How To Fix Facebook Messenger Not Sending Videos?

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Mostly people face trouble because of” Facebook messenger not sending videos “, if you are also facing this problem then don’t worry, you are in right place to know its reasons and to easily Fix Facebook Messenger Not Sending Videos.  As we know Facebook messenger integrates our messages, photos, and videos from Facebook and Instagram.  All Facebook users prefer to use Facebook messenger to stay in touch with their family and friend circle.

But by using this helpful messenger sometimes you have to face the trouble that your Facebook messenger not sending videos and you feel helpless when you can’t share your photos and videos with your friends.

 Facebook messenger not sending videos
You’re helpless Facebook messenger not sending videos

Reasons Facebook messenger not sending videos

First of all, you need to know the reasons why your Facebook messenger not sending videos.  It is caused by many reasons, few main reasons for that issue are the following:

1. video format is inappropriate

If your video format is inappropriate on messenger then it will be the main reason for your videos not sending on messenger. Keep in mind Facebook messenger only supports two formats MP4 or MOV, so that if you are sending videos in just Mp4 or MOV format then Facebook messenger will support it.

2. Network Error

Your 4G or Wi-Fi connection error is also a big reason to face this trouble. If your network is not supporting then you are unable to send videos on Facebook messenger. So you should check your network quality or you should try to change the network and again send your videos to see if it works or not.

3. Too heavy Video Size

If the size of your video is too heavy or large then you will face this trouble and you will show that Facebook messenger not sending video. You can only send videos up to 25MP on Facebook messenger because it’s facebook’s policy. So as you are trying to send videos on Facebook messenger keep this policy in your mind. In this situation, you can cut your videos into small sections or resize your videos.

Fix Facebook messenger not sending videos

Now here are some effective tips for you to fix this error facebook messenger not sending videos:

Disable Data Saver Mode ( Android )

Facebook Messenger on your Android has a built-in data mode called Data Saver Mode. Through this mode, Facebook messenger saves your internet data. If you find this data saver mode in trouble then you cannot send videos. Therefore, you have to fix this issue with Data Saver firstly so that you could send videos via Facebook messenger. Follow these steps to disable this:

  • First of all open Messenger on your Android
  • After that see on the top left corner of your android and select profile picture.
  • Now from the menu, you have to select Data Saver and disable it.

Keep Open Facebook in Background

When in your messenger conversation you send a video then you shouldn’t try to close the app instantly because IOS might stop or pause the app in the background and you have to face video issues on messenger. Keep in mind you should keep open the app in the background when you send a video. The phones with 4GB and 6GB RAM have not had this issue. For that, you have to lock Messenger in the background.

  • Firstly you will open the multitasking menu on your phone or android.
  • After that, you should long tap on the icon of the messenger app.
  • Here you will select Lock.

Update Facebook Messenger

An old messenger built on your android can create the issue of Facebook messenger not sending videos. So, if you are using an old messenger built on IOS then try to avoid using it.

To solve your problem you should go to Play Store or Apple App Store and choose the latest Messenger app to install on your phone.

Check Video Size

As already mentioned that large video size can create an issue. So, firstly keep checking your video size on your phone so that it should not exceed the size of 25MB.

On iPhone you can check video size by following these steps:

  • First of all, on your iPhone, you will open the Photos app.  
  • After that, you have to choose or select a video and then hit the ” I “ button and now you can check the video size from the information menu.

In Android you can check through the following steps:

  • Firstly you should open Google Photos on your Android.
  • Now you have to open the video and swipe up the video to check your video details like its type, name, and size.

Checkout Facebook Servers

You are unable to send a video through your Facebook messenger if the Facebook servers are rough or having a rough day. Here you have to visit Downdetector and now search for Messenger. If you see that the other face is the same then you will see high outage graphs and also the user comments.

If there is an issue with Facebook servers then you have to wait for Facebook to fix issues from your side. As the Facebook servers are up or running you can easily share your videos on Facebook Messenger.

Check if another person has unfriended you

If the other person has unfriended you on Facebook then you can check your recent friendship status from the Facebook app. If that’s the case you face then there are two important scenarios here for you. Keep in mind you can still send a message if the person on the other side allows you to message them on Messanger.

If a person is not on your friend list then you can disable the direct message option by the Facebook privacy policy.


To conclude we can say that Facebook Messenger is a great app that is used widely and people like it very much. Through this, they can easily connect to their friends, family, and other people and can share their files, photos, and videos easily with others.

But sometimes they face the issue of Facebook Messenger not sending videos, in this situation you can follow our above-mentioned steps and easily get rid of this problem in just a few munites.

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