How To Fix Oculus Quest Losing Track?

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When you are playing Oculus Quest, one of the most disappointing and frustrating things is the loss of tracking. That simply means your game progress has been lost, now you need to start all over again. So, when the oculus quest has lost its track, then you have to get back its track. But the question is that “how to fix the oculus quest losing track issue.”  Basically, when the Oculus Quest faces the ‘tracking lost’ error that may disable some features of your headset.

Sometimes, we just encounter problems like that that aren’t impossible to resolve but we should not lose hope, then we at least need to attempt some ways to fix those errors.  As usual, the Oculus has released two of the best virtual globally with great features land that is tracking cameras and VR screen resolution.

When you use your Oculus VR headset, then you can face a “Tracking Lost” error notification on your screen. If you see this notification while using your Oculus headset, then you might wonder to know that what causes it and how to fix it. So we have mentioned below, the basic reasons and easy fixes. So, let’s get started for further detail.

What Is Oculus quest?

Basically, The Oculus Quest is a virtual reality (VR) headset that has been developed by Oculus. It is a standalone device that helps you to run games and software wirelessly under an Android-based operating system. It can easily support positional tracking with six degrees of freedom by using internal sensors and an array of cameras in front of the headset. A later software “Oculus Link” is also installed in it that allows your Quest to be connected to a computer via USB.

Why Does My Oculus Quest Keep Losing Tracking?

There are several reasons behind the oculus quest losing track issue.

  • The tracking loss error mostly appears on Oculus Quest when someone adjusts to a new environment or just turns on the headset. Basically, it appears just right before the guardian setup.
  • The other common reason why your Oculus keeps losing track is that when your hands or dirt blocks one or more cameras then it will lose track.
  • Another reason might be a lot of movement in the surroundings, making it hard for the headset to focus on your movements.
  • When the “Tracking Lost” error message appears, that means tracking on your Oculus headset becomes limited to head rotation. If you move in another direction, the headset does not track your movement, and this makes it so tough to get access and use the application in this Oculus headset.
  • It could also lose track if the user moves a lot while setting up the Oculus headset.
  • Another reason when your environment becomes too bright or too dark,
  • Losing track issues can happen when many screens and monitors in the room, and also when using the headset in another country with different lighting.

How Do I Fix Oculus Tracking?

There are some easy fixes that you can try to resolve the issue of “oculus Quest losing track”. When you are using your Oculus headset but it does not work in your immediate environment, then you received a “Tracking Lost” error message that alerts you that your headset cannot track your movements. In this way, you can’t get access to any games or applications if your Oculus headset has lost its tracking. So, if your Oculus headset has lost the tracking, then you can fix this issue in this way:

  • First of all, you need to check the headset if you see the cameras are blocked then you need to unblock them first. Always keep in mind that when you set up your headset, your hands should be away from the cameras. So that your cameras can be blocked.
  • You can also need to minimize the movements around you especially when you are setting up the headset and must check that you stay still during the setup.
  • You should also check your environment to make sure that it has perfect lighting for your Oculus cameras.
  • You can also restart the Oculus headset, also you have to reset your Guardian and clear your Guardian history. So when you see the “Tracking Lost” error notification, then your Oculus headset will offer to turn off 6DOF tracking and also limit the usage to head and hand movements only. If you accept it then the device will be turned off, now you have to turn it back on after that your Oculus might regain its tracking. If it does not work, then you can clear your Guardian history. You can clear the Guardian’s history in this way:  First of all, you have to go to the setting menu then you need to be selecting the option to clear your history under the Guardian section. 
  • You can adjust the lighting and tracking settings.
  • You can also try factory resetting your Oculus.
  • And if none of the solutions work, contact Oculus customer support for help.
  • You should also clean the cameras if there is any dirt or smudges on the lenses. To be careful while cleaning the cameras, you need to avoid scratching the lenses or staining them. You can use a microfiber cloth to clean your headset’s cameras.


When you see the alarming notification of your oculus quest losing track, then you need to find out its basic reason and its easy fix. So don’t worry, we have mentioned above “why your oculus quest loses track” and also “how to fix the oculus quest losing track issue”. Oculus Quest can keep losing tacking due to several reasons that we have mentioned above. So you just need to read this article carefully so that you can resolve the issue. If all of that fixes did not work that you need help from a professional.

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