How To Grow A Youtube Gaming Channel?

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Today we are going to tell you how to grow a youtube gaming channel. YouTube gaming video is the most popular content on social media. People like to see the best gaming videos on YouTube. But on the other hand, gaming is the competitive niche on YouTube.

So, if have a gaming channel and it does not grow then you must have an idea about that why the gaming channel is not growing. If you are going to start a gaming channel then you must know how to grow a gaming channel.

So some simple tips can help you to grow your YouTube gaming channel. We try our best to cover everything from the amazing video game editing software so that you can find your niche.

Here are some amazing tips about growing a YouTube gaming channel.

1. Choose the Right Equipment

When you have planned to make videos for your gaming channel then you should have the right gear to make the best quality gaming videos. Because people do not like to watch poorly made videos. When you capture and produce video, you need to use a computer that will let you record, edit, and distribute your videos from one centralized location. You just need to download screen capture software and editing software.

You can also use a DSLR camera or webcam to record your gaming videos. For voice, you have to use the microphone for gaming videos. Many gamers use a green screen for live streaming, so you also should try it. Choosing the right equipment is most important and helpful to grow your gaming channel.

2. Find the most searched video keywords

 For any kind of YouTube channel, video keyword research is the most important thing. The right keyword is the backbone of your video. Keyword has the power to make or break your content. Naming a gaming YouTube channel is so important. So, you have to develop unique YouTube channel names for your gaming channel.

  • First of all, to choose the right keywords, you have to make a list of seed keywords. Seed keywords are broad topics. it is a very helpful tip to grow your gaming channel.
  • Next, you should type these seed keywords into a YouTube search, after that you can easily pick up these keywords that YouTube is suggesting to you on the search bar.
  • Finally, you have to select the low competitive keywords if your want to optimize the gaming videos.

3. Make your gaming videos optimized for good watch time

To keep the audience on YouTube is much important. It is also the first target of YouTube just because watch time will make money more from ads. So YouTube likes those videos that are racking up. So to increase your video’s watch time you have to do some important things such as:

  • You have to create a long video because it will perform better. Long videos will help you to rack lots of watch time automatically.
  • Second thing is that you have to remove the fluff from the intro of your video. The intro is so important. So you must be effective. You can make it attractive with no background no fluff.

4. Join the gaming community

If you want to best start your gaming channel or grow your gaming channel then it is the best idea to start your gaming channel in other gamers’ companies. So you have to join the gaming community. You can learn many things by joining it. You will learn which significant updates coming to the gaming, frequently questions about gaming, and which aspects of the game can make people more excited. So we must say, it is an amazing idea to join the gaming community for more experience.

5. Upload gaming videos

Before starting your gaming channel, you must have the pact to upload videos consistently. If you want to grow up your channel and want more audience on YouTube then you must upload at least once a week. So you have to schedule uploading. So it’s another important thing to be noticed.

6. Try to add some entertainment

To pull the things too much, just make a strong intro for your gaming intro and then try to get to the meat of your gaming content. Then you should move around to the character and describe the point of the video. Don’t forget to add some interesting and entertaining things because it will spice up your gaming videos.

7. Eye-catching thumbnail

Thumbnail is the main source to bring in views. Your thumbnail will force the audience to click on the video. So your thumbnail should be attractive and eye-catching.

8. Enchanting title

The title is another important source that can bring viewers to your videos.  So you have to put popular keywords but these should not be much competitive. An amazing title convinces people to click on your video. So you have to create an attractive and click-worthy title.

9. Research the topics

Before capturing your gaming video, you must see the popular titles and keywords for your topic. In this case, you will make a better video. The research will explain whether the video is worth making or not. So it is a very useful tip.

10. YouTube shorts

YouTube shorts are so popular among people. People enjoy content within a few seconds. So shorts are also amazing for gaming channels. You must try shorts to grow your gaming channel. When you have planned to upload then upload some shorts to your gaming YouTube channel. You can add some entertaining things in shorts also. There is a chance to get the attention of the audience and get a few hundred subscribers.

Which things does the best YouTube gaming channel have?

Shortly, the best and most popular gaming channels have

  • Attractive name
  • Enchanting titles
  • Popular keywords
  • Consistently uploads
  • Eye-catchy thumbnail
  • Strong content


There is no doubt that all the things discussed above are so important to grow your gaming channel and run your gaming channel in the best way, but the most important thing you should try, as we have already mentioned above that don’t forget to have some fun.  We’ve, share with you the best gaming tips and tricks that will be so helpful for you. We are sure now you are ready to run a perfect gaming channel and by following all these ideas you can easily grow your gaming YouTube channel. We try our best to cover the main and important things that can work well. We hope so, this post will help you a lot!

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