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I’m going to be explaining how all of you reading this article right now can potentially get your hands on the all-new final mouse or rather final mouses. Because if you didn’t know already there are four different ones in four, different colorways. There’s a gold one a red one a black one and a white one. We all do the same thing but just different colors, and that’s it. Now I’m guessing that you guys have clicked on this article right now because you’ve heard how great these mice are.

You’ve probably heard that they’re fully wireless with next-level latency. You’ve probably heard that they only weigh 37 grams, and that’s all thanks to the structure they’ve made of I believe it’s the magnesium alloy. You’ve probably also heard that the battery life on these things is a whopping two months. Yes, that’s right, these mice only need to charge every two months which is just insane so yeah we’re hearing all the mind-blowing features right there guys you probably did what I did. In this article, we will define some products of the final mouse. The products of the final mouse are following.

The Ultra-light Phantom

Final Mouse has released the ultra-light phantom edition. An updated version of their already instant classic the mouse. Even at the price of $90 which may seem crazy to some. They’re just selling out has a top sensor an amazing shape, and it takes comfort to the next level. It has great buttons, side buttons, a great scroll wheel, and it only weighs 67 grams. You don’t see a mouse of this size in this weight ever. Read more

Finalmouse Ultralight 2

Let’s talk about this mouse the final mouse ultralight 2. It is one of the lightest mice in the world. It weighs approximately 47, grams which’s mainly as small it is right out of the box. You can tell it is ridiculously tiny. You can use a ton of mice including the g-pro wireless the small razer viper. This is shorter than all of them but didn’t you say it couldn’t be a Minnie mouse well that’s because it’s not the main reason. It weighs so little is not because of its size. It’s because of its design. This mouse has holes on the side of the front the bottom. It has holes everywhere. Those holes that it has reduces the amount of plastic that it uses therefore weighing less additionally. Even though it is very tiny. It fit my hand decently. The side buttons fit my grip pretty well and I never found my finger going over right or left-click. This is what the clicks sound like by the way pretty crunchy pretty nice. The other reason that it’s so light is that it comes to infinity skins. These are these tiny little pieces of adhesive that attach to your mouse and help you make it bigger.

There are three different sizes

  • 1.2 millimeters which is the thinnest.
  • Two millimeters are in the middle.
  • 2.5 millimeters which is the thickest.

All you do is peel off the infinity skin put it over the spot you want and due to the adhesive, it will stick the final mouse gives you the option to put it on both sides including the mouse button side, and on the top below the buttons and one on the bottom near the hump. Read more

Finalmouse The Glorious Model O

The model o is a lightweight RGB 6 button wired the gaming mouse. It’s an Ambu shape, but only side buttons on the left side. It’s primarily right-handed. It tips the scales at the very lean 67 grams. It comes in two, different colors and two different coatings which are pretty ambitious for an initial launch. So, you get your choice of either white or black and then you get your choice of either glossy or matte. Be aware that the glossy coating affects both the weight of the mouse and the price tag. Mat versions are $49.99 and weigh 67 grams. The glossy versions are $59.99 and weigh 68 grams.

The body is riddled with hexagonal holes. Drawing immediate comparisons to the final Mouse design. Final Mouse was the first one to the table with this delicious clear this up. Right now this is not a mouth shape and these are not final. Mouse holes are smaller and grouped tighter and what this does outside of obviously cutting weight makes the surface of the shell feels smoother overall with the final Mouse.

You’re aware of the mouse you’re holding as holes in it this effect is greatly reduced on the model. Let’s knock out paper specs and hardware, and then we’ll get into the good stuff sensor is a P of W 3360. Everybody should be pretty familiar with this sensor by now the implementation here is solid. There are no surprises Mouse one of the two switches is Omron. These are ready to twenty mills, not the 50 ml version side buttons.

There is software yes, it is entirely optional the only reason it exists is so, you can go in and dial in some of the settings that you can’t access on the hardware. The changes you make would be safer than a mouse and will travel with you. After you get everything set up the way you want it technically. You no longer need the software installed. This is how peripheral software should be handled the problem for RGB. It’s on the scroll wheel, and you’ve got two strips along the sides similar to like a Mamba Elite.

