How To Embed Chat In A Website?

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Modern e-commerce websites include embedded chat as a standard feature. Adding an embedded chat function to your website, whether you’re a huge retailer or a small business, will allow you to not only interact with customers in real-time but also engage prospects while they browse your store. 

Including an embedded chat on your website can help with both sales and customer service.  After all, an embedded chat offers up a whole new channel of engagement with your website’s visitors. One that is both instant and cross-platform compatible. You may, however, be undecided about including an embedded chat function on your website.

How do you include live Embed Chat In A Website?

1. Select a vendor of live chat software 

Given the potential influence of live chat on the quality of your customer service and revenue, it’s worth spending some time investigating your choices. Learn everything you can about different live chat software providers before selecting the one that best suits your business needs and integrating it into your website. The number of features, ease of onboarding and customization, third-party software integrations, security, mobile compatibility, pricing, and customer support are all factors to consider.

2. Register for the service

You’ve probably limited down your options to those that meet your needs and fit your budget. Still not certain that membership is right for you? A free trial is available to get you started. Most live chat software suppliers offer free trials that include all of the product capabilities, allowing potential customers to try all of the features or request a demo. It takes no more than a few minutes to sign up for the trial, and no credit card information is required.

Embed Chat In A Website

3. Include a live chat feature on your website

After you’ve signed up, you’ll need to select a chat button. After that, just copy and paste a brief HTML code into the body of your page to enable live chat. You can start conversing with your clients and prospects in real-time once you’ve incorporated chat on your website.

A chat window displays whenever a visitor clicks on the live chat button, which is normally located in the right bottom corner of a website. The visitor initiates a chat with a corporate person who is currently online and available to accept the chat request by clicking further on this window.

4. Make the live chat widget your own 

Providers of live chat software often offer a large range of customization options. It could include changing the language and contents, as well as tweaking the design of online (when chat is accessible) and offline (when chat is not available) buttons and a chat window to make it look more organic to your website.

You can also pick whether a chat button will immediately start a chat or open a pre-chat form for a visitor to fill out. Pre-chat forms and contact forms (displayed if no agent is available) may usually be adjusted to meet your needs as well.

5. Make proactive conversation invitations a reality

Most live chat vendors offer proactive chat as a standard feature. Proactive chat invitations can appear on any page of the website or only on specific pages. For example, your pricing or checkout pages are likely to require life support. In most cases, invitations can be sent either manually or automatically based on predefined rules. Information about visitors and various behavior data, such as geographic location, current page, referral page, time spent on the website, visit times, and so on.

6. Make a collection of ready-to-use responses

Canned messages are a crucial element of setting up and getting the most out of your online chat widget. These are pre-programmed responses to frequently asked client questions. They let agents respond faster and more efficiently by eliminating the need for them to type custom messages in response to repetitive questions that can be answered instantaneously by just sending the appropriate pre-written response in a few clicks. When agents are dealing with many chat inquiries at the same time, canned messages come in handy.


There is no reason to ignore what your customers want in today’s highly competitive industry. Particularly when it comes to a tool that will also benefit your bottom line.

An embedded chat has become an essential part of client contact, and failing to incorporate it into your website is the equivalent of throwing money away.

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