How To Fix A TV With No Sound?

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Today, we are going to discuss “How to fix TV with no sound”? Watching your Television without sound is so irritating. Nobody likes it. But don’t worry, the no-sound issue is quite common with even every model of the best TVs. Many people became so panic and rush to the repair shop when they face this no sound or loss of audio issue. 

We have compiled a useful post to help you to learn how to fix a TV with no sound. It is so simple to fix this issue by different easy methods. So there is a problem and many solutions, so don’t worry try one of them to resolve the issue.

Why is my TV sound not working?

There is some basic reason behind this TV’s no sound issue.  It may be an incorrect setting, the wrong HDMI input, faulty speakers, etc. let’s talk about more reasons.

  • There may be extremely low or muted volume on the TV.
  • It might be possible that there is a low or muted volume of external speakers
  • Sound settings may be incorrectly configured
  • It is also possible that External speakers or sound bars aren’t properly connected.
  • Your external or internal speakers might be faulty.
  • Media devices such as the receiver, DVD player, and gaming console may not be connected to your TV.
  • There is might be unhooked cables, unconnected ports, or misconfigured settings
  • There could be a Hardware failure of internal components, external speakers, or media devices of your TV.
  • There might be the Signal source connector’s damage
  • Mainboard elements might be faulty or damage
  • There could be Mainboard or T-CON short circuit.

How to fix TV sound problems?

Unfortunately, if you face this common problem of TV no sound. Don’t be alarmed, because there are some potential causes behind the issue but luckily we have simple fixes that can easily resolve the issue and you can do it on your own without spending money. Some quick and easy solutions are given below. Take a look at them!

1. Volume level

First of all, the minor reason for TV sound problems is the low volume level. Sometimes you forget to turn up the TV volume or sometimes you leave it muted. The first and most important thing to do before to go another fix is to check the volume level. You should make sure that the volume is turned on and unmuted. If you find it low or mute then you need to increase or unmute it.

2. Check the set-top box

If you have connected your TV to a set-top box or cable box, then you should check the volume of the set-top box and make sure that it is not muted or reduced. When the set-top boxes are connected through an Audio or Video connection, then must check that the cables are properly connected to the right video input on the TV. So if these cables are not correctly connected then connect them to the correct input.

3. Unsecured TV cables

Unsecured TV cables will lead to the absence of sound from the TV. Someone you have pulled off the plug cable from the external speaker device unknowingly, which restricts the sound output from the TV.

So if the TV cables are unsecured or damaged then you can buy a new cable. So when you face the TV no sound issue, you should check the TV cables first, if they are secured, and must make sure that none of these cables is cut, removed, disconnected, or loose.

4. Signal source damage

Your signal source might be damaged. You need to check out that because the source of the TV signal must be strong and above 20db. You need to repair this issue if you find them improper. Here is how to do this!

  • First of all, go to Settings
  • Now click on Support
  • Press the option of Self-diagnosis
  • Then Signal Information.
  • Now you can perform a signal check on your TV.
  • This solution can resolve the TV sound issue.

5. Mainboard elements damage

If there are damaged mainboard elements, that means they can affect the TV’s ability and produce sound. It is tough to check that the mainboard has a problem if you find out about this issue then you need to buy the elements. We must recommend getting help from a professional because this kind of repair can’t be handled by a normal person.

6. TV software version

 The outdated software version can affect some channels. Make sure that, the TV software version is up to date. If you find it outdated then you need to update it as soon as possible. It can automatically update the software if your TV is connected to the Internet or you can update it via a USB flash drive.

7. Analog broadcast

If there is a feature of analog broadcast feature in your TV, then you need to understand the performing an analog broadcast tuning to check if there is any noise. If you notice that there is any noise or sounds coming from the television, then you should check other causes like playback content or connected appliances for sound. If you notice that there is no sound that means you should to move other steps.

8. MTS settings of television

If your TV sound is very low or the sound is just coming from one speaker, then the television set is not set to STEREO or incapable of transmitting the signals make from the STEREO settings. To resolve the sound issue, you should replace or adjust the source device.

9. Reboot the TV set

Sometimes the issue is not so big you can fix it just by rebooting and temporarily unplugging the connected cables. Simply unplug the TV cable and plug it in again and reboot your TV.  This temporary reset works will help you to resolve the issue.

10. Reset factory setting

You can also reset your TV, basically, all the personal settings will be deleted, but the sound will definitely restore the sound after setting its factory setting. You can do this setting by holding down the menu button for about a few seconds. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. This will be helpful to solve your TV sound problem.


So that’s all, you need or learn about “how to fix TV no sound issue”? We have covered some easy methods so that you can easily resolve this issue at home without wasting your money. These are a few simple things to check for TV sound troubleshooting, and potential ways to fix the no sound. If none of them will work, then we must recommend that please any professional fix it.

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