How To Upgrade A Laptop For Gaming?

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I had an old laptop that served me well for my day-to-day needs and basic tasks. It was, however, old enough to be set aside. I decided to improve its gaming performance so that my children could play games on it. Even now and then, I’ll play some action games.

Perhaps you have the same concept for your laptop, and you want to upgrade a laptop that doesn’t satisfy the gaming criteria. You’re satisfied with the way your laptop works and want to add some more features and performance enhancements so you can spend some time playing games. You may also lack the financial means to purchase a new laptop.

It has been extremely difficult to replace all of the components of laptops, and it appeared that upgrading was impossible for laptop users. If you’re a gamer, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play games on it. It is still possible to play games with some upgrades.

Upgrading your laptop for gaming purposes may be a fantastic choice, but keep the following points in mind.

  • Upgrades that are not applied correctly may cause damage to your laptop.
  • Your laptop warranty may be void if it is damaged or upgraded.
  • It doesn’t matter whether the warranty has already expired; however, you should be informed that all parts of the laptops cannot be replaced or updated.
  • Another thing to bear in mind is that these updates can be of two types: one is related to purchasing new hardware, which can be costly, and the other is related to software upgrades and modifications, which only require your appropriate implementation.
  • Older laptops can only be upgraded to a certain extent, so make sure to compare CPU upgrades, maximum RAM upgrades, and other peripherals to your gaming requirements.
  • Last but not least, you must operate all upgrades with caution and patience. Because these updates will take some time to complete, and you may need to swap out many peripherals to get the optimum fit for your laptop.

Best Tips To Upgrade A Gaming Laptop

CPU Upgrade

It is the most fundamental aspect of gaming. Most old laptops have a slow or outdated processor with no turbo boost or insufficient cache, which does not fulfill the game’s requirements. However, it is dependent on the processor chip in your laptop, such as the P150EM with 2.7GHz and 3.7GHz turbo boost, which is a good processor as a CPU processor in the Core i7-4720HQ.

At first, you’ll need to increase the CPU to meet the requirements of your games. However, you may believe that upgrading your processor will cause your battery to utilize more energy. However, if you have a good CPU processor, you can skip this step.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Upgrade

The GPU, or graphics card, is the most significant component in gaming because it supplies you with the true spirit of gaming. Because most laptops are not designed with high-end graphics or GPUs, lagging and poor gaming experiences are common when playing games on them.

Changing or updating the GPU chip in a laptop is extremely dangerous and may result in the laptop’s death. Different manufacturers, however, have created upgradeable GPUs that you can use on your laptop. However, it is extremely dangerous, and I’m unsure how long it will work. As a result, making such selections is difficult. However, unless the repair facility guarantees you, we advise against such practices.

RAM Upgrades

Upgrading the RAM (Random Access Memory) on laptops improves the games running faster. Yes, it is the next crucial and valuable upgrade and enhancement in your laptop’s gaming performance.

Old laptops may require a minimum upgrade or an additional 4 to 6GB of RAM. It is also critical that you increase and maximize the number of RAMs in your computer to unaffected your gaming experience.

You can see how many RAM slots your laptop has and how much RAM it has. If your laptop has 4GB of RAM in each slot and a total of 8GB, you’ll need to replace 4GB with 8GB to achieve a total memory of 16GB, and so on until 32GB.

It’s also a good idea to check your laptop’s specifications for the maximum number of RAMs it can support so you may update it for better gaming. Furthermore, if you have extra RAM, try one in each slot one at a time to see if it works.

FPS should be increased (Frame Per Second)

You may believe that the low frames per second delivery are the main cause of a laptop’s poor gaming performance. In comparison to desktop computers, upgrading laptops is more difficult.

Following the laptop mentioned above gaming upgrade, the next step was to boost the FPS of the computers. The simple meaning of an increase in FPS is that we will adjust our operating system settings to prioritize gaming over other tasks and use the maximum resources of the GUI for gaming.

  • In Windows, go to Theme Personalization.
  • Change the theme to Classic and save the changes.
  • Now, in the Display settings, go to Screen Resolution.
  • To verify the driver date, go to Advanced Settings -> Properties -> Adapter Tab -> check/write the name of the display adapter and select the Driver tab.
  • Check the Internet for driver updates and download the latest drivers for your adapter.
  • Restart your laptop after updating the display adapter’s drivers.
  • After restarting, go to My PC or Computer ->Properties ->Advanced System Settings ->select Setting -> Performance ->Adjust Best Performance and Click on to get the best GUI fps rates for gaming.
  • Before you begin playing games, make sure all background apps are closed.
  • And you’re done. To obtain the best results, go to the game’s settings and lower the texture and shadows in the performance tab while the game is running.

This is how to boost gaming performance on Windows 10 and Windows 7. These are very simple and basic techniques to increase FPS on a laptop.

Your Direct X must be up to date

To check and confirm the Direct X version required for gaming, type ‘dxdiag’ into the menu. It is recommended that you run windows update on your gaming hardware, as this will assist you in gaining better Performance.

Hard drive defragment

While Windows automatically defrags data on your laptop, make sure you defrag your hard disc.


We hope you’ve learned how to update a laptop for gaming and how to boost the performance of a standard laptop for gaming. Please try these measures and let us know how your laptop’s gaming performance improved. We’d be delighted to hear from you. Upgrade your laptop, play your favorite games, and have a good time.

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