Can You Screen Mirror Without Wifi On Samsung Smart Tv?

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There is a frequently asked question by people Can You Screen Mirror Without Wifi On Samsung Smart Tv? Although screen mirror with using WIFI provides a good experience, if you want to screen mirror without WIFI on Samsung TV, then yes it is possible, you can do this. In this article, you will get a proper solution to your question.

So, Can You Screen Mirror Without Wifi On Samsung Smart Tv. Now, it is possible to screen mirrors without WIFI on Samsung TVs. You can do this through utilizing a special HDMI cable, this specific HDMI cable is coby from your  phone to the Samsung TV. Keep in mind your phone must be a Samsung phone that supports and helps the screen mirroring. This useful feature is known as AllShare Cast.

This HDMI cable is needed to secure or connect the cable to the Samsung TV and the Miracast application does not help and support  Apple devices also it is not functional on your Android. So, let’s move to the answer for, how to screen mirrors without WIFI on Samsung TVs.

Screen Mirroring without WIFI on Samsung

You can get a great fun by watching your favorite movies or something else on a big screen, as watching anything on a small screen will be problematic for you and leave you blinking.

 But to watch on big screen, if you need to mirror your phone to your TV even without WIFI, then what can you do? it also depends. A few Samsung TVs can’t be able to connect to Wi-Fi, while the others don’t require it at all.

It only depends on your TV’s model that you have and also the technology which you’re using. But it’s true using internet connection makes the casting process more smooth and easy for you and let’s you to stream your data and videos much more quicker.

So, don’t worry through the following method you can mirror your phone to your Samsung TV without WIFI:

Mirror Your Android Screen to Samsung TV

Through the following method, you can mirror your Android screen to your Samsung TV. For this, you have to use a DeX cable or a USB-C to a special HDMI cable for it to function. So, follow these steps to do this:

  1. First, to connect the phone to your Samsung TV, you have to plug one side end into the HDMI port and then the different side ends go into your phone or your smart appliance.
  2. As the cord is plugged in correctly, you have to open the notification panel of your device by pinching down from the screen’s top.
  3. Now, you have to tap on the notification “Tap here to switch to screen. mirroring”..,
  4. After that, you have to choose the correct source ( called “HDMI” or something comparable) on your Samsung TV.

Mirror your Computer Screen to your Samsung TV

 To mirror your PC screen to your TV, follow the simple steps below.

  1. First of all, you have open the Settings application on your PC and then select Devices.
  2. After that, you have to click Bluetooth & Other Devices and then you have to select Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  3. After doing that, you will choose Wireless display or choose dock and then you have to wait a few seconds for the name of your TV to appear.
  4. Finally, you have to click on the name of your Samsung TV and then choose Allow when the permission prompt occurs.

When do you need to use screen mirroring without Wi-Fi on your Samsung?

Sometimes because of some reason you can’t use your Wi-Fi connection when  you are screen mirroring. For in-person setting, screen mirroring is considered incredible. There are also other technologies to show one device to another such as screen casting and a screen sharing.

However, screen mirroring permits the presenter to exhibit content from a better available device such as laptop or smartphones. This way presenter can readily show content for the entirety room to notice.

As an example you can screen your phone mirroring mirror to your smart TV at your home to demonstrate your family a full of fun YouTube video that you watched. Or, you can also handle a collaborative meeting with this screen mirroring after being back in the office space.

So, you can regulate the video efficiently from your laptop or phone, but all can able to watch the video on a a bigger screen. So, no issue you are at home or outdoors, you can simply mirror your remoter device onto the bigger screen to build a truly collaborative climate.


If you are not able to use Wi-Fi for any reason then what do you need to do? Hopefully, after reading this article, you properly know, how to screen time without Wi-Fi on Samsung TV. By following the above mentioned methods you can easily do it. These methods are easy and simple to follow.

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