How To Delete Missed Calls On A Jitterbug Flip Phone?

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Sometimes you need to Delete Missed Calls On A Jitterbug Flip Phone. But if you are a jitterbug flip phone user then you must do so. So how can you get rid of missed calls on your Jitterbug flip phone?

Take it easy, it’s a simple process. Following the guide below, you can easily delete the pesky missed calls from your jitterbug flip phone.  So through this article, you will learn about the simple process of how to Delete Missed Calls On A Jitterbug Flip Phone. So let’s get started for more detail!

Jitterbug flip phone

Jitterbug is a type of phonic communication with an iconic design from the ’60s. It comes with a classic, inimitable appearance and functionality. Being a lightweight and portable device, it is suitable for travel. However, it has amazing features like caller ID capability, which is more popular even today. Well, Jitterbugs flip phones are the most recognizable phones of their era. It is an amazing model that exemplifies these featuring an orange-accented dial surrounded by curved edges. So we can say that it is an ideal travel-friendly device.

Fixing missed calling issues on Jitterbug flip phone

Sometimes the user has experienced the annoyance of being unable to retrieve missed calls on their jitterbug flip phone. Well, it might be frustrated by this predicament if it occurred more times. You must be wondering now that there are many factors that can cause problems with missing calls on your device such as,  If your handset does not have much backup memory space, its internal flash storage might be full, or the storage is relinquished to a third party after buying it, then this issue might happen.

How to view missed calls in Jitterbuf flip phone?

To delete the missed call from your Jitterbug flip phone, you need to get access to these missed calls. Some people don’t have any idea how to view missed calls on their Jitterbug flip device. Well, here is how you can do this in simple ways.

  • First of all, to access your missed calls, you just need to open the dial pad and dial *#8211#.
  • You can also view the missed calls through phone settings. Well, you need to simply press and hold on to the keypad followed by pressing ‘Call History’. Here you can see the missed calls history.
  • Basically, you can also utilize these missed calls from the ‘Call Log’ function to look up contact entries.

Delete Missed Calls On A Jitterbug Flip Phone

Well, after getting access to these Missed calls, you need to learn about how to delete missed calls on a jitterbug flip phone. Here is how to do so:

  • To delete a missed call from the dial pad, you just need to simply enter the number and press ‘Call’.
  • Well, if you are one step short of returning a missed call, then don’t worry- it might be deleted easily.
  • You just have to tap Call Reminder until the missed call appears and then press the ‘Erase’ or “Delete” option.
  • After pressing this button, the missed call will remove the contact from your list!
  • Well, if there isn’t a “clear” or “delete” button, then you can shut the phone and power it on it goes back to the main menu. Then you can go into the missed call list and delete it.

Alternatively, to Delete Missed Calls On A Jitterbug Flip Phone, you can do this:

  • You need to open the missed call list first,
  • Now you have to press OK on the “missed call”
  • Then you have to press the back button.
  • Now you can repeat individually to clear all missed call screens.


After analyzing the simple methods of Delete Missed Calls On A Jitterbug Flip Phone, you’ve determined that it is possible to delete missed calls easily in no time. Well, we have mentioned useful and easy processes. Now you can try one of them to resolve the issue of deleting unwanted missed calls on your jitterbug flip phone. Well, that is all, you need to know about how to delete missed calls on a jitterbug flip phone.

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