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The div tag is used to dived an HTML document in section. In other words, we dived a page into multiple sections. We use div when we need multiple designs on the same page we dived a page using div and then apply style differently. we can dive an HTML page in a large section and format them with a cascading style sheet. The Opening tag <div> is used to start the section and the closing tag </div> is used to indicate the end of the section.

Div Tag Attributes

Some important attributes of the div tag are as follows:

ALIGNIt specifies the alignment of the div. The possible values are center, left and right. The default value is left.
STYLEIt used to include inline cascading style sheet


		<div style="background-color:blue;text-align:right">
		<p>hello this is div</p>
		<div style="background-color:red;text-align:left">
		<p>hello this is div</p>
		<div style="background-color:yellow;text-align:center">
		<p>hello this is div</p>



div tag in gtml


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