How To Make A Gaming Montage?

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Are you sure, you have no idea how to make a gaming montage?  It’s not a big deal, we are here to tell you about the gaming montage and the other important thing, how to make gaming montages. Gaming montages are becoming so popular among people nowadays. There are above 2.5 million gamers who love to watch gaming videos on social media.  The gaming montage is a compilation of video game footage and set the music to show off the skills of a player.

People record tons of their best play clips and then turn these clips into gaming montages. Then they share this gaming montage on social media and YouTube. The players do that for sharing and as an awesome memory to watch the glorious times again. Now we are going to explain how to make gaming montages and also some tips on how to make, edit, and share a gaming montage even if you have no editing experience. So let’s get started with the detailed guide!

Steps to Make a gaming montage

You have many different options when it comes to make gaming montages. You can easily add a random cut of great video clip parts, a mixture of the highlighted moments that you found amazing and you love to share with people through social media. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to make with the random cut, especially when you are using a reliable video editor.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a gaming montage:

1. Montage Type

First of all, you have to decide your montage story or type before making a gaming montage. You have to choose that montage type that will help to keep viewers watching. It will help you to select the relevant video clips for your gaming montage. After selecting the topic of the video and then you have to decide the length of each clip. You should add some funny clips in the last section of your gaming montage video. And this act will help you to make your viewers watch the video until the end. No doubt it’s an amazing trick.

2. Record the Gameplay Footage

The process to capture the gameplay totally depends on the platform where the game is. You have to record yourself playing the game using a video camera or screen recording software. Make sure your recorder supports Replay Buffer because it allows you to record clips that occurred minutes or seconds ago. So you will not record the gameplay the whole time Instead, you’ll capture the scenes after amazing things appeared.

PS4 allows you to record the video maximum of one hour with the gamepad and with the capture card you can record it for longer than 60 minutes. Once you’ve all the clips on your PC and then download Filmora and install the software on your pc. This program will help you to edit your video clips and add interesting effects that will make viewers keep watching.

3. Import Videos

Next, you have to import your videos to the media library of filmora and then drag the clip and drop them into the timeline. After that where you can edit the clips. When you right-click on the clip in the timeline, here you can see the options to zoom, speed, change, split, affect, sound effects, and crop or trim the videos.

4. Select Background Music

To add the music is a great way to engage your gaming montage. But you need to keep in your mind an important thing is that you have to use a license-free or copy-right-free track if you plan to share it on social media. Because if you use copyrighted music on your clips and then upload the video on social media, it can lead to your video strikes. But don’t worry Filmora has loads of non-copyrighted music tracks for its users. You just need to find non-copyrighted music and select the one you like.

 5. Edit the Gaming Montage

you can easily see your video clip with the music you have selected with the auto gaming montage maker on filmora. This tool is so effective and it analyzes the beat points to change the clip and effects. You can easily catch the bad parts of your video clip through this amazing tool and then you can easily delete these bad parts so that the video matches the music and make good.

Here you can see the effective tab, you can add multiple filters to the gaming montage video from the effective tab. there are many different categories of filters in filmora that allows you to add emotions to the montage gaming video. You can spice up your gaming montage videos by using a different tone, effects, and Filter.

6. Export the clip

After editing your video and adding non-copyright music, press the option of Export. After that, your gaming montage video will export and will save on your computer. So the method to make a gaming montage is finished now you can upload your gaming montage video on your YouTube channel and other social media platform.

Useful Tips to Make a Gaming Montage

We are going to share some useful tips that you should follow when you make a gaming montage if you want to make a large community. They include:

  • Just Add velocity effects to your gaming montage because it will get the attention of viewers. You can add a transition between clips with a speed effect.
  • Add slow motion when the gunshot moment occurs.
  • You can speed up things to quickly move into another scene.
  • Do not include game-loading scenes in your gaming montage video.
  • Try to match gunshot sounds with beats.
  • The perfect beats of the music will catch viewers’ attention.
  • You can add the transition to make more effective your montage video.
  • You can also use color grading to catch the viewers’ attention.


Gaming montage involves capturing and editing a range of recorded video clips, which can be brought together to make a gaming montage and engaging video content. The game montage includes the best moments from gameplay and non-copyrighted background music tracks. You should use Filmora to edit and add effects, transitions, and overlays to make a gaming montage video. Your gaming montage will get more views and also become popular among players if you edit it properly. That’s all to learn, we are sure now you have completely understood the basic things about gaming montage and how to make gaming montage. We hope so, this post will help you a lot!

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