How to Store Headphones in the Classroom?

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It will be challenging for anyone to store headphones, especially to store them in a classroom if there are up to 50 sets or more. So, how to store headphones in the classroom? Don’t worry here are a few of the great headphone storage solutions and ideas for classroom teachers!

Headphone storage in the classroom is one of the tricker and tuff tasks to organize, particularly when there are many sets of headphones to store. 

There may be an investment in school headphones and it can be challenging if these headphones are unintentionally damaged or stepped on. So, a classroom organizer must need to know about ideas, and how to store headphones in the classroom, to keep them safe from damage.

Fortunately, here are some easy solutions to make this task easy and safe. And you will be able to keep your headphones sanitary and keep them separated so that you can be able to avoid a lice outbreak or epidemic.

Ideas to Store Headphones in the Classroom

Following are some easy tips and tricks that you have to use to organize or store headphones in the classroom:

1. Use of Hanging crates

Store Headphones in the Classroom

How can it prove as perfect?  You have to grab a few file crates and then stack these file crates (You can use zip ties to connect the file crates). Now make sure to put a few textbooks in the crates for the purpose to keep the crates grounded.  After you have to add some baskets on its side with the help of book rings.  So, now you will use these baskets to store headphones in the classroom.

2. Use of PVC Pipe

If you have a low budget then no need to worry!  You can easily make a headphone storage stand with the use of a few simple supplies that you can get from the hardware store. The use of PVC Pipe for storing headphones in the classroom will be very effective and easy to handle.

3. Use of Plastic Drawer

If you’re a teacher and all your students have their headphones, then you can label each plastic drawer with the use of alphabet letters such as A-J, K-P, and Q-Z. After that, you simply put or keep each of the headsets in a labeled Ziplock bag before storing the headphones.

And your students will always know where they can find their headphones. So this trick will help a lot if you are thinking, about how to store headphones in the classroom.

4. Use Towel bars

Yes! You can use towel bars for the purpose to store the headphones in the classroom. Sure it’s a clever hack. You have to get as many as according to the need of your classroom. You can be stacked them vertically or horizontally. You will display them according to your student’s height so that they can easily access them.

5. Use Food Storage Plastic Container

Food storage plastic containers are the best option to store headphones in the classroom. It will be a cheap way for this purpose. Plastic food storage containers will keep the headphones of the students separate and will prove more durable than the use of plastic baggies.

Store Headphones in the Classroom

As these plastic containers are not much expensive, so you can easily buy a set for your whole classroom or you can also put them on the school supply list of your students.

6. Use Clothes Drying Racks

The use of clothes drying racks to store the headphones in the classroom is the best option, especially for the teachers of middle and high school who don’t have to need as much concerned about the lice epidemic.

This clothes drying racks option will take up a bit more space on the floor and will leave the headphones out in the open, but in order, if you use the headphones frequently, then you’ll want easy and simple access anyway!

7. Use of Hanging Shoe Organizers

If you’re in wonder, how to store headphones in the classroom? Then this trick will prove very easy, cheap, and effective for you. You can easily be hanging them on your classroom’ wall, these don’t give a bad look to your classroom and you can also dress them up a little with cards that are personalized with names.

You have to select a plastic pocket organizer rather than a mesh if you are a teacher of elementary because an organizer with a plastic pocket provides the best protection from the lice epidemic!

8. Use a box

Using a box to store headphones in the classroom is an easy solution! You have to seize a box that has a cap and cardboard tube. You have to cut a hole in this box and slide it into the tube. Now you can toss your headphones easily along the rod and that’s it!

9. Two Binder Clips

You can hang Headphones in the classroom or anywhere with the help of two Binder Clips. If you act upon this idea then you must love this idea because it can very simply and easily be moved anywhere you want in the classroom you have to need this to be throughout the school year.

How you can Keep Your Headphones from Tangling in the Classroom?

  • You have to grip the earbuds in your hand’s palm.
  • Now you have to use your opposite hand to wrap the cord.
  • Then you will remove your headphones from your hand with an unwrapped hand.
  • Hold the headphones with your index finger and thumb.
  • Now you have to wrap the excess cord in the middle of your figure.
  • You have to stick the last inch of the cord by the loop you just create.

How can you store your student’s earbuds?

Make sure each earbud must have a particular letter or number assigned to this for it to be used just by the student that is rostered for just that particular number. You can store your student’s earphones in a large classroom mesh bag, or pocket chart, or can use an earphone storage unit.


Storing headphones in the classroom can be challenging but not impossible. If you are a teacher or a classroom organizer and don’t do any safe arrangements to store headphones in the classroom then they can be damaged and also cause the lice breakout and epidemic.

So, you can easily and safely store headphones in the classroom just by following the above-mentioned tips and tricks. Hopefully, you have gotten your required solution for how to store headphones in the classroom. To be successful in this purpose just follow our tips that are not more expensive and will prove effective!

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