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The finalmouse Air58 is a great mouse. It is a high-performance mouse with no bells and whistles. finalmouse air58 is designed especially for gaming. If you are looking for a gaming mouse then this finalmouse air58 best for games. The final mouse Air 58 is a lightweight mouse and amazing to use with high performance. It is a blossom red mouse available on amazon. This mouse is best for games to play games and they will get a good experience with it.

I’m sure they will enjoy playing with this device and get more kills in games. I’m using this mouse, it gives an amazingly great performance and easily fits in hand because of its size. I love this mouse because it glides smoothly.

Finalmouse x Ninja Air58 finalmouse air58

The finalmouse air58 ninja weight is only 58 grams. It comes in two colors, cherry blossom red, and cherry blossom blue.  Shipping is available in your country. This is the lightest final mouse in the market. It is a driverless mouse and did not require drivers to just plug and play without messing with settings, but if you want to customize mouse setting and button/DPI then there is a software that allows you to will do as far as the sensor is concerned. It is in the top 3. There is no problem with it.

This finalmouse air58 contains long and flexible cable which is suitable for games. It fits in your hands perfectly. If you play a game in which you use the mouse button a lot (for example Fortnite, pubg, call of duty mobile, etc.) then it is very delightful in playing games with it. Availability is its major downside which makes it an expensive mouse to get due to its limited availability. If you can find it at a reasonable price then I will recommend you to get it immediately.

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Finalmouse Air58 Ninja Specification

Brand Final Mouse
Model Air 58 ninja
Connectivity Wired
Tracking Method Optical
DPI 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Features Adjustable DPI
Number of Buttons 5 + DPI Switcher
Interface USB
Color Blossom Red and Cherry Blossom Blue
Type Gaming Mouse
Length 12.8 cm
Width 6.0 cm
Height 4.0 cm
Shape Ambidextrous
Weight 58 grams
Cable 1.9 meters, soft braid
Sensor Pixart PMW 3360
Polling Rate 500 Hz



Finalmouse Air58 Ninja Weight and Shape

Let’s get the most obvious thing out of the way first, this mouse is ridiculously light, its weight is just 58 grams. After a few dozen hours of playing games with finalmouse air58, I can say that its lightweight is noticeable and according to me, I played better with finalmouse air58. Playing with Air 58 is a good experience. finalmouse air58 shape is a safe ambidextrous shape, with the side buttons for right-handers only. Its shape is good for grip and particularly excels at palms because of its shape, fingertips, and super lightweight.

The holes are obviously signature for it which enables Air 58 to be as light as it is. The benefit of the holes in Air 58 is that it does not make hand sweaty by playing high-intensity games. Despite having all the holes, the structure of the mouse is solid, with no flex when squeezed and no rattles when shaken.

The holes are a little uncomfortable at the start as I was used to using a mouse with a tight grip. I was quickly able to adjust now hold the mouse very comfortable with very little fatigue over long gaming sessions.

The surface of the mouse is made up of plastic that has a hint of a soft touch. The grips of the sides are made up of traditional hard black plastic, I didn’t find any issue with gripping and picking up the mouse because it’s so light. The cord of this mouse is by far best out of box cord found on any other mouse. It is ridiculously flexible and made up of a light braid. The combination of amazing cord and super lightweight makes this mouse feel like a wireless mouse. On the underside, you will find holes and four feet. Feet are great and smooth which gives really smooth glide.

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Buttons and Scroll Wheel

The primary and side buttons are very good, tactile, responsive, and well placed. It has 2 primary buttons (left and right), 2 side buttons, scroll wheel and middle click, and DPI switcher below the scroll wheel. Finalmouse Air58 uses Omron switches for its buttons.

Sensor and Performance

The finalmouse Air58 comes with sensor Pixart PMW3360, Of course, it means the mouse is free from acceleration and it won’t spin out. Lift-off distance is low with no available adjustments. It looks like the finalmouse air58 implementation of the sensor is set to 50 Hz. This might be a cause of concern to some gamers wanting 1000 Hz.

DPI settings are preprogrammed on the Air 58:

  • Step 1: 400 DPI
  • Step 2: 800 DPI
  • Step 3: 1600 DPI
  • Step 4: 3200 DPI

It is a top tier sensor combined with a great cable and super light mouse. This mouse is a top tier performer.

Features and Software

This section will be short. The finalmouse Air58 does not have many features; no wireless, no RGB, and no software. This mouse is a pure gaming mouse just plug and play.

Final Words

The finalmouse Air58 is a top tier and high performer mouse with great shape and super lightweight like a feather. The button gives a great feel, it can be used for a long period of time without wrist pain and tiredness. It super soft, light, and flexible cable does not make hurdles while playing games. The holes in it give the ventilation and keep hands free of sweatiness. Its shape makes it more attractive. Its construction is of plastic and it really solid. Its soft buttons give good experience while playing games.

They give 3 years warranty for Air58, which is amazing. It gives smooth glide with its four feet. Smooth glide will give good experience in playing games. Its glide like you are skating on ice with skating board. It fits in hand perfectly. It gives a great and beautiful look. This finalmouse Air58 is a new era gaming mouse.

Finalmouse x Ninja Air58 finalmouse air582

It is one of the lightest and best electronic sport mice available in the market. It has two buttons on the left that only right-handers will be able to use. This is a fairly large mouse, measuring 128 x 60 x 40. This mouse is so light that I am able to use it pretty comfortably. I know some peoples prefer heavier mice because they feel it help them steady their aim.

It glides on your mouse pad with ease and it feels gloriously agile and nimble. I can imagine that mouse design can be pretty polarizing. finalmouse air58 cut the weight by punching holes into the top, side, and bottom of the mouse. Obviously less material means less weight. However, while the design might raise some concerns about comfort. This mouse was no more difficult or uncomfortable to use than a regular mouse. The matte coating on the mouse gives the quality stuff. The scroll wheel works well enough.

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If you are FPS shooters, this is the exact brand mouse you need. I really believe it’s one of the best mice out there. It is extremely artistically pleasing and sensor work is great. Definitely will be worth buying for you after purchase this mouse. I think its an amazing mouse and gives a great experience of playing games.

We know everything has advantages and disadvantages as well, so it has also some things that are not good. It is hard to find it because of the limited availability of stock. It is really expensive because of limited stock. The final mouse has a limited polling rate of 500 Hz. If you want to buy this mouse then go and buy it immediately because its availability is less. If you find somewhere then don’t waste time just buy it and get more kills in games like pub g and call of duty mobile.

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  • Weight like a feather 58 grams
  • Super soft, light and flexible cable
  • Great shape
  • Less Sweaty palms
  • Solid Construction
  • Amazing Buttons
  • 3 year warranty
  • Flawless sensor PMW 3360
  • Smooth Glide


  • Hard to find and very expensive
  • Only 500 Hz polling rate


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