Differences Between Writing A Blog Post And An Article

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Learning the core differences between a blog post and an article is quite easy because it incorporates three elements to mark the specifics: an article is usually lengthier and can incorporate a strict structure with no links or references. Speaking of blog posts, they are usually less than 1,000 words and can be even less than one page, depending on the type of blog.

The second core element to consider is the purpose as the article always adheres to specific formatting. It can be complete research or something that has an introduction, the main thesis statement, and an ending. The blog post, on the other hand, will implement a free style of writing and can rapidly change the subject if the necessity of SEO keywords asks for that. It can be a reply to debates or a short comment that is dealing with a situation or some event.

The final aspect to consider is the structure and the use of images. An article usually has one main image at the top, yet the blog post will have smaller images included with various multimedia elements. While they can focus on the same subject, you will easily determine the differences between blog posts and the articles once you encounter them and read below.

Blog Post VS Article: Defining The Difference

Sometimes people can mistake a blog post for an article and vice versa, yet these are two different concepts! In practice, you might require both as a college learner and even as a blogger. When you’re dealing with a blog post, you always post within the scope of the social network or a blog that you have created. It’s totally yours and you are free to edit it and implement certain changes when necessary.

Now, if you have an article, it may be published in a newspaper or some scientific magazine. Think about The Guardian or the famous Washington Post headlines. This is exactly where you should place an article.

You can check LetsGradeIt to see what types of writing must be accomplished, depending on the subject. The majority of the samples will be good enough for being considered an article. As a rule, there will be formatting requirements, proofreading, and narration style. Take your time to explore them and don’t forget that you can use specific standards for either case.

The Main Purpose

It always comes down to your purpose as the blog format allows you to make surveys and let people leave their comments as they scan through the mostly short pieces of writing. Of course, an article may discuss the modern lifestyle and provide several examples and references to make things more vivid, yet it will always keep up with the structure and the requirements of the platform where it’s being published.

Are These Technically The Same?

No, they may only look similar at first, yet there’s more going on behind the scenes. It would be incorrect to state that a person cannot compose a blog post that would resemble the qualities and standards of a good newspaper article. One must remember that blog posts are usually done in series and can represent a continuation of something that has been discussed in the past.

It brings out the necessity of introducing cross-links and SEO keywords to make things flexible and adjustable. It’s also a reason why blog posts are often submitted according to chronology and have their inner structure rules that most casual users won’t even notice! Some articles posted these days may also be found in blogs, yet one will always notice the difference by focusing on the tone used. 

Which One Should I Choose?

While there are no strict rules in terms of choosing either, you should think about the main purpose and see what will suit your objectives in a better way. If it’s a company’s website and you want to talk about environmental protection or the legit sides of making business overseas, it’s much safer to choose the article format.

If you are planning to advertise a social campaign or talk about a specific business case, it can be done in a blog format as you may continue with the subject or add to the company’s history. If it’s something demanding and research-based, choose the article. In case you are planning to make a series of posts and need more freedom, choosing a blog post format will be more efficient for your needs.

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