How to Install Minecraft Mods?

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If you are a Minecraft Lover and getting bored of the game, you should check out and Install Minecraft Mods. But if you have a modded Minecraft server, it means that you have a powerful way to customize your gameplay experience.

You can customize your game using a plethora of add one mods in Minecraft it depends on which version you are playing.

 If we talk about Bedrock Edition, you can use add-ons, which you can purchase for real-world money in Minecraft. If we talk about Java Edition will use mods you can dig around for, at no cost in Minecraft. It is not easy to play with mods as you just upload them to your server in Minecraft.

If you want to use mods in Minecraft, you just need to install Minecraft forge, you have to find the mods online and add these mods. Here is a useful guide on how to do it all? Our full guide will help you to understand the process of how to install Minecraft mods?

Install Minecraft Mods
Install Minecraft Mods

Safety Guide

There are a lot of viruses, firstly you should be careful what you download. When you Search for Minecraft mods, this search quickly leads you to a lot of shady web pages. You should be careful to stick to well-known forums, and don’t follow the strange links of any software.

Auto-updating software

It will never be wrong to say that there are many places in mods installation where you have to run something you just installed.

It is a fact that the Forge won’t install unless you’ve run the matching version of Minecraft, the mods folder does not show until you’ve launched Minecraft after installing Forge, and the latest version of Minecraft won’t show in the Forge profile editor until you’ve swung a chicken over your head for a while, etc. So, we can say that It’s both a blessing and a curse too.

Minecraft Mods

To hack this game is so easy, so there are many fan-written code changes which are called mods.

These mods are pieces of community-created content. The player can add new items, variations, upgrade, expansions, and other notification with the help of the mods in Minecraft.

It will be more fun to play with mods because the play has more fun and can breathe a new life into what can be a repetitive game.

Install Minecraft forge

Install Minecraft Mods Install Minecraft forge
Install Minecraft Mods Install Minecraft forge

Before you install Minecraft mods, firstly you need to install a free App called Minecraft Forge. It is very important because Forge is a third–party program that allows you to install, manage and delete any mod.

You can find Minecraft Forge to download from the official website. After downloading and installing Forge, now you just need to restart your computer and then open Minecraft Launcher.

Here you can see a new options menu, press “Forge” from the menu and then click “play”. Press it on the arrow next to the big green play button to expand the menu.

If you have done it correctly, and you got the verification that Forge is installed then you will see a new menu that is titled “Mods” in the main menu in Minecraft.

Find the Mods in Minecraft

There are a lot of sides that offer “Mods” for free in Minecraft. It is a piece of bad news that there is no specific authoritative way to install Minecraft mods, however, there is a small list like,, and 

But the player just seems to find out about the Minecraft mods, and google it or search for it on YouTube. And the two most popular sides that offer are the mods and

If you cannot find there that mood you want, simply try to search for them on Google. Both these sites have comment sessions and search features, so that if you are facing any issue so you can report it.

If we talk about the method of installation so it is widely used rather than incompatibility. But now, most Minecraft mods are compatible with Forge, which is a convenient mode loader.

But make sure that any mod you have downloaded must be compatible with the specific version of Minecraft that you have installed.

Add your mod to Minecraft

If you want to see your mood in action, so you need to download the mod file in a folder that is created by the Forge called “mods”. If you cannot find it so you just need to save your downloaded mode file anywhere else you can find it.

Using mods in Minecraft: Java Edition

Install Minecraft Mods java download
Install Minecraft Mods java download

Being the users of Java Edition in Minecraft, firstly you need to install java. After this, you have to download the version of Minecraft Forge which must match your server version. You can find Java Edition mods all over the place via websites.

Simply press the option of “download” on the mod that you want and move it into your mods folder in Minecraft.

If we talk about the location of the mods folder on the drive in Minecraft, in a folder you can find through pressing “users” your Windows name “App Data”, “Roaming” and then simply “Minecraft”.If there is no mods folder, you need to make a folder there and just drop your mods that are downloaded.

If you want to play with mods you have installed, you just need to select “forge” from the list of builds that are available on the Minecraft Java Edition client.


Don’t worry, If Minecraft has an issue loading after one or more mods are installed. Bugs and other problems will appear with the territory, or for some simple reasons. Remember you need to copy over the right files and that the downloaded mod can work with your version of Minecraft.

If Minecraft will show an error log if it fails to load, and if you found this error you need to open the mods folder and you should remove the culprit mod, then restart and launch again. No doubt, your issue will solve.


At last, with mods or without mods, Minecraft still deserves your love and interest. No doubt, this is so amazing to install mods in Minecraft to have much fun in this game just because Minecraft mods take a variety of forms and shapes and it has the ability to spice up your gameplay experience in the world of Minecraft. We hope with the help of this simple and useful step by step guide, you can easily understand the method of How can install mods in Minecraft. Hopefully, this post will help you a lot.

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