Why Is My Phone Sending Duplicate Messages And How To Fix It?

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Why do I receive duplicate text messages on Android? is a question that many Android users experience. In this piece, we will attempt to answer this question. Furthermore, you will discover remedies to this problem.

Android phones are used by the vast majority of smartphone users worldwide. There are numerous companies that produce Android phones. A large number of Android users across a variety of phone brands have reported receiving duplicate messages on their phones.

We discovered that this is a real thing after doing some study. Furthermore, it appears that Samsung Android phone owners are the most affected.

First and foremost, we’ll go over the most common causes of duplicate text messages on Android. There are several causes for this. And we’ll go over each of them individually.

You Are Using 2 Messaging App

It’s possible that you’re using two distinct messaging apps on your Android phone without realizing it. Every Android phone, by default, comes with a messaging app. There are, however, various third-party testing programs available. They’re simple to install from the Play Store.

Google also suggests communicating via their own ‘Messages’ app. As a result, many Android phone manufacturers now include the ‘Messages’ app pre-installed on their devices.

Furthermore, any of your relatives or friends who have access to your phone may have loaded a second texting program. As a result, when you receive a message on your phone, you’ll notice that there are two notifications for the identical message.

You Are in a Low Coverage Area

Another reason you might be getting duplicate messages is that you or the sender is in an area with poor coverage. That implies the phones are regularly disconnecting from the network. In that case, if someone sends you a message, it may be re-delivered to you once you reconnect to the network.

In Case of MMS

It’s possible that duplicate MMS is due to a problem with your internet connection or the sender’s internet connection. If either of your phones’ upload/download speeds is sluggish, you may receive multiple MMSs.

There’s a problem with the Messages app

Another compelling factor would be the default messaging app. It’s possible that the messaging software has a problem that causes duplicate messages.

Having a Problem with Your Phone

Otherwise, the issue may get more serious. It’s possible that your phone is to blame. This problem was most likely caused by a faulty software update. The culprit might be any buggy app.

How to Fixing Receiving Duplicate Messages

You’ve studied some of the reasons why you might get duplicate text messages on Android up to this point. The solutions to this problem will be discussed in this section. As always, we offer a number of suggestions for you.

Any of the remedies could be the best option for you depending on the source of the problem and your phone model. So you’ll have to test each one to find the one that’s right for you.

Uninstall the 2nd Messaging App

If you have a second messaging app installed on your phone, you should remove it right now. Otherwise, you’ll be bombarded with redundant messages. If you don’t want to uninstall it, you can disable it.

On Android, how do you uninstall an app?

  • Go to your phone’s app drawer first.
  • Hold down the icon of the programme you wish to delete for a few seconds.
  • A new overlay menu will display above the app icon as a result.
  • Tap the ‘Uninstall’, ‘X’, or ‘Remove’ button from there.
  • The app will also be removed.

Restart Your Phone

You could think it’s self-evident. In fact, you might conclude that this isn’t a viable option. Surprisingly, numerous customers have stated that simply rebooting the phone fixed the problem.

Why should you try any additional ways if rebooting the phone can solve the problem? Check whether the problem persists by restarting your Android phone.

Airplane Mode can be turned on and off

If you believe the problem is caused by a lack of network coverage, you might try enabling and disabling ‘Airplane Mode’ on your phone. The ‘Airplane Mode’ icon is usually found on the status bar’s shortcut menu.

So, try turning on and off airplane mode to see if the problem is resolved.

Clear the Messaging App’s Data or Cache

Clearing the data or cache of the default messaging app on your Android phone is the next step. Any app’s cache may be simply cleared on your phone. However, the procedure may differ slightly depending on the model of your phone.

Nonetheless, we will attempt to cover emptying an app’s cache on the most prominent Android phone brands. It’s not a problem to clear an app’s cache from time to time. Instead, clearing the cache is a good way to maintain your phone in better shape.

If you wipe the app data of any app, however, all of the data associated with that app will be erased. And the app will work as well as it did before. You won’t be able to access any of your saved data for that app.

Change the SIM Card

It’s conceivable that the problem is caused by the SIM card. If the SIM card is old, it may have trouble receiving the greatest coverage. So, try swapping the SIM card with a different one to see if that solves the problem.

Factory Reset Your Android Phone

This is a fix that we don’t suggest right now. Because when you restore your phone to factory settings, everything on it will be erased. It will also function as a brand new phone. As a result, you may lose a lot of your important data in the process.

Nonetheless, there are numerous ways to prepare for this ahead of time.

If all of the above solutions have failed to resolve the issue of receiving duplicate messages on your Android phone, you can try doing a factory reset.

It is now incredibly simple to reset your phone. However, because the factory reset would erase all of the data on your phone, you should make a backup before proceeding.


The purpose of this article was to shed light on the problem of receiving duplicate text messages on Android devices. We’ve also provided some remedies for these problems. However, there is no way of knowing which strategy will be the most effective. As a result, it would be beneficial if you tried each one separately.

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