Free 11 Best Marketing Giveaway Ideas For Cell Phones

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You’re always looking for prizes that benefit your brand and do the dual job of rewarding your winners and also bringing attention to your brand.

As we all know, promotional giveaways are one of the best and oldest marketing tricks in the book, and they’re still giving effective as ever. Giveaways aren’t just about the prize if you thought that. If done right, they can also do:

  • They Increase your website traffic
  • Can boost brand awareness
  • It will help to garner free customer reviews and referrals
  • Will supply your brand with new social media followers
  • And more!

Once, when you have planned your giveaway goal and entry method, then picking the right prize (especially which fits a low budget) should be the next task on your list.

Following are some of the best promotional giveaway products you can brand with just your personal logo to promote your cell phone. Here are some amazing marketing ideas that really work!

1. Write a Blog

When we talk about marketing giveaway ideas for cell phone free then we will suggest you write a blog about your cell phone brand it will definitely help to promote your brand without spending any money. Through your blog, people can know about your phone’s brand and its qualities. When people read about its features they will try to buy a cell phone of your brand. So writing a blog is a fantastic way to grow brand awareness.

2. Create an Effective Cell phone logo

No doubt logo is a symbol of a brand. You have to create an amazing logo for your brand, it will attract people to your brand. You can create this logo for free. You should share your brand logo on different social media platforms to promote your brand. As people see your logo they will try to know about your brand and with this free and useful idea, you can easily promote your brand.

3. Teddy Bears

If you have a mascot for your cell phone brand, then is a great giveaway idea that you can turn it into a full-size or cute plush teddy bear to gift your loyal customers. For example, as you see Hoot suit has a plush only for their brand, along with the life-size mascot!

4. Coffee Cup & Mugs

This idea is classic for a reason. The people who don’t want a new mug or coffee cup to fill up on a cup of joe? You can either use your brand logo or also you can print funny, quirky quotes on your mug to give a touch of your brand personality.  It’s also a fun way to promote your cell phone among people.

5. Gift Cards

Gift cards are really a thrifty shopper’s dream that comes true in reality. This type of promotion giveaway prize for your cell phone brand promotion is excellent if you own an E-Commerce store for your brand and you’re looking for ways to boost sales. It’s also a well-working idea that when shoppers get a gift card or discount, they’re 42% more likely to add many items and pay more than the original and initial gift card value.

Gift Card Giveaway will help you build your email list, and get social shares and it also grows your followers on social media through this you can promote your brand.

6. Stickers and Bumper Stickers

If you will try dad jokes, memes, and company logos plastered on different items like cell phones, laptops, and car bumpers, then these work well for promotional branding for your cell phone. Custom stickers are easily affordable for you to print and purchase in bulk, and this means you can have over 100 winners for your giveaway

7. Reusable Water Bottles

Everyone needs to have a water bottle with them, or two tucked away or heavily used when at work or the gym, so a water bottle is always a hit to promote your brand. You can promote your cell phone by giving water bottles and straws. We know it needs money but not much in a small amount you can manage.  

8. Tickets to Your Seminar/Webinar

When you plan for a different seminar or host a webinar, then you can give its tickets for free to your cell phone customers, whether it’s a co-promotion or fully sponsored by your brand, or you can give away these tickets to your event to one or two lucky winners.

9. Tote or Shopping Bag

When a customer comes to buy a cell phone you can give a tote or shopping bag as a gift, it will promote your cell phone brand. Also, you can print your brand logo on these bags. So that people may know your brand through your logo.

10. Ask your customers what they want

It will be not wrong to say that one of the best giveaway ideas that is often overlooked is asking your customers what they actually want. This is an effective and useful strategy because if you ask your customers about their interesting features it would definitely show that you’re interested in what your customers have to say, what they want, and what products of yours that they’re using.

11. Photo Contest

Photographs are a great and profitable idea. Through a photo contest, you will come to know about a different side of your customers and the faces who help and support your cell phone business each and every day!

You could sponsor this contest on Facebook and also Instagram. Remember to ask your customers to post a photo with your product and answer your question of choice.

For example, you could ask your, customers, to explain why they love the product, which feature is their favorite most, or their favorite way to use it.

A photo contest is a great and interactive giveaway Idea for marketing your brand and also will give your customers the opportunity to be more creative and connect with your cell phone business and other new customers.


We hope our giveaway ideas are sure to inspire you and your efforts to increase your brand awareness and keep customers coming back for more Shopping. Utilize your cell phone business through social media platforms, Must listen to what your customers want.

So which giveaway idea will you try next?

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