How To Build A House In Minecraft?

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Build a house in Minecraft is one of the most important things to do. First of all, you need to find a spot where you want to build your house. Undoubtedly, it is a good idea to start is to plot out the size of your house using the corner pillars. You just need to use simple blocks to build your house in Minecraft.

 If you want to make any building in Minecraft, you will need to place blocks to build walls. You just need to put blocks on top of each other to build the walls but if you want to build the roof you should put blocks side by side with each other.

Some monsters like skeletons and zombies will spawn at night, so this is time to feel safe and hide from them. So, for your safety, you need a house to escape from them.

We try to provide the ultimate guide for building your own Houses in Minecraft. This useful guide is very easy to follow with almost all the instructions on how to build a house. The very beginner will also build his own house by following this step-by-step guide.

So, let’s get started: 

Where to build a house?

You just need to build a house at your initial spawn location when you are planning on playing with your friends. This will give them a safe place to hang out. When you gain a bit deeper into Minecraft, you can build a more elaborate house in any biome that you want.  No doubt, the plains are a good biome to build the first house for a player. The flat or plain ground makes it easy to create a large house.

Build A House In Minecraft
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How to Make a House?

To build a house in Minecraft, you need to place simple blocks. Sand and Gravel can also work, they can build the walls but they cannot build a roof. Because when you use sand and Gravel to make the roof they will fall down.

Remember that if you use wood-based blocks to build the house, it could be susceptible to fire. So, we will suggest you if you are going to build a house in Minecraft, you should use stone or other mined blocks for this purpose.

Don’t forget to put some torches in the house as the monsters like skeletons and zombies will spawn in the darkness. You should also add the doors to your house. The doors can be made by arranging planks in a 2-by-3 form on the crafting table.

When you put all this together, you just need to have a simple and safe area to hide from the monsters at night time.

What to put in your House?

When you serve your house as your base, at least, you should put some items in your house. You need to have a Bed, Chests, Crafting table, and France.

For more advanced in Minecraft, you should have an Enchanting table, Bookshelves, an anvil, and Grindstone.

Every item is listed below how can be crafted at your crafting table by using the ingredients which are also mentioned below.

  • Bed ( 3 wool and 3 planks)
  • Chests ( 8 planks)
  • Crafting table (4 Planks)
  • Furnace (8 Cobblestone)
  • Enchanting table ( 2 Diamonds, 4 Obsidian, and 1 book)
  • Bookshelves ( 3 books, and 6 planks)
  • Anvil ( 3 books of iron, and 4 iron ingots)
  • Grindstone (2 sticks, 1 stone slab, and 2 planks)

Infect all these items can be used to enchant tools and armor.

Decorating your House

Once you have crafted all these materials easily, now you can work on upgrading the house in Minecraft. You can craft Concrete by using the Concrete powder which can be crafted by using one dye, Four Sand, and four Gravel. It can be used to create colorful houses. Next, you can use Buckets which can be crafted by using three Iron Ingots. It can be used to create swimming pools of lava.

Build A House In Minecraft
Build A House In Minecraft

 You can use Sand to make Glass panes which can be made of six Glasses. You can use it to make windows. You need two wool to make carpets. Even you can also decorate your walls with paintings you can make the painting by using eight Sticks and one Wool.

 House ideas and designs

  • Wooden Minecraft houses
  • Minecraft farmhouses
  • Underground Minecraft houses
  • Modern Minecraft houses
  • Minecraft treehouses
  • Japanese Minecraft houses

Wooden Minecraft houses

The wooden Minecraft houses are great examples of how you can create a beautiful home without spending days upon days gathering extraordinary materials like Netherite and Copper. The wooden Minecraft houses are so attractive early game houses completely out of wooden materials and glass.

Minecraft farmhouses

If you’re willing to build a beautiful Minecraft farmhouse, these wonderful Minecraft houses will provide you with everything that you need to grow as much as food. There are two types of the farmhouse:

Large Farmhouse

This lovely farmhouse is designed by JUNS MAB architecture. It is wonderfully designed at its little square farms. There are also a lot of rooms inside the foundations.

Compact Farmhouse

This beautiful home can expand by adding more farms as you like.

Underground Minecraft houses

That’s not true, the above-ground base houses can be pretty: these underground houses are also pretty, striking, functional, and these houses really easy to build.

The underground houses also provide great protection against Minecraft mobs. You can make more rooms in underground houses, and you can also bring the new shapes of the cave into the structure.

Modern Minecraft houses

If you want to build more modern Minecraft houses, so you can build these modern houses by using a few materials like concrete, stone, and glass. This house comes completely fully furnished interior design.

Minecraft treehouses

Now let’s talk about excellent Minecraft treehouses.  They’re predominantly wooden, so you can build them very soon after starting up a new world, but you have to fight with the Bees for the right to live in the tree of your wish!

You may build a massive tree house by using Glowstone dangling from the branches of a tree. You can also build three starter treehouses. You can easily build this simple house.

Japanese Minecraft houses

No doubt, these characterful Minecraft houses were inspired by traditional Japanese architecture. We came to know about two types of Japanese Minecraft houses.

Japanese Starter House

This house is very easy to construct, you need 16×16 blocks, and Comprised of two levels, this starter house is a good size for the necessities

Japanese Village House

The Nether Brick-designed roof and Quartz-designed walls in this build give Cortezerino’s Japanese Minecraft house a pretty look.


We hope so you got a few morsels of inspiration from the above beautiful builds. It’s very important to build your house in the best location, so be sure to take full advantage of our guides on how to build a house in Minecraft.

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