How To Check If Motherboard Is Short Circuit?

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Your motherboard is not working maybe your Motherboard Is Short Circuit. And how to fix this issue? Many people have to face such issues or bad experiences and they have many questions about it. And no doubt they are wondering to find out the solution to their problems. So, this article will teach you almost the basic things that you want to know about the issue of the motherboard and how to fix it?

As we all know the motherboard is one of the most important parts of a PC that’s why your motherboard should be in good condition and must function properly. If you feel that your motherboard is not working so there is something fishy. If your motherboard stops working means there are some common reasons behind it. Now you need to find out the problem and then try to fix it.

So let’s get started with this useful guide:

What is a short circuit?

A short circuit is a type of malfunction with electronics. But the short circuit in the motherboard means that there is some issue with a circuit, that path where the electricity flows. If something will happen with low electrical resistance it converts into the circuit, because the electricity takes the way of low resistance, which will become the reason for making the circuit “short”.  So, this is called short-circuiting.

Check for Motherboard Is Short Circuit

A sometimes simple and insignificant mistake could make the reason to damage your motherboard. The problem of short circuits mostly occurs in the motherboards of your PC. There can make chances of a short circuit if the motherboard has not been assembled correctly. 

That’s why before assembling your computer, make sure that there are no loose wires and that all the wires are correctly attached to the ports. A short circuit happens when the terminals of positive and negative circuits are linked in the same path.

However, the first issue that you experience is that your computer starts for a short time and the system fans start to whirl and then stopped abruptly. This same issue happens again and again. So, you can say that now the motherboard is short-circuited. It may also happen that your PC restart after turning on. If you’re Pc does not turn on that also means your Motherboard Is Short Circuit?

Your motherboard has plenty of circuits that are integrated into the PCB which offer to transmit and receive data signals, if all these circuits become shorted that means the motherboard will cease working. This issue may happen at any time.

reasons why your Motherboard Is Short Circuit?

There are some reasons which are mentioned below that can make the cause your Motherboard Is Short Circuit.

  1. Reseated the RAM modules
  2. Reinstall the components
  3. Reseat your motherboard
  4. Clean the dirt
  5. Use voltmeter to check
  6. Clean the ventilation outlets
  7. Incompatible components

1. Reseated the RAM modules

You need to re-install the RAM sticks. Because the improper installation of the RAM sticks can make the reason for shorting. You must clean the RAM stick pins and DIMM slots before installing the RAM. Must sure that they are installed correctly.

2. Re-install the components

Incorrect installation of the connection between the motherboard and other components could be the reason for short-circuit. We recommend you check out the components by removing them and then re-install the graphics card, storage drive, and the other components one by one.

3. Re-seat your motherboard

 When you face the PC restarting issue, this is because of improper motherboard contact with your motherboard plate on the case. So, you need to reseat your motherboard so that it would not lead to a short circuit.

4. Clean the dirt

So much dirt on the motherboard can also make the reason for the short circuit. If you did not clean the motherboard for a long time, then you need to use an air blower or electronics brush because it became stubborn dust. Otherwise, you can use a soft cloth for normal cleaning.

5. Use the voltmeter to check

You can also use a voltmeter to check the motherboard. You need to set it to continuity mode and test the EPS 4- pin connector. These 4- pins are 2 black and 2 yellow. The black cables are grounded and the yellow wire is live. If you fix the black and red wire pins from the voltmeter in both the 12V connectors pins you will hear the beep.

The same goes for both the ground pins where black wires go. Now you need to insert the voltmeter pins in one yellow and one black wire pin in 4 pin connector. Now if you hear the beep that means your motherboard is short-circuited. Now you need to replace the components.

6. Clean the ventilation outlets

As we all know that heat is dangerous for electronics. That’s why the components of pc must stay cool so that they can run properly. If your PC runs too hot then you need to clean its ventilation outlets.

7. Incompatible components

When you install cheap components on the motherboard, it can also harm your motherboard. Always use high-quality and compatible components because incompatible components can make the reason short-circuited.

How to fix this issue?

If your Motherboard Is Short Circuit or suffered damage, then you cannot repair the motherboard. Damaged items can be replaced. Nowadays all the modern and latest versions of motherboards come with error lights that start to blink when your motherboard faces an issue or the components become malfunctioning.

You can use the following tips to fix your motherboard. Unseated components can touch the circuitry of the motherboard. So re-seated the components carefully.

If you notice that the boards do not show any sign so don’t try to switch on your pc. This may be a short circuit. So you need to check the power supply with a PSU tester or you can go to a computer repair center.

Whenever you remove any component to check out from its slot, then make sure to re-seat this component properly. Infect, the bad RAM can also damage the motherboard so must check the RAM on time. So that it will not lead the motherboard to short-circuited.


So, there are a lot of reasons that can Motherboard Is Short Circuit, and all these reasons are explained above session. Firstly, try to find out the issue or if your motherboard is short-circuited or not. Then you should find the exact problem and what the reason behind it is. And try to fix the issue. If your motherboard has dead then you need to choose the good graphic card bad while running the motherboard.

However, all the reasons for short-circuited are also mentioned, now you can save your motherboard w from any harm or short-circuit. If you are not satisfied with the repaired motherboard by yourself then you must go to a computer repair shop. We hope so this article will help you a lot.

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