How to Wear Over-Ear headset with Glasses?

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What’re the things most bespectacled or painful people complain of when it comes to headsets? So, the answer is the Headphone pain when wearing glasses. Some people even complain of headaches triggered by headphones and glasses.

If you’re a DJ or a gamer and your job requires that you have to wear headphones — you will think about how to wear glasses with over-the-ear headphones without pain. Don’t worry, we’re telling you how to go about it and how can you choose the best headphone style for glasses.

Discomforts of People with Glasses when Wearing Over-Ear Headphones


If your headphones fit very tightly on your head and ears, they will put a lot of pressure on the temporal bone of your skull, and it will be causing a headache. This pain is a pretty common headphone pain when anyone wears glasses. This headache is known as a compression headache and it starts within an hour when you are wearing the headphones.

Sore Ear Cartilage/Auricular Chondritis

If we talk about it then we can say Auricular Chondritis is a condition where the ear’s cartilage is inflamed. And this condition causes the ear to swell, turn red, and feel painful. If we talk about its causes, then one of them is pressure on the ear and its main symptom is starting pain in the outer ear.

Overall Discomfort and Pain

Headphone pain when we are wearing glasses may be caused by the following few reasons:

  • Your glasses design.
  • The type of headphones that you used. There are four different types of headphones that we can use: over-ear, in-ear, on-ear, and earbuds.
  • The third reason is the materials used for the ear padding, and also its thickness.
  • Fourth is the clamping pressure of your headset.

Tips for Wear Headphones and Glasses Comfortably

If you follow these amazing and helpful tips, you’ll know how to wear glasses with over-ear headphones to reduce pain.

Wear Glasses with Thinner Frames

You should wear thinner frames because when you wear glasses with thin frames, the surface area pressed against your scalp is smaller or not a lot, which means the pressure on the ear cartilage and temporal bone is very less. If you are using headphones and also want no experience of headphone pain when you should wear glasses, buy glasses with thin frames.

Adjust Your Headset to Be Looser

If you wear glasses, then don’t worry there are a few things you can do to find comfortable headphones for yourself with glasses. The first thing you can do is adjust your headphones to reduce the clamping pressure. Get some books and arrange these books side by side until they are approximately the width of your head.

What will you do with them? So, whenever you’re free and not using your headphones, place them over this devised stretcher. After some days, you will start feeling more comfortable. But keep in mind, you must be careful not to overstretch them.

If the headset that you have has metal bands, you can bend them slowly with your hand. But keep in mind, don’t bend them too much. Moreover, you can also wear adjustable headphones like SoundSurge 46, because they have great adjustable headbands.

Reposition Your Headset

If you wish to find an easy way then you can consider changing the position of your headset. Your headphones don’t have a predetermined position, so it’s not a problem that you can’t adjust. Carefully adjust your headset so that the earpiece cushions do not rest on top of your ears. You have to try changing the positioning of your headphones till you find the most comfortable fit.

Slide a Piece of Tissue

If you’re facing the issue that your glasses’ temples dig into your head when you’re wearing headphones, then don’t worry this is an unconventional solution you can try. You will take two pieces of tissue and after that fold them to the smallest size. The tissue pieces should be tiny in size. You will put each folded piece between the temple and your head. This trick will allow you to wear headphones as long as you want.

Lift the Temples of Your Glasses

You can also lift the temples of your glasses above the headphones, this doesn’t affect your eyesight. This should be the order like this: Firstly your ears, then over-the-ear headphones, and after that your glasses. But must keep in mind that adjusting the pantoscopic tilt of your glasses a lot may cause anomalies in your vision, it will be harmful.

Choose Headphones with Thicker Ear Padding

Headphone manufacturers made Ear cushion padding by using different types of materials. We can say that the materials and also the usefulness of the ear cushion padding, usually determine comfortable headphones for people who wear glasses. So, if you wear glasses then you will choose the headphones with thicker ear padding for Yourself.

Choose Headphones that Work with Glasses

If you want to be determined to steer clear of headphone pain when you’re wearing glasses, you will find the best headphones for yourself. Make sure that the headphones should be comfortable to wear for an extended period, which means that everything should be perfect — from the clamping force to the fit of the ear cups perfectly.

Keep in mind the headphones should also sound as good as they feel when you will choose them. Make sure, the headset should not sacrifice sound for comfort. Last thing we want to suggest, your headphones should be easy to use. And your headphones do not have many wires that may end up tangling in your glass frames. Trying to buy high-quality wireless headphones with great sound and a built-in microphone is a dream come true for all people who wear eyeglasses.


To conclude we can say that many people who wear eyeglasses face this issue but don’t worry you can overcome this issue by choosing the best headphones for you. Keep in mind the above suggestions while you go to buy headphones if you’re wearing glasses. Indeed, choosing the best headphone style for glasses is not easy because there aren’t many headphones in the market that are made for people who wear glasses.

But don’t worry, the truth is there are some headphones you can wear and also you can enjoy wearing glasses. We will suggest you try TaoTronics True Wireless Headphones as they don’t interfere with glasses in any way. Because these headphones offer a high level of comfort and address the needs of eyeglass users.

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