Why It’s Important to Learn Website Development At School

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Even if a child does not want to devote his life to programming, there are a number of reasons why this skill may be useful in the future.

1. Programming develops logical thinking

The most important aspect of programming is that it teaches you to think logically. The constant search for solutions to problems requires a comprehensive approach and discipline. If a program doesn’t work as intended when you run it, you need to check the code and figure out why it happened. The step-by-step analysis allows you to trace its logic and calculate the error. A simple missed colon or misprint can cause the whole program to fail: this teaches young programmers to be orderly and attentive.

In addition to the ability to find solutions to problems, another useful aspect of programming is the ability to avoid potential problems. This includes the ability to create code that takes as little memory and time to write as possible. Brevity and simplicity are important principles that can be transferred to other areas of life.

2. Programming helps you to understand computer design

Today’s children are surrounded by technology from the very beginning of life. But learning to use technology is not the same as understanding how it works.

Programming is all about getting to grips with technology. In the process of writing their own code, children learn how apps, websites, and any other programs are structured. This will help them not only to recognize bad code but also to better understand the world around them: what causes the failure of a device and what lies behind the technology of everyday life.

3. Programming is everywhere

Programming is far from a highly specialized skill. A programmer can develop websites, create mobile applications or video games. But developers are in demand far more than they may seem at first glance. A variety of software is used in areas such as social networking, banking, streaming TV, cars, smart home gadgets and online shopping. The ability to write code opens the door to all areas of human activity.

 4. Programming teaches you how to work as a team and learn from others

At some point all developers have to copy other people’s code. And this is even considered good practice: there is no point in reinventing the wheel if the necessary task has already been qualitatively realized by others. children could ask a smart kid: ‘do my programming homework, please’. By is there something bad in it? Absolutely nothing!

This teaches children not only to find where to ask for help but also to adapt the borrowed code to their tasks. And doing this can be just as difficult as writing code from scratch.

In a working environment, development is usually not done alone, but in a team, with participants constantly interacting with colleagues and using each other’s code. Working together on a school project will teach children to understand how their work affects others on the team and how to find common ground with those around them.   

5. Programming unlocks creativity

All people have a need for self-actualization. At the end of hard work (or school) day, there’s nothing better than doing something you truly love.

Even children who are unenthusiastic about other forms of creative activity can generate truly impressive ideas. Children vitally need to create, and by learning to write code, they can create their own games, websites, and other projects.

6. Programming expands employment opportunities

Programmers today are very much in demand in the job market. Even if a kid doesn’t want to make a career in programming, basic programming skills will come in handy in life.

Just like knowledge of a foreign language, knowledge of the basics of programming in the digital age is an indicator of a potential employee’s education for the employer. It shows that the candidate is able to think logically and can be a decisive advantage over the competition.

7. Kids learn fast.

The best time to start learning programming is as a child. Today’s children easily master the latest technology, and it helps them a lot to write good code in the future.

For example, the well-known game Minecraft allows children to develop thinking and design skills in the process of building different houses and structures. You can even learn the Python language with this game.

As long as the child has a lot of free time and his brain easily perceives and absorbs new information, any new knowledge will be absorbed effectively – why not interest him in programming?

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