What Is The Average Laptop Screen Size?

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This is not much difficult to understand “what is the average laptop screen size”. But you need to have known related to screen size, first. So that you can easily understand all that. As we know very well, the dimensions of a laptop and a computer include three aspects: width, depth, and height.

If we talk about the width of the screen of a laptop, then it is measured across the top of your laptop when the lid is closed, like the measurement from the left corner to its right corner. The second thing is the depth which is the other direction.

Basically, the measurement of the upper left corner to the lower left corner. The last thing is height, the measurement of the space between the top of the laptop when you closed it and the bottom.

Generally speaking, laptops start to come in thinner shape in recent years. So In this helpful article, we will explain the most important thing which is the average laptop screen size.

What is the Average Laptop Screen Size?

So, let’s talk about, the average laptop screen size in the market, first. So the average size is 13.3 to 15 inches. The display sizes of different laptops start from 13 inches and increase up to 17.3 inches. So these are the basic sizes of different laptops. Notebook PC screen size is the most significant computing experience factor.

Big screens are more comfortable for every kind of work, multimedia, watching dramas, and gaming. But, the bigger screen does not mean that the laptop carrying heavier and bulkier. While I might have the greater power consumption since larger screens need more power.

  • The 13.3-inch screen is preferred by students.
  • A higher size of 14 inches, is most common among regular laptop users.
  • As well as the 6 inches size is also a popular size among laptop users.
  • If we talk about the gaming laptop then they have larger screens, up to 17.3 inches.
  • For the record, screen sizes 11.6 and 12.5 inches are used.

What is the Most Popular Size for Laptops?

It is mostly said that 14 inches and 15.6 inches are popular laptop screen sizes among laptop users. Well, in this way, we can say that 14-15-inch laptops are mostly used. This kind of screen is so compact, lightweight, and powerful to handle many tasks.

Tips on selecting the right Laptop Size

There are a few key factors that can help you to determine the right screen size for the laptop you want to purchase.  So, here are some useful tips on selecting the perfect size for a laptop:

  • For the college student, to carry the laptop to the classroom and back home, a 13.3-inch size should be perfect.
  • The laptop is used at home to check emails, create documents, or some this kind of task, then the 14-inch or 15.6-inch is perfect.
  • If you are a gamer and loves to play game, then a 17.3-inch screen can be the ideal choice.
  • And if you choose a smaller screen size then you need to make some compromises. This kind of laptop may not have space for many components.

Average Laptop Size in Inches

Basically, the size of the laptop is the size of the display screen, but that’s true, the actual laptop’s dimensions could be different. The universal practice is here for the laptop screen size in inches. So, if you have a 13.3-inch laptop, then its average measurement on the outside is about 11.3 inches in length and 7.1 inches in depth.

And the average thickness of this laptop might be less than an inch when it is open, and its height is around 8 inches from the surface. The same measurements are also for a 14.1-inch laptop will be 12 inches and 8.4 inches. And its thickness or height, when you have closed, at the high point, can be around 1 inch to 1 ½ inch.

How to Measure the Laptop Screen Size?

Measuring the correct screen size of your laptop is not difficult. So, here is how to determine the screen size for a laptop. So without wasting, we are going to tell you easy methods to measure the laptop screen size.

1. Using a Measuring Tape

Different Laptops have different screen sizes, so you can use a tape measure. So need to Place the end of this tape measure in one of the corners of the screen and take it to the opposite side.

Now, you need to note the size in inches, after that convert these inches into centimeters. For example, 1 inch is equal to 2.54 CM. If the screen is 32 cm wide, then you have to divide it by 2.54 cm to get inches.

2. Removing Screen and Checking User Manual

The second simple way of finding out the correct size of the laptop screen is to remove it and find the model number sticker on the back of the screen. Almost every model number has the screen’s physical size in inches. Sometimes, the sticker is placed on the laptop or product box.  You can also find it in the user manual.

3. Searching Screen Size Online

The last but not least way to check the correct screen size of your laptop is to search your laptop specifications online. You can Visit the manufacturer’s website and search using the model number of your laptop. Then you can see here the screen size under the laptop’s complete specifications list.


In our useful guide about “what is the average laptop screen size”, we’ve covered everything in detail and also three easy methods of identifying screen size. We also discussed how to choose the perfect screen sizes for different situations. We hope, with our amazing instructions, you have must learn about the average laptop screen size. And this guide will also help you to choose the perfect size for you.

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