How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?

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Our guide will walk you through the process of how to find diamonds in Minecraft. In this helpful guide, we also give you the basic tips and tricks that will make the process easy and successful to find these shiny blue gems.

If you will succeed to find these diamonds, so, they can be crafted into the best items in Minecraft, such as tough diamond chest plates and formidable diamonds.

You can also use these diamonds for trading purposes because some villagers might offer their emeralds in exchange for diamonds. Diamonds are the best friend of the player in Minecraft.  First of all, we talk about the diamond, basically what is this item diamond in Minecraft?

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft
How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?

What is Diamond in Minecraft?

No doubt, diamond is one of the precious and rare materials in the world of Minecraft which can be obtained from the diamond ore and loot chests. Diamonds have the incredible ability for many practical uses.

It is one of the best rewarding parts of the experience in this amazing game Minecraft to find out about these shiny, beautiful blue gems.

Diamond can also help you to upgrade the tools and gear. The diamond can also use in the method of crafting many others items such as jukeboxes, diamond blocks, enchanting tables and resist armors.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?
How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?

Let’s get started to learn how can we find diamonds in Minecraft?

How to find diamonds in Minecraft?

If you have an iron or diamond pickaxe in your hand, so it’s time to find out some diamonds. To find out diamonds in the world of Minecraft is not much hard. Simply In Minecraft, to find diamonds, you will need to dig down layer 15 with a pickaxe or better.

Every world of Minecraft is divided into many layers and the sea level is divided into 64 layers means that the world goes down to 64 layers. But diamond and diamond ore can be found at layer 15 and lower.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?
How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?

 It is a piece of good news that, there are many methods to search for diamonds and diamond ore in Minecraft. Diamond ore includes the caves, here you can find diamond level, and you can also search chests in these caves. There are many ways to find the diamond in the list that is mentioned below.

1. Search diamond level- head to layer 12

The most important thing to keep in mind is that diamond ore mostly appears between 5-16 layers, but the most chance of abundant on layer 12. You can check the Y value on your map. You can find it in veins which is large as eight blocks of ore. This is a good way to find the diamonds in these layers.

Note: lava can appear between the layers of 4-10. So, here you need to be careful to stay above these layers.

2. Explore caves

Explore cave is a fun way to find out diamonds in Minecraft. Sometimes these caves become so massive, and it is very easy to search out diamond ore with great visibility in this condition. If it happens, much lava came in your way, so you do not need to worry about that because a water bucket is there in your hand to create these paths easy for you.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?
How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?

3. Use the staircase method

The Staircase is the most effective way to get to the depths of the world of Minecraft easily and safely. You are also able to come back from the depth to the surface by merely jumping your way. The Stairway is the most popular way and widely used method to find out the diamonds and the minerals in Minecraft.

4. Branching Mining method

The Branching mining method is also an amazing and effective method to search out the diamonds in Minecraft. This includes many ways to cover any surface areas by making 2×2 tunnels and also digging single “branches” from every third block. By using this method you will be able to cover much ground quickly.

5. Strip mining method

The strip mining method is not much effective. This includes mining everything to find rare ore. You will need to acquire the necessary layer which is 1-16 layers if you are going to find out the diamond. This will leave you in the middle with the cube of blocks.

Now you will need to mine it away to make a large open area, so, it will never be wrong to say that this method will take much time as it is a time-consuming way.

6. Search out in chests in shafts and villages

We can say that you are so lucky if you can find chests within villages and abandoned.

There are some important tips and tricks that can help you to find the diamond without spending a lot of your valuable time on it.

  • Don’t get hurry to mine diamond ore, firstly you need to make sure about the surrounding blocks.
  • You should take many torches with you because mining is a dark job.
  • Lava is not the guarantee diamonds there. Lava is commonplace in caves.
How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?
How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft?

How to mine diamonds in Minecraft?

Before you are going to start your mining adventure, the first step is to make sure which are the right tools to mine. Some tools are required while mining the diamonds.

Iron or diamond pickaxe:

 The most important tool is an iron and diamond pickaxe. It is fact that diamond ore just can be mined with the help of an iron pickaxe. If you think to break the block with a stone or wood pickaxe, you won’t find anything here.


No doubt you can light your way only with the torches. You will not find any torch while digging so there is another way, you can make torches by placing coal on the top of a stick.


You will need some food to stave off your hunger during the journey because you have no idea when you will need more health.


Definitely, you will need extra weapons that can help you out in a pinch. Besides pickaxe sword and shield are also good options.


 That’s the basic knowledge that you need to know about how you can find diamonds and how you can mine the diamonds in the world of Minecraft. Undoubtedly, finding diamonds in Minecraft is luck and fun for the players. We have covered many ways to find out about these diamonds and diamond ore so that you can find them easily without spending much time on it. To mine, diamonds need some practice and a useful guide. Hopefully, you took advantage of our helpful guide.

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