How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft And Use It

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No doubt, To get Honeycomb in Minecraft is quite simple, but to collect it is much more difficult. A honeycomb is an item that can never be crafted in Minecraft with your crafting table or furnace. You have to find out and gather this item in Minecraft. When the player tries to collect it bees become so aggressive toward the player.

The players of Minecraft became so excited when Mojang announced that bees are coming to the game very soon. However, if you want to get Honeycomb in Minecraft, you have to use a pair of Shears on a Bee Nest or Beehive.

If we talk about Get Honeycomb in Minecraft, so one of the most underrated items in this amazing game Minecraft is Honeycomb. Mostly, when you are harvesting honeycomb from a Bee Nest or hive will automatically aggravate the bees inside and turn them against the player.

If you grab the to get Honeycomb in Minecraft, all the bees become very angry inside, so you have to be very careful. In simple words, we can say that once you get Honeycomb in Minecraft, so you are ready to start your own self-sustaining Honeycomb farm.

Infect, Bees in Minecraft inflict poison damage on the player in Addition to stinging damage, meaning that if a swarm is ganging up against a player, there is a possibility that they could die from the attack.

Finally, you can use Honeycomb to craft Beehives, Candles, Waxed Copper, and more Beehives. There is an important thing to remember that once an item gets added to this amazing game, it has an effect on Minecraft.

Here is the best idea to get honeycomb in Minecraft from bee nests and hives without any fear of angered bees or attack of bees in Minecraft.

How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft?

It is a fact that you can get Honeycomb in Minecraft in only one way in Minecraft. You just need to use shears on a Bee Nest or Beehive to gain Honeycomb.

Now it’s time to understand this process step by step.

Find out the Nest of Bees

First of All, you need to find a bee nest in this game. Bee nests can be found in plains, sunflower and flower forests, and plains biomes. You can also see the bee nest hanging from an oak tree or a birch tree.

Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

Hold your shears

The next step is to place these shears in your hand by selecting them in the Hot bar in this game.

Use the shears

You’ll need to craft Shears by using two iron Ingots, which themselves you can get by just smelting Iron Ore. In the case of crafting Shears, you’ll need to place one Iron Ingot in the middle slot of the crafting table and the second Ingot in the bottom-left slot.

The next step is that you have to find a Nest of Bees with honey inside. And the Bee nests spawn randomly in the tress across the world of Minecraft. You also need to find bees buzzing nearby. But once you find it then you can never harvest its honeycomb until it’s filled with honey.

Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

In the daytime when it is not raining, Bee nests will scatter to find the pollen. When a bee returns to its nest and leaves the honeycomb again, the Honey Level of the nest will go up by one. At last, when the honey level reached five, you can notice that honey starts to ooze out of the Nest. That means it’s almost ready to go.

There is a guide about the game control to use these shears depending on the version of my craft:

  • For the Education Edition, left click and hold on the bee nest.
  • For Window 10 edition, left click and hold on the bee nest
  • For the Nintendo Switch, press and hold the ZR button on the controller
  • For PS4, press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For Pocket Edition (PE), you need to tap and hold on to the bee nest.
  • For Java Edition (PC/Mac), left-click and hold on to the bee nest.

Harvest the Honeycomb

Now the next step is that you’ll need to approach the Bee Nest or hive and use these Shears on Bee Nest. Now three units of honeycomb will pop out and its honey level became zero point.

But you have to be careful about that when you harvest from a bee nest, all the bees come out from inside and start to chase you.

Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

They would stop chasing you when you are stung, and that will deal instantly damage and poison you for some time.

So, you have to repeat this process again and again until you will gather all the honeycomb bee nests never expire.

How to use honeycomb in Minecraft?

There are many different recipes for crafting including honeycomb. First of all, you can use your honeycomb to make a beehive. Beehives work the same as bee nests, but you can place and take them wherever you want to go.

For crafting a beehive, you should fill the top and bottom rows of the crafting table with planks, and fill the middle row of the crafting table with a Honeycomb.

The next step is that you can make candles. You can use candles as the source of light when placed down, you’ll need to light them with Steel and Flint.

When you are going to craft a candle, you just need to put one piece of string above one piece of honeycomb, so your candle is ready.

Now you can use it. In order to form a square from anywhere on the table of craft with four pieces of honeycomb will give you a Honeycomb Block. This is simply a decorative block that is patterned to look like a honeycomb.

In the end, combining a piece of honeycomb with any other item which is made of copper will give you waxed copper. Waxing these copper items will stop them from oxidizing, which allows them to keep their original color.

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