What do I do If My Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Charge?

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When you are ready to listen to your favorite music but you find that your Bluetooth headphones won’t charge, it will be much frustrating for you and you think about, what do I do if my Bluetooth Headphones won’t charge? If you found that your Bluetooth headphones won’t charge? Then don’t throw these headphones away. Because here in this article you will find the best solutions to get your headphones back up and properly running again!

When you’ve found that your headphones won’t turn on and you go to plug your headphones in to charge, there is no charging light turning on. You will be sad especially if you have invested a lot of money in your headphones. You do not need go to spend more dollars on a new pair of Bluetooth headphones as here is an easy solution for you!

What do I do if my Bluetooth headphones won’t charge? Fortunately, there are a few quick fixes for you that you can try easily yourself instead of going towards other options or solutions. But before going to fixes, you just need to know the reasons for charging issues.

Reasons for Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Charge

Following are some reasons that can be cause for your headphones’ charging issue. So, let’s take a look at these:

1. Fault in Charging Cable

Charging cables are very important to your headphones and can be considered a companion to your headphones. But, these are weak and can be damaged at any time. When you make their use continuously then there is a possibility of damaging the delicate wires inside the cable. Twisting and constant pulling can be the reason for tension and damage to the wires inside. So, if your headphones don’t charge then must check the charging cable. It will be inexpensive to replace and widely available.

2. Fault in Battery

Your headphones’ battery degrades over time, as the years pass, batteries begin to form or build an internal crystalline buildup. Such crystals become the reason to increase the electrical resistance and slowly less the charge’s amount that the battery can hold after a few times– commonly after passing around 2-4 years.

However, it depends on your usage of headphones and on how you take care of your headphones. But if they are new and you have used them just for a few weeks, and then a charging issue occurs, you need to consult your warranty and get in contact with its manufacturer to discuss a replacement.

3. Not Charged Battery Quite a Few Times

Yes, underuse can damage your battery and can be a cause for charging issues. It’s a serious matter, if you store your Bluetooth headphones for a long time then your battery won’t thank you for doing this. And you have to face charging issues.

4. Charging Port- Malfunctioning

The USB port’s inside metallic surfaces can get damaged and scratched. And because of this reason, it will prevent the USB charger from creating a connection, which means this won’t charge. Moreover, your headphones or earbuds can easily get dirt, dust, and oil from food and others if you keep them in your pocket or bag. It will disrupt their charging or also get stuck in the port of charging. So, you need to clean it!

5. Extreme Temperatures

Extremely high and low temperatures are not great for your headphones’ charging. They need a good temperature to be charged properly. So, extreme temperatures can cause charging issues.

what to do If Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Charge? [Solutions]

What do I do if my Bluetooth headphones won’t charge? You have to understand the issue often lies with the cable or also with the USB port. So, the following are some things that you can do to fix this issue:

1. Check Out Contact Points

If your Bluetooth headphones just charge on a special angle, then you must check both the USB port as well as the jack to see if there is any dirt has got in both points. As these particles can be the reason for issues with the connection. So, you have to clean the contact points of your Bluetooth headphones. You have to apply compressed air to these ports with a gentle hand to clean them. After that, you have to use a cotton swab to remove stubborn dirty articles.

2. Try to Switch to a Direct Connection

There is a USB charging connection in almost many Bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately, these USB ports can easily melt or get scratched. If you feel that this is the case in real, then you have to charge your Bluetooth headphones by the use of a power socket or can use another form of direct connection. If charging will be properly through a direct connection, so it means that it’s the USB hub causing issues.

3. Room Temperature Adjustment

Remember temperature changes can affect the battery of your headphones. The temperature that sits between 0°C to 35°C is ideal for headphones’ charging. So you have to adjust your room temperature to avoid charging issues.

4. Try to Do a Hard Reset

If you see a software bug that stops your Bluetooth headphones from charging properly, you have to try a hard reset that will help bring them back in gear. No need to panic here – doing hard resets on Bluetooth headphones isn’t nearly or similarly as daunting as tuff resets on your phones!

But we suggest you, before doing a hard reset you have to check the manual of your headphone. Because this manual will tell you clearly how you can complete it safely for a specific model.

5. Check Your Laptop or Computer-Turned on or Off

You think it is silly, but truly it can happen. When you are charging your headphones from your laptop that’s off or closed, you wouldn’t even know or realize that the laptop is off. Then you have to need to just open your laptop up and then check that its screen comes on.

6. Check out the USB Cable

You need to check out the USB cable to make sure that the USB cable is perfectly inserted because it is a common problem. So, you have to give both the USB and the jack only a light push to observe if both of these can go any further, no need to be forceful as it could be dirt or dirt that is stopping the USB and Jack from going further.

You can use a flashlight to check that is there anything that is blocking the port. If you found, you can use your compressed air can to clean it.

 7.  Try Different USB Charging Cables

What do I do if my Bluetooth headphones won’t charge? As we mentioned above firstly think about checking the charging cable. You have to try a different USB charging cable.

 Any type of brand cable should be fine to work, but if the issue persists, you have to purchase the cable that’s specially made for the exact model of headphones that you have.

8. Latest Software Update- Installation

As you know there are several different types of headphones and they all have different features and quirks. If you have certain high-end Bluetooth headphones, then you may find that your Bluetooth headphones use or require software updates to stay on-trend.

If they require software updates, then you have to check to observe if the latest Software update has been installed. Because installing outdated software can cause charging problems, and software updates may solve the bugs that currently occur.


When you spend your free time enjoying your favorite music but you find your headphones not charged and try to charge them but can’t. Then it will become a frustration for you and the first thing that comes to mind is how do I do if my Bluetooth headphones won’t charge? So, don’t worry all the instructions above are your solution, you can easily fix your issue yourself! So, you don’t need to spend your money on a new pair, just follow the above-mentioned methods and try to fix your problems!

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