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Photolabit com makes possible mission for everyone to make mobile photo editing, but it wants expertise, passion and hard work. They have over Ten (10) year experience in the field more they are having 160 million happy users all over the world.

Photolabit com gives the service to join their app or become their business partner and rule the world of photos with them.

Photolabit com provides one of the massive collection of stylish and funny effects, more than 900 effects till now. Fantastic face photo montages, animated effects, photo frames and photo filters are there for users to enjoy. Make your photo look creative in seconds without using different professional photo editors. After creative work on photo user can share it on any social media network, contact icon or as use a wallpaper. Now day’s photo lab is on trending with its new effect. You can say that photo art is on one click.

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 Why Photolabit com?

photolabit com is easy to use. Just select style from photo lab and upload your photo. It will automatically edit your picture and gives you your desired result.

It will provide high quality result after workout on photo. People loves to use photo lab because it works automatically on photo and gives high quality result to user.

Till now no other app or web service can give quality work that photo lab can gives to its users.


  • Photo Filters
  • Photo Frame
  • Photo Collages
  • Neural Art Style
  • Face Photo Montages
  • Realistic Photo Effects
photolabit com

Photo Filters:

User don’t need different and pro photo editors to add some styles to your photos with various photo filters such as Neon Glow, pencil sketching , oil painting, black and white  and many others.

Photo Frame:

photolabit com provides different beautiful frames if user need final touch to their favorite image.

Photo Collages:

It provides a service to create wonderful, attractive picture of you and your friend arranged together in a sentimental or futuristic way.

Neural Art Style:

Photo lab gives the new smart and quick service or way to turn any photo into an art work. It gives over fifty (50) pre–set styles.

Face Photo Montages:

It provides feature in which you can swap face easily and turn yourself or your friend into horrible monster, pirate or an astronaut. These all complicated montages are created automatically by detecting face with algorithm to create the most infrequent photos.

photolabit com

Realistic Photo Effects:

Put your photo in an unlikely way. Air brush it on exclusive car or leave it as a sand stamp on the beach. You will get new wonderful amazing experience.

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to use.
  • User Friendly interface.
  • Gives fast result.
  • Gives new effects and frames in every update.


  • Sometime not detect face.
  • Eliminate face parts in detecting face some times.
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Photolabit com is simple and user friendly application. It provides simple and user friendly interface helps you to learn how to use photo lab editor. They will add almost a dozen of effects and photo frames after each update. They maintain good links and dialogue with their users. If user not get particular effect in library he/she will contact with them they will add in next update.

According to me this app is wonderful and easy to use. I love to use this app because it will automatically edit our photo. I don’t think that any other app match their level till now. But everything have advantages and flaws as well. Flaws that I saw in it sometimes it not detect face or sometimes it’s eliminate some parts of face in detecting face. I will recommend this app to viewers, try once you will like it.

Customer Reviews

photolabit com coustomer reviews

Jill Harrison

Very impressive effects but primarily for selfies which is not my primary interest. Easy, one-click, application requiring little skill so will appeal to many but, for that reason, not as useful for photo edit artists as hard to adjust and customise. I would prefer to add, alter, move filters and effects one at a time. The animations are very eye-catching but again not adaptable. A minor niggle – when on the home page it gives a random, ever-changing index of pre-selected effects.

Gary Stow

You guys have taken probably one of the best photo edit apps & ruined it. Now most options are cartoonish & megapix has went out the window. Before you had lots of options where only the background changes. Now pics are not clear & not many options for background because its all cartoons.

Lala Penny

I am really enjoying photolabit com my experience with photo lab is the best I just can’t put the phone down, all my pictures have better background thanks to photo lab the effect is so cool extraordinary any picture you like to add effect to photolabit com got you!! and I got this picture for a lifetime👍🏽.. Thank You for my new best memories keep up the good work,👋👋 GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR TEAM PHOTO LAB PICTURE EDITOR.

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