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Evo core headset is a gaming headset that gives a high-quality sound that makes a good experience for your gameplay. It comes with a microphone so that you can also chat while playing games. Different games give chat feature during playing games.

The most popular game pubg gives chat feature while playing the game with other players. Evo Core Headset is comfortable to wear with soft cushion and headband. Compatible with Mac Pc, Xbox, and Ps4 with splitter (not included).

Evo Core Phenom Command LED Gaming Headset

For video games, meetings, or audio that the EVO CORE PHENOM COMMAND gaming headset with mic immerse any avid gamer with strong surround sound, built-in retractable boom microphone, and a slick lighted design.

The ideal PC headset for the cash, the PHENOM COMMAND offers exceptional plug and play functionality for most apparatus and demands a 3.5millimeter audio jack or jack for noise.

Having a solid PVC cord, stereo audio, and also anti-static mic, you are able to communicate effectively for exact in-the-moment gaming. Reduce ambient sounds with sound canceling speakers and gambling mic designed especially for video games and rival interaction. This headset gambling mic takes your expertise to another level.


Evo core headset

To the best gaming experience, the COMMAND gaming headset using built-in microphone offers clear communication with readily accessible volume control and mute buttons.


Plug and Play with Fast and Readily, The COMMAND headset with Mic adapts to Match Many Different gaming platforms. Compatible with PC’s with 3.5Millimeter jack. Compatible with Xbox and Xbox PS4 using splitter (NOT INCLUDED)


Dive into your favorite PC games with innovative surround sound and noise-canceling abilities and strong 40mm drivers to get a life-like experience.


Adjusts to fit most sizes and offers comfortable wear with cushioned ear pads and headband. Communicate with clarity in almost any sport. The PHENOM is the best addition to your gaming accessories and apparatus.


Twist: USB+ 3.5mm jack port, 40mm diver, Red LED backlight, 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, 100±3dB sensitivity, 32Ω impedance, 205*192*98mm, 285g±5, 2.1M PVC cable, PC ( 3.5mm Jack*2) compatibility.

A relative newcomer to the gaming gear market Evo core headset out to offer desirable gamer-centric styling in all of their product lines. The flexible and retractable mic picks up your voice clearly as well as the significant leather earmuffs give an intense noise-cancellation function.

Evo Core Headset Phenom PRO Gaming Headset

Evo Core Phenom PRO Gaming Headset plush ear pads and lightweight exo-frame Offer a certified 8 hours of relaxation for Maximum gameplay. Evo core headset gives a good experience of playing games.

The strengthened 40mm drivers and sound Isolating technology enable you to dive right into you. Favorite games to get complete attention during combat. Evo core headset has a voice isolation microphone. Stay sharp and provide critical orders into the Squad with all the noise-clearing omnidirectional mic.


Control with clarity, the Phenom PRO gaming headset constructed with exceptional crystal clear sound and retractable boom microphone for your best gaming experience. Includes suitable inline mute and volume controller


Plug and play fast and readily, The Phenom PRO headset with mic adapts to match many different gaming platforms. Compatible with PS4, Xbox One consoles, or mobile devices with 3.5millimeter jack. Older controllers may need an adapter.


Evo core headset

Immerse yourself into your favorite game with amazing in-person stereo audio. Discover every footstep and get prepared for action with strong 50mm drivers.


Using XL lavish cushioned ear pads and headband, the Phenom PRO is graded for extended comfortable wear. It’s lightweight and flexible for optimum gameplay.


50mm drivers, 16Ω±15 percent impedance, 116±3dB at 1 KHz; 1mW sensitivity, 10mW rated power, 20~20KHz frequency response, 2.2M ±5 percent Fabric Cable, 6*2.7mm mic dimensions, Anti-static and noise-canceling, Headset Size: 215*115*230, about 380g ± 5g, 3.5mm + USB for mild, PS4/Xbox one/Mobile Phone compatible.


Evo Core headset has led glow light that gives the signature green glow of Xbox brightens your gaming atmosphere.


Evo core headset works with Xbox controllers, smartphones, tablets, and any device with a 3.5 mm port.


Evo core headset connects to your Xbox controller or any other device with 3.5 mm jack. Evo core headset has 7ft. cable.

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