How To Open The Mdisk Link On My iPhone?

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Maybe you are facing the issue of not opening the Mdisk link on your iPhone device. Well, it does happen just because your iPhone does not have official support.

If you want to open the mdisk link Then you have to fix the issue first. Well, you can try to open the mdisk link On your Safari browser but if you are still not able to open and wondering how to open mdisk link files on your iPhone.

And if the player is opening on your Android device then this post will be very helpful for you. Through this amazing post, you will learn about how to open mdisk links on an iPhone. So, let’s get started for more detail!

What is the Mdisk link?

Well, The Mdisk is a kind of external storage system. Basically. It was assigned directly or straightforwardly to an average volume with a one-to-one mapping of extents between your Mdisk and the volume of your device. The Mdisk works as a set of drives from internal storage which is managed together by using RAID.

How do I open the mdisk link on my iPhone?

When you face the issue of the disk link not opening in your iPhone then you can take some easy actions. Here are easy actions to take:

1: Well, you have to disable third-party extensions such as ad blocker or any other extensions and after that, you have to try to open the mdisk file player on your iPhone.

2: You can also clear the cookies and try to clear Safari browser cookies to resolve the issue.

3: You can also use third-party media players on your iPhone to play disk files and play videos on your iPhone.

Why your iPhone doesn’t open the disk link?

There is no official support from Apple and Safari browsers or any kind of other browser that can help you to open this mdisk link on your iPhone. Well, that’s why you face the issue. In this situation, you just need to wait until Apple company gives your iPhone support. Otherwise, no browser or application can help you to open the mdisk link.

How to Fix Mdisk Link Player Not Opening in Safari?

Well, we are going to mention an easy and step-by-step guide. So, the iPhone troubleshooting guide will help you fix the mdisk link player not opening in Safari and also being unable to open the mdisk link on iPhone.

So simply try these simple methods which can help you a lot in open mdisk links on iPhone.

Turn off Ad Blockers and Extension

Well, you can resolve the issue by turning off AD blockers and extensions. Here is how to do this:

Step 1: First of all, you have to Open the settings on your iPhone

Step 2: After that, you need to Tap on the option of General and Tap on Extension.

Step 3: Well, here you will see—a list. So, From the list of extensions, you need to Go ahead and turn off all the ad blockers or all unnecessary other extensions by putting the button next to the extension.

Step 4: Well, after turning off the ad blocker and other extensions then need to make sure if the mdisk link opens on your iPhone and also your mdisk link file may open or not.

Turn off the Blocked Cookies Option

Well, you can also resolve the issue by blocking cookies. If you have turned on the blocked cookies option on your iPhone, then keep in mind that these cookies might be the reason for the restriction to open blocked cookies websites on your iPhone. Well, here is how to turn off the blocked cookies option:

1: First of all, you have to Go to the settings

2: Then you have to tap on the option of General

3: Here you can see an option for the safari so Tap on Safari

4:  Next, you have to Scroll down to the privacy and Security section

5:  After the page opens, you should tap on the Blocked Cookies option by toggling the button next to it. So turn it off.

6: Once you turn off the blocked cookies option you should check with the mdisk link and check whether the video plays or not.

Use Alternative Players to Open Mdisk Link Player

Well, You can also use third-party alternatives to resolve the issue of not opening mdisk files on your iPhone. There are so many applications on your iPhone that can help you to open the mdisk link and play the mdisk link video on your iPhone. Well, some of them are given below:

1: MxPlayer

2: VLC Media Player

3: OPlayer

4: Playit

5: KMP player

Well, these are a few third parties that can help you to open the disk link easily. So, You just need to go to the app store of your iPhone and search for this medial player. After the page opens, you can install media player apps on your iPhone and then try to open the mdisk files player on your iPhone.

Hopefully, in this way, you can resolve the issue.


Sometimes you can’t open links on your iPhone Because there is no official support from Apple that helps you view mdisk link files or open mdisk link files. That is why you face the issue. Well, if you face the issue in opening the disk link on your iPhone then You can try third-party applications or you can change settings in the Safari browser.

All these methods may help you to open Mdisk files or player links on your iPhone. We have mentioned everything in detail. You just have to follow all the steps carefully otherwise you will not be able to do so. So that’s all you need to know about how to open disk links on iPhone. We hope this article will help you a lot in this case!

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