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Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom is the best mouse for gaming. Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom performance and shape is outstanding. Gaming mice are usually not difficult. Companies typically produce more than enough units to meet pre-orders, place their products on retail shelves, and meet demand. Finalmouse UltraLight series is a bit different. The rats have been sold regularly since their release, and people are claiming the company for more releases.

The pneumatic mouse pitch is easy for very light. The company wants to offer a gaming mouse that weighs less than a gram. The purpose of this low weight is to make it easy to move the mouse with the right stimuli without fatigue and difficulties. Most people are unlikely to care about losing a few grams, but for those whose livelihood depends on their ability to click on things correctly, weight is important. Similarly, Ultralight has used a honey design that offers stability like traditional mice but weighs a few grams less.

Less weight is the main draw of the previously released UltraLight Pro, which is expensive in black and white, as well as in the expensive ultralight sunset and its yellow-orange hue. The new UltraLight Phantom offers another advantage in the form of the new “PhantomCord”, which is “designed and tested to be the lowest resistance cord ever.” The FinalMouse Ultralight Phantom product page claims that testers can’t tell the difference between a mouse and a wireless mouse. The idea is to present a mouse with a bone that you can see but can’t feel – hence the phantom branding.

A good mouse should offer everything you need to succeed in the game without drawing too much attention to yourself. No one wants to drag their mouse or miss a headshot because they can’t move the mouse fast enough, and the Ultra Light Phantom tries to solve both. Possible airport professionals will appreciate the promise of better performance. Others may just enjoy spraying paint.

finalmouse ultralight phantom

Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom weight is 67 grams and has an optical sensor with a PMW3360 sensor model. Each has two buttons on the left, a scroll wheel, and a DPI switch under the wheel. Ask anyone looking for a mouse with enough buttons to map everything in a Mauba (Multiplayer Online Battlefield) or MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Have to see, However, people who play FPS (first-person shooter) games are more likely to get enough of the buttons on both sides (some gamers claim that using the side buttons can compromise your grip. And, therefore, interfere with your purpose).

The Ultralight Phantom and its predecessors are now available on the FinalMouse website. It takes some time in order to arrive. There is a warning on each page of finalmouse stating that processing times will be longer (between 10 and 25 days) and purchases will be processed in the order in which they were received.

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Sensor Type Optical
Sensor Model PMW3360
Perfect Sensor Yes
Resolution (CPI/DPI) 400 – 3200 DPI
Maximum Acceleration 50 G
Max Tracking Speed 250 IPS
Polling Rate 500 Hz (2 ms)
Lift-Off Distance 1.2 – 2.4 mm (pad variance)
Switches (Lifespan) Omron (20 million clicks)
Feet (Lifespan) PTFE
Onboard Memory No
Smoothing / Filtering No
Hardware Acceleration No

finalmouse ultralight phantom Dimensions and Weight

Length ~122 mm
~12.2 cm
~30.99 in
Width ~66 mm
~6.6 cm
~16.76 in
Height ~39 mm
~3.9 cm
~9.91 in
Weight ~67 g
~0.07 kg
~0.15 lbs
Cable Length ~2 m
~6.56 ft

finalmouse ultralight phantom Specifications and Features

Mouse Type Gaming mouse
Sensor Type Optical
Ergonomy Ambidextrous
Buttons 6
Suggested Grip Palm grip, Claw grip, Fingertip grip
Connectivity Wired, USB 2.0
Cable Type Paracord soft cable
CPI/DPI Indicator No
LED Lighting No
LED Adjustable No
Adjustable Weight No
Adjustable Scroll Resistance No
Silent Clicks
Color Black with spots


finalmouse ultralight phantom

After that, it is difficult to use another mouse for gaming. Weight and size are perfect for those who want to get a light mouse with big hands. I happily performed Arcadia on time to get my Fine Mouse. Once I didn’t open my box, you realized it was a very light supporter, not a very light veil. Still, the seller made up for it. The bone you used was very light, like the ghost’s past bone, and included hyperglides with this mouse. I do not mind at all that it is a very light supporter, and I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom

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  • Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom weight is 67 grams
  • Optical sensor with a PMW3360
  • A good mouse should offer everything you need to succeed in the game without drawing too much attention to yourself.


  • Price is $399.99 That price is not affordable for everyone




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