Do Motherboards Come With Screws?

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Do motherboards come with screws? The answer to this question heavily depends on the producers of motherboards but usually, you will be a wonder to know that motherboards don’t come with screws at will not be fair if we just say NO directly in the reply to this question, do motherboards come with screws.

However, we need to share a general point of view and more detail about it. We have already mentioned motherboards don’t come with screws, but the question is why? We have all the answers to your questions but you need to read our article until the end for more interesting and detailed information related to this topic.

Does the motherboard come with crews?

Manufactures do not screw with motherboards. You will wonder if the motherboard is missing the screws when you purchase a PC for the first time. All the screws that you need to attach the motherboard to your PC, are mostly come with your computer case. These are mounting or standoff screws. You will need both of these screws to install or secure the motherboard of your computer. These screws will make the process of installation very easy.

 In short, the screws that you need to fix motherboards will be included when you buy your computer chassis. One thing that is very important to note is that you must check the placement of holes on the motherboard very carefully because an extra stand of touching may cause a short circuit.

Types of screws

So we can say that first, you need to understand that the motherboards need different types of screws to attach. There are different types of screws which are mentioned below:

  • Standoffs
  • Risers Screw
  • M.2 screw


Standoffs are generally used for creating the space between the motherboard and metal chassis of the case. Standoffs are screw-type items that work as a spacer. It will be not wrong if we say Spacer is another common name of the standoffs. Many types of motherboard Standoffs can be found in different sizes and shapes.  Standoffs can be made of plastic, metal, and another type of material.

Plastic standoffs are not secure for the motherboard and the metal standoffs are secure for the motherboard. Without these standoffs, you can also face the experience of electric shorts because the motherboard will send the power that receives to other parts of the metal. Just because of its shape like screw standoff fits into the mounting holes which are found on the motherboard.

There is a #6-32 UNC threading and you have to #1 or #2 screwdriver to fix them. They can also have male or female threads on either end. You will be surprised to know that the male threaded end will go into a hole inside the case of the motherboard and the female threaded ends attached to the screw on the motherboard.

Being crucial components you need to be very careful when you purchase standoffs because you need compatible standoffs to attach to the motherboard. So it’s better to check and consult the user manual before you go to buy standoffs.

Riser screw

A riser screw is another kind of screw that is made of copper. Sometimes, these screws can be found in the low-end computer case, and sometimes they are found in the mid-end and the high-end case of your computer. There are two ends of the Riser screw, one is a male thread and the second is the female thread. The riser screw will save the motherboard from short-circuiting because it avoids any metal contact with the case of the PC.

M.2 Screw

It is fact that M.2 Screw is not like the mounting screw. But this small-sized screw is used to mount a PCI Express SSD card. M.2 helps the SSD card in the adjustment of place and this act will avoid any kind of damage.

Which crews come with what?

It is the very important thing to understand how to find the respective screws of different types of components, which are given below:

  • Standoffs come with PC case
  • Mounting screws come with pc case
  • Screws for mounting PSU to the case come with the power supply unit
  • Expansion card fastening screws come with the PC case or the expansion card itself
  • M.2 SSD fastening screws come with the motherboard
  • Mounting Hard disk drives screws come with a PC case

Handle the motherboard carefully while installation

Whenever you go to install the motherboard, it is very important to take it by the sides and try your best to avoid the sensitive parts of the motherboard. You should not put much pressure on the motherboard, just apply the pressure equally on all the parts and the corners of the motherboard. Must remember to secure strongly every part and every corner of the motherboard, so that your motherboard would not be able to shake or move. At the last, fix all the screws tightly.

Secure everything in Place

When we say secure that means everything is in place, so that your motherboard will perform correctly. In this case, you should match the exact number of holes for a secure fit when you go to install the motherboard with the screws and standoffs. Because mismatch can be a danger for the motherboard. Fixing correctly does not mean fixing the screws too tightly. Never do this while installing the screws.

Wrapping up

In the end, we can assume that now you understand the basic things about whether does motherboard come with screws or not?  Let’s tie up with a short recap, the motherboard does not come with screws, it just comes with screws for the M.2 SSD drive. All other screws and standoffs of motherboards are provided with the case of your computer. Hopefully, this article will help you a lot!

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