How to Make Headphones Tighter?

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How to make headphones tighter? If you have a pair of headphones but they are loose and don’t fit on your head, the first thing that comes to your mind is, how to make headphones tighter? Headphones are designed and developed in different sizes to fit different head sizes.

But still, if you don’t find the size of a suitable headphone for your head size and have a loose pair then don’t worry you can make headphones tighter. You think about your new and expensive pair of headphones that are too losses a waste of money.

 So, if you have to face such loose headphones issue and you’re experiencing a discomfort with your headphones, then you can use the following simple and easy tips and hacks to make headphones tighter. These simple tricks will prove incredible. So let’s go for details!

How to Make Headphones Tighter? Tips And Tricks

A lot of things are functional that you can do to make headphones tighter on your ear and head, a few of them are mentioned below, So the following are some quick and useful tips and tricks that will help you to make headphones tighter:

Try a Variety of Earpieces

You should experiment with different earpieces because of the reason one of them or one of these options may perfectly suit your ears and prove more comfortable than the others headphones. You can try different headphones with different sizes to experiment to know or determine which pair of headphones works better with your ear and head size.

Use a Foam Ear Mold to Make Headphones Tighter

Using a foam ear mold to make headphones tighter is one of the best ways. Also, you can take a fabric that is pride instead of foam to make headphones tighter.

Another thing that you can do is try to use headphones that are too big for your ears. Carefully choose a set of headphones that fit your ears and after that, you have to use a little foam piece to make the headphones tighter.

Use an Ear Cushion

you have try to make an ear cushion for the use of your headphones. You can find the instructions online to make this cushion for your headphones. This may come in convenient if you operate or engage in another physical activity that is on demand in which you require to keep up better than typical.

Utilize Patches and Stickers

There is an easy trick to make headphones tighter, you can utilize stickers and patches to attain a better overall fit for your headphones. It may be only an expedient extent, but surely it’ll help to keep the headphones in place if that was the issue.

Try to Curl Your Hair

To make headphones tighter you can take an initial step such as trying to curl your hair. Those who have naturally curly hair, then their curly hair will put in extra resistance and opposition to their headphones, which will help the headphones a lot to stay on their head and ears more securely.

How Can You Make Headphones fit a small head?

Use a Nylon strap

To make headphones fit better on small heads you have to use a nylon strap. It’s a very easy and cheaper solution to that issue. You have to string your headphones jointly. To be sure that the string flickers the headband eventually—After that, you have to mark or point out the length. Now you will cut the cord to keep a nylon strap.

After cutting you have to tape this nylon strap to both sides of your headphone. So,  this nylon strap or belt will become the headband of your headphones.

Pile of Book-trick

You have to put your headphones in a thing that is smaller in size just like a pile of books or a box if the pair of your headphones is too massive. After that, you have to bind your headphones with a rope to crush or mash headphones.

Counting on how tight you like your headphones, now you have to leave your headphones there for almost one or two days. Your headphones may destroy if you tie the headphones without something in between.

Using a Seatbelt

Through this seatbelt hack you can be able to fix your headphones without spending your money extensively. These straps of seatbelt have Velcro.. You have to get one you want, and after that you have to slip or drop it over the headband of your headphones. This seatbelt hack will work very well for you and your headphone will fit tighter perfectly as well.

By Improving Headphone’s Headband

To make headphones tighter you have to improve your headphone headband. For this, you have to buy a thicker replacement headband pad. To get a matched headband pad alternate to the model of your headphone, you can contact online to manufacturers.

After getting new pads, simply you have to pop out the old pads headphones, and after that, you have to install the new thicker pads. When you install these new thicker pads they will give you more cushioning at your head’s top. But remember shouldn’t be too evident since it’s custom-designed to fit the headphones.

How Much Tight Should Your Headphones Fit?

It means that your headphones must be fully stuck in your ear so that the squishy tip can be able to create a tight stamp or seal with all of your ear canal’s walls —just like a pin in a bottle of wine. So, the sound’ transference will suffer if you don’t get such a reasonable seal and also too much outside noise will lag in.

How Do You Accommodate the Clamping Force on Your Headphones?

For this, you have to use wire hangers. You have to band a wire hanger to a little broader than then your head’ wider and then you will secure it carefully to your headphones with the help of a thin wire. If you feel that, it’s loose, then you have to make the wire hanger narrower.


If you have loose headphones and want to make headphones tighter, then hopefully this article will provide a lot of information to you that will prove very helping. You just follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks carefully and then you can be able to save your expensive headphones instead of throwing them. All these tricks are very simple and nit more expensive.

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