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The font tag is used to specify the characteristics of the font. Different characteristics include typeface, size, and color. This tag have an opening tag <font> and a closing tag </font>.

Attribute fo Font Tag

Font tag has some important attributes are as follows:

FaceIt specifies the font of the text. The possible values are “Arial”, “Arial Black”, “Time New Roman” and “MS sans Serif” etc.
SizeIt specifies the font size of the text. It can be from 1 to 7. The default size is 3. The size an also be given as relative to the default size. The size 1 displays 10pt and so on.
ColorIt specifies the color of the text. It can be given as a color name or hexadecimal value of the color.

The following tables show the color name and its hexadecimal value:

ColorHexadecimal ValueColorHexadecimal Value
Green#00FF00Dark Red#800000
Blue #0000FFDark Green#008000

Example of Font Tag

    <font Size=+2 face=”Verdana”> this text face is Verdana</font><br>
    <font face=”Arial”>this text face is Arial</font>


font tag


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  1. Senga

    The font tag is deprecated in html5…

    1. Muhammad Waqar

      no, we cannot say that HTML tags are deprecated in html5! if you read the difference between HTML and HTML5 then you batter understand. Read Here

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