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If you are wondering to know about how to make Bricks in Minecraft. So, this guide is especially for you. To make bricks, place a clay ball in the furnace. Then, fill with fuel such as coal or wood. Wait sometime. Brick is ready to use, simply click the brick and drag it into inventory.

Brick blocks are also amazing blocks in Minecraft and are commonly utilized in this game. Our useful guide will explain exactly how bricks and brick blocks can be made in Minecraft easily. Our guide also includes how to obtain all the resources or required materials in the crafting process in Minecraft.

But the first thing that we need to know is, what are bricks in Minecraft? So have a look at the following user guide.

Make Bricks in Minecraft

What are the Bricks in Minecraft?

Bricks were introduced in 2019, to the blocky world of Minecraft. Brick is an item that can be used to make the bricks block, flower pots, and other items. A brick can be acquired by smelting a clay ball. Bricks are the best and the most blast-resistance material the player has found in Minecraft.

It is a piece of bad news for the players that bricks do not occur naturally in Minecraft. You need to craft bricks on the crafting table and require some of the material to be gathered. You can construct brick blocks by using bricks. Brick blocks are also used to make houses in the amazing game Minecraft.

If we talk about building blocks, so we can say that Minecraft has a lot of building blocks. You can use them in any type of wood or stone to construct a house. Wood and stone appeared naturally and were very easy to obtain. Wood is not as strong as stone.

Available Platforms for bricks in Minecraft

Java editionWindows, Mac & Linux PCsYes
Bedrock editionXbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Fire OS,
Windows 10 PCs, Android,
Education editionMac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PCsYes
Play station editionPlay Station 3 & 4Yes

Required materials to craft Bricks in Minecraft

In order to make bricks in Minecraft, you need the following materials;

  • A furnace
  • Fuel for the furnace (coal, wood, seaweed)
  • Clay balls

Note: Clay balls can be mined from the clay blocks. Clay blocks can be found at the bottom of rivers, lakes, and oceans. You need to break these clay blocks in order to drop clay. You can use a shovel to break clay blocks.

Make Bricks in Minecraft

Simple 4 Step Guide to make bricks in Minecraft

In short, In order to craft bricks, you just need to put a clay ball in the top section of the furnace GUI. Then, you need to fill the lower section with any type of fuel of your choice such as coal, wood, etc. Now wait for the arrow and the brick has been made, simply click the brick and drag it into the inventory.

Here is the step-by-step user guide you need to follow these steps to  make bricks in Minecraft:

Make Bricks in Minecraft
Make Bricks in Minecraft

Step-1: Open Furnace Menu

 First of all, you need to Interact with any furnace of your choice to open a furnace menu.

Step-2: Place the Clay

The next step is to Place the clay in the top slot and any kind of furnace fuel of your choice in the bottom slot. You can use any kind of wood, coal, or lava buckets as furnace fuel.

Step-3: Wait for the display of the arrow  

Wait for some time still, the arrow becomes completely white. The brick will appear in the right-hand side of the furnace slot.

Step-4: Move crafted brick into inventory

Once you have successfully created the brick! Then you just need to drag the brick out of the furnace slot and place the brick into your own inventory to use bricks in the game.

NOTE:  By doing this process, it will result in traditional red brick. No doubt, the player can also make other types of bricks such as stone bricks, nether bricks, and many more.

Make Bricks in Minecraft
Make Bricks in Minecraft

Use of bricks in Minecraft

There are many uses of bricks in Minecraft. You can do many things with this item in Minecraft. There are several types of bricks, stones, and rocks at your disposal in Minecraft. Here are some ways you can use the bricks to your advantage.

Minecraft bricks are decorative building blocks that can be used to craft brick slabs, brick stairs, brick walls, and more!

Crafting flower pots

As we all know that the player of Minecraft can show their favorite flowers the use of flower pots. Flower pots are a great decorative item. And it can easily be crafted with bricks.

Crafting a set of brick blocks

   The players can craft brick blocks by using bricks. Players can also make brick stairs and slabs.

Banner pattern

The player can craft banner patterns, the players can also create a “field masoned banner” pattern. This banner has a different design and can be used to create many cool tertiary banner patterns.

Making a brick house

Just like the houses in real life, you can build houses by using bricks in Minecraft.

Villager emerald farming

No doubt, the Emerald is one of the rare items in the world of Minecraft. The player can use bricks for trading in farming precious emeralds. Simply, players can farm emeralds via trading bricks with villagers, especially with the stonemason villager.

Make Bricks in Minecraft
Make Bricks in Minecraft


It can be said that bricks in the current state of this amazing game are very limited in terms of usefulness, however, if we talk about brick blocks, so brick blocks are still an amazing way to add a squeaky clean look to any potential building designs. The fact that bricks are so cheap and easy to make in the world of Minecraft.

 Bricks were one of the rarest decorative blocks in the blocky world of Minecraft. Bricks blocks were added to the game in 2009. Hopefully, now you can craft the Bricks, and brick blocks easily in the world of Minecraft by following our guide.

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