Why Do Businesses Need Mobile Apps?

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Modern technology has long changed our lives. On the one hand, it has made many things simpler and more convenient; on the other hand, with the advent of the Internet, our world has started to change rapidly: new professions have appeared, and some professions, on the contrary, have disappeared, new tools have appeared for everyday tasks. However, there is still not enough time to perform these tasks.

In business, technology also plays an important role. This is especially true when it comes to promotion and the tools that serve it.

Today, it is hard to imagine a business without a website. And those companies that have taken care of this tool in advance have taken the lion’s share of customers, while others only sigh in disappointment that they could not get in at the top.

It is now time to create new and effective tools that have burst into our world along with mobile devices. We’re talking about mobile apps. If you`re interested in usage of the mobile apps for business visit Lampa.dev.

If you own a smartphone or tablet, you understand how different functional apps, games, and entertainment work. But why would a business need a mobile app? Today we will speak about it.

Boosting Sales

The main goal of any business is to make a profit. All marketing tools should help to achieve it. A mobile app can increase a company’s sales because it serves as a means of attracting and retaining customers.

With built-in features such as a loyalty program and push notifications, users can be motivated to buy products or services from the company, and various promotions and discounts can be offered.

When a person leaves home, they can forget everything except their keys, wallet, and phone. Just imagine: business gets into all the phones and essentially stays in their pockets. Companies interact with customers all the time when they use their mobile devices. The scale is staggering! No other form of advertising in the history of mankind has offered such an opportunity – to be in the customer’s pocket and interact with them all the time.

Businesses Need Mobile Apps

Detachment From Competitors

What do most companies use today to promote their business? That’s right, leaflets, radio advertising, SMS marketing, websites, and social media. If we look in the AppStore and GoolgePlay, we can barely find a dozen apps within a certain city and entire regions.

And that means that there is simply no competition in the use of mobile apps. If you look at the websites of meal delivery companies through a computer browser, you still have to work hard to get to the top of search results. And the app allows you to get ahead of others.

To get new customers, a company can offer them an interesting bonus for installing the app. It’s a fresh new solution, and no one is using it yet. Everyone loves bonuses and discounts. And almost everyone has a mobile device. The app helps to launch new and interesting marketing promotions and thus differentiate itself from the competition and gain customers` trust.

Target Audience

Today, everyone who is involved in promotion in one way or another is talking about the target audience. The trick is that a mobile app only accumulates a target audience around it. Let’s imagine a customer sees an advertisement for a travel agency’s mobile app and is asked to install the app to stay up-to-date with travel deals and special offers.

Who will install it? Right, those who are already traveling or planning to go on holiday, i.e. the target audience. After all, if the customer does not travel and is not interested in this topic, no matter how hard you try to motivate him, he will not download and install an application travel agency.

Businesses Need Mobile Apps

Building Customer Trust Through Push Notifications

A mobile app with push notifications is a very powerful tool if you use it properly. We’ve already talked about how customers love discounts and bonuses, which can be communicated through push notifications – messages that come to their smartphone screen from the app. Here are some of their special features:

  • According to statistics, push notifications are twice as likely to bring customers back to the app. You can embed links leading to landing pages. Let’s say a customer is going to work in the morning, picks up his phone, and looks through messages, he sees a push notification from a clothing shop about a seasonal sale, clicks on this message, and is taken to the app tab with an image of a beautiful dress or shoes which are on sale at a huge discount. The attention is grabbed, they’ve studied the information and clicked through to the company’s website or app tab, where the visual content is triggered. Sales conversion goes up many times over.
  • By getting used to receiving some useful content, customers start to look forward to it, and therefore trust in the company increases.
  • The geolocation function is very powerful. Imagine a customer walks past a restaurant during their lunch break and receives a message that there is a table open for them.
  • Push notifications can be set up so that they are only sent to users who are or have been in the selected area. By setting up a message, you need to highlight an area around the restaurant, and when people pass by, messages will appear on their smartphones inviting them to dine at choosing restaurant.

Company Website 

A site can attract traffic through search engines, and by pushing users from a definite website to the mobile app, this company will continue to engage with the potential customer further, and they won’t be able to leave simply by closing the browser page.

That is, when a customer visits the company’s website, they can easily leave it and stop interacting with the business, but when a definite website moves the customer to the app, the work with the customer just begins.


It is important to note that simply having a mobile app does not solve all business problems, but in the right hands, it can be a powerful marketing tool. We hope this article can help you in the explanation of the app’s benefits for you. 

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