How To Breed Axolotls In Minecraft?

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Do you want to know how to breed Axolotls in Minecraft? Then you first need to get your fishing hat on and your buckets, as we will explain everything that you need to know about this little and lovely creature known as axolotls. This guide will also cover almost every basic knowledge about breeding axolotls in Minecraft.

First of all, a beginner wants to know what are axolotls in Minecraft. So, we talk about this at first.

What is Breed axolotl in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there is recently added a new and lovely mob. The question is that what is the actual axolotl creature in Minecraft? As we can see in the game this is a small, cute, and lovely creature. Undoubtedly, these are lovely little Mexican salamanders that are freshly added to Minecraft. This adorable amphibian is a real creature that lives in caves. This little creature is native to Mexico valley. That’s why this creature is called Mexican salamanders.

These are the first amphibians that are introduced in Minecraft. If we talk about real-life axolotls, they can be found in the lakes of forests in Mexico. Infect, they’re still much easier to find in this amazing video game Minecraft than in the real world.

Required materials to breed axolotls in Minecraft

To breed axolotls in Minecraft, you will need these materials which are given below:

  • Two buckets of tropical fish
  • Two adult axolotls

Steps to Breed axolotls in Minecraft

Finally, we are going to discuss how to breed axolotls in Minecraft in the form of a step-by-step detailed guide:

Step 1: Find the axolotls

The player can find them in Caves and Cliffs and has been divided into two updates, Minecraft 1.17 update, and Minecraft 1.18 update. Currently, the player can find axolotls in underground waterways in the Minecraft 1.17 update. So, the player can easily find axolotl in Minecraft 1.17 update because here the player just needs to look in the watery areas of caves in wild.

You can find it in the following locations:

  • In water with blocks up in y-level: 63, there may be a chance to find a few axolotls.
  •  You can find them in water and below (y-level: 63).
  • You can find axolotls in perfect darkness (Light Level: 0).
  • You can find them within five blocks of a stone-type block.  These five blocks are Stone, Deepslate, Granite, Diorite, Andesite or Tuff.
  • Recently, in the Cliffs and Caves Part 2, Mojang has changed the finding location of axolotls. Now, you can only find them in Lush Caves, which lie beneath azalea trees.
  • In the Minecraft 1.18 update, you can find the axolotls in the new Lush Caves biome. You can locate a new Lush cave by finding a new Acacia tree.
  •  In the Minecraft 1.17 update, There are a few Temperate Biomes: Lush Caves are considered a temperate biome, so you will only find them in areas that are warm, moist, and shady.
  •  When you adventuring through temperate biomes, look for thickly forested areas. Axolotls can be found under forest biomes.
  • Azalea Trees are short trees made of Oakwood. If you find one of these growing naturally in the wild, so, there is a Lush Cave, and Axolotls will be there.

Step 2: Find the tropical fish     

In order to tame the axolotls, you will need tropical fish. You can find tropical fish in the ocean biomes. When you find the tropical fish simply, catch them, and feed them to the axolotl.

Step 3: Use the Bucket of Tropical Fish

After selecting the bucket of tropical fish in your hot bar, now you need to feed this bucket of tropical fish to both these adult axolotls, one at a time.

The game control feeding the buckets of tropical fish to the axolotls, it depends on the version of Minecraft.

  • Education Edition:            Right-click on axolotls one at a time.
  • Java Edition( pc, mac):    Right-click on the axolotls one at a time
  • Pocket Edition (PE):         Tap on the axolotls one at a time
  • Window 10 Edition:         Right-click on the axolotls one at a time
  • Nintendo Switch:             Press the ZL button on the controller
  • PS4:                                  Press the L2 button on the PS controller
  • Xbox One:                        Press the LT button on the controller

Step 4: Tame to axolotls

Once you have found two adult axolotls, now it’s time to tame them first. The first step you’ll need is buckets of tropical fish.  You just need to capture and tame axolotl by scooping them up in a bucket. Now you just need to get a few axolotl buckets and bring them along to your next Ocean Monument raid. Infect, you can’t tame the axolotls in the world of Minecraft.

You can get them to follow you by holding a Bucket of Tropical Fish in your hand as you near them. You can pick them up in a Bucket of Water if you want to transport them.

Step 5: Breed the axolotls

Unfortunately, you cannot tame the Axolotl in Minecraft, but you can force axolotl to breed with another Axolotl to produce a baby. Once you feed the buckets of tropical fish to the axolotls in Minecraft, there will appear red hearts over their heads. Both of them are entered into love mode. After that, the bucket of tropical fish will empty, this bucket will become a regular water bucket. After some time, the red hearts will disappear and a lovely little axolotl baby will be there. This baby will be swimming in the water.

The lovely baby axolotl takes 20 minutes to grow, with the time remaining reduced by 10% whenever you scoop up the baby axolotl into the bucket. The baby will follow its parents until it reaches adulthood, though you can reduce this time even further by feeding the baby Buckets of Tropical Fish. The baby has grown up now. You can speed up the journey to adulthood by feeding the baby more Buckets of Tropical Fish. Now you have two adult axolotls with their little baby axolotls.

Note: you will need to wait five minutes before you plan to breed axolotls again.


That’s all very basic thing to know about axolotls and breed process in Minecraft. It’s very important to learn about this new adorable creature, so you can easily find and tame, and breed them. So make sure to take full advantage of our guides on how to tame axolotls in Minecraft. We hope so, you have brushed up on your knowledge by following our detailed guide.

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