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As we all know a thing about Tame A Fox In Minecraft, the fox is an incredibly cute and sweet animal and one of the many species which can be found in the wilds of Minecraft. No doubt, Foxes are mobs of night and one of the many species that are available in the forests of Minecraft.

Most players of this game are keen to have one of these cute and lovely animals as a friend or pet, but first of all, it’s very important to understand how you can become friends with them.

And if you’re interested in having them as your pet or best friends, you have to know a few facts about how to tame a fox in Minecraft. So, let us have a look at where you can find a fox in Minecraft and how to tame them easily.

So, continue reading to learn more about how to find and tame a fox in Minecraft.

How to find a Tame A Fox In Minecraft?

Being a player, you better know that finding foxes is a little bit more difficult in Minecraft than most of the other animals which are available in the wilds of Minecraft.

Even they are often found in the taiga, giant tree taiga, and the snow taiga biomes. You can find foxes in taiga biomes at night, just because they love nesting in leafy forests. 

Foxes will mostly be found in packs or groups of around two to four. Keep one thing in mind red foxes can be found in the normal Taigas while the white ones can be found in the snowy biomes. They could be found in taiga villages if those are walking around your world of Minecraft.

Tame A Fox In Minecraft

Kinds of Foxes

Undoubtedly, We can find two types of foxes in the world of Minecraft, and they are both found in different biomes. Red foxes can be found in Taiga and Giant Tree Taiga biomes, while white foxes can be found inside Snowy Taiga biomes.

If we talk about their behavior Red and white foxes behave in the same manner, and you can also breed and tame them in the same way. There is only one different thing is only their color, in much the same way as Axolotls.

If we talk about the breed of two different colored foxes. If you breed a white fox with a red fox, then there is a 50% chance of the fox kit being either color.

How to tame a fox in Minecraft?

Finally, if you found tame a fox in Minecraft, you will notice that these foxes keep away from you. You will all need to approach them as they are shy nature and innocent animals.

In short, the best way to cover this gap and develop your friendship, so you need to carry some sweet berries or glow berries along with you for these foxes. It is a fact that none of them will ever be fully tame or loyal to you because they were all born wild and adult.

How to get a loyal fox in Minecraft?

Looking to learn how to tame a fox in Minecraft? To tame a fox in Minecraft is a little bit confusing task at first, but in reality, it’s a quite simple task. So, an adult fox can’t be tamed fully, to tame a fox in Minecraft, you’ll need to get two adult foxes to mate for the breed.

Once you feed sweet berries or glow berries to the two adult foxes to breed, Feeding an adult fox sweet berries will cause it to enter “love mode” and their baby fox kit will be tame and loyal to you in a few seconds.

Once these two adult foxes in “love mode” are nearly enough for each other, once you have done then they’ll mate to breed and produce a baby fox. Once they do, this fox kit will fully tame you and won’t run away from you like normal foxes.

The baby fox is there you can feed it berries to accelerate its growth or you can also wait for it to become an adult. It will be more loyal to you.

However, fox kits will still tend to follow parents instead of you. If you want your baby fox to be royal to you and its loyalty don’t to be split, the best thing is to attach a lead to the baby fox and lead it far away from its parents. Once far enough away, the baby fox will have eyes only for you.

What do foxes do in Minecraft?

No doubt, Foxes that trust you and are being tamed will also get you all the things that they pick up in their mouths. And most of all they bring you feathers, there is a 50% chance that they brought you other cool items as well.

Besides it, the fact is that foxes are adorable, a tamed fox will become fully dear and loyal to you and will loyally fight for you, and can also utilize weapons you give them. However, These weapons make the fox a formidable bodyguard that few other mobs can match.

Will tamed foxes run away in Minecraft?

There is a question that comes to every reader’s mind will these tamed foxes run away in Minecraft. So we can say no, a tamed fox will not run away from you in Minecraft.

Your tamed fox can be forced to stay in one place in the same way as a tamed wolf. you just need to do is interact with the tame a fox in Minecraft while holding nothing in your hand and it will proceed to sit in place until told otherwise.

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