to channels whose users stay engaged with them for longer. YouTube wants to show more people your work if you can keep visitors on the site for an extended period.

7.  Promote Your Other Content On Youtube

Using all of your available resources, promote your channel on YouTube. Suggestions for overlapping promotions:

  • Blog: Insert YouTube videos. When appropriate, you should compose a whole post on your blog to transcribe, analyze, or highlight a YouTube video.
  • Quora: This allows you to provide written responses to questions as well as links to your YouTube videos.
  • Email: Send out your freshest videos.
  • Sharing recent videos from YouTube on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is encouraged. Additionally, traffic can be driven by using Instagram and Pinterest.

8.  Subscribe To Viewers

Subscribers are coming back, but viewers are leaving. Make an effort to convince viewers who have only stopped by once to sign up for your channel before they go away forever. There are instances when viewers must watch a few of your videos before they feel comfortable adding you to their subscribed list.

Inquire about and remind those who have subscribed. Include calls to action to subscribe at the beginning, during, and after your videos. Include a CTA. Remind the community they can subscribe to receive updated information if you respond to inquiries in the comments section.


Lastly, comments on your videos are an amazing tool to grow Youtube channel.  Activating comments is a great way to get your community involved. Before your channel on YouTube becomes popular, take the time to enjoyably answer each comment. When your channel becomes popular, you won’t have that option anymore. Depending on the subject matter of your video, viewers may interact with you actively in the comments section.

You may need to pose questions for viewers in the video’s description or in the video itself, particularly at the beginning. The community that forms around your remarks should grow. When users communicate with one another, you transition from being a glue to more of a participant. After you have established an audience that is actively involved, you should frequently post under the Community tab.

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