There are eight modes and these modes can be changed directly from the mouse. You can change color mode change speed rotate through all the single-color modes and turn all the RGB off directly from the mouse without installing the software inside the software. You can dial in more specific colors, but what you can’t do at least at this point is assigned individual custom Zone RGB. So, for instance, if you want your scroll wheel to be one color, and the strips down the sides of the mouse to be a different color that’s going to be a no-go at least for now quality.

The RGB in diffusion in the side panels is very good on some colors that require RGB blending. You may get an occasional weird effect like what I do cyan the tail into the LED throws green and because you can see through the show. It’s obvious especially on the white one the DPI adjustment is a single button toggle that runs through four levels by default with an LED indicator on the underside of the mouse by default. You get 400 800, 1600, and 3200 pretty standard stuff but you can go into the software and change the number of dpi steps as high as 6 as low as 1. You can adjust X&Y values independently, and they move in steps of 100 the lowest CPI level is 400. You can reassign the colors for each of the individual steps. If you have another mouse that you often use you can match them up to make things feel more consistent starting with button configs.

The size and shape official dimensions are 128 millimeters long 59 across where the middle where you’ll grip 30 7.5 millimeters high at the peak and 26 millimeters high in the scroll so that lands it very close to a Zowie FK 1 either dead-on or within one millimeter on every measurement there. Read more

The Ninja Air 58

We’re going to be checking out of the final Mouse ninja air 58. It comes in two new colors cherry blossom, red and their new cherry blossom blue. They are very nice-looking. Its lightweight form factor it’s called the air 58 but when you drop it on a scale with some with a little cord included. It’s around like 65 grams which is still crazy light that’s you know with some cord weighing it down. You probably take that off and it’s going to hit that 58 number. The way the cheese being so lightweight is with this honeycomb cut out all over the mouse its preparators. So, you have all these individual holes cut in the top, the bottom the sides, and that’s you know obviously how it’s lighter. There’s less actual plastic here.

You can see straight through the mouse from the top to the bottom. This is an improvement over last year’s phantom Mouse because, on the side, there were no cutouts here, but out we do have that right below the left and right buttons and on the bottom of the mouse.

There are several more holes. If unusual liquid goes in the holes where it’s going to fry the whole Mouse. Another reason it’s so lightweight is because of its phantom paracord. They use for the mouse here it is much lighter than your traditional Mouse cable. It’s kind of like cotton candy-like you know your holding something but it’s so light that it kind of feels like air. It’s just great to have on a gaming mouse like this because it’s going to help cut back on any like pulling or resistance which is a big reason people own Mouse bungees, to begin with, you practically have no resistance with this Mouse in the cable which makes it kind of feel like its wireless even though it’s not.

It’s a very symmetrical design with the buttons being on the left side of the mouse. It’s not ambidextrous or anything but regarding the overall layout and stuff like I said, it’s pretty similar to the previous mice. You still had those lefts and right clicks, your dpi changing button, and the scrolling wheel which now has this haiku kind of carved into it. Read more

Finalmouse the Cool Master MM 710

The cool master mm 710 is in black, white, and glossy and matte finish. It’s a small Mouse with an asymmetrical shell and buttons on the left only super-lightweight had 54 grams with a bit of cable a top optical 3389 sensors and an amazingly smooth flexible cable. This is a top Mouse clearly, and I think this shape could suit a lot of people. It has usually curved sides for comfort and grip for picking it up slight come for curves in the buttons, but where it’s different to most is the back so from the side you can see that’s where the hump is the height is about 3.8 centimeters. From the back, it’s fairly flat on top with curves on the sides also the back section is about five point six centimeters which feels quite wide.

What does this mean? It means it should fill your hand better, and it’s a very versatile shape suiting multiple grip styles. I like to have a part of my palm touching the back here but I think it’s a grip if you clog grip, but also like to rust your palm on the back. This also works well and of course palm grip. Read more

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