Best Software For Online Security For New Businesses In 2023

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When you have a new business, whether it’s a store or a plumbing business, you’ll need to get it online. In simple terms, in 2023, if you don’t have a digital marketing plan, SEO, and a website, you’re going to struggle to attract customers. As well as this, you’re going to likely need a social media page. 

This means that you’re going to need to also scale up your online security, too. Many businesses now take deposits or full payments online, which means that your clients or customers’ information is vulnerable to being hacked. That won’t look good on a Yelp review!

So, what are some of the best software options for online security for your company in 2023?

GRC Software

The first one to invest in is governance, risk, and compliance software, especially when it’s from a website like

This software offers an array of security features for online companies, which can help you to identify and assess any potential risks more effectively. It can also ensure that your company isn’t going to get into trouble with the IRS by ensuring that it’s complying with regulations and standards within your industry.

As well as this, it’s also designed to provide automated alerts and notifications, which can inform you or another member of your team about security risks or breaches, allowing you to take the appropriate action. This will help to ensure that your company’s information remains safe, as well as your customers’ credit card information.

Endpoint Protection Software

Endpoint Protection software offers a range of security features, like antivirus and malware protection, as well as firewall protection. It can provide your team with real-time monitoring and assessment of network traffic, which will be able to detect suspicious activity. Much like GRC software, it can also ensure that your business is adhering to industry standards with data storage, so you won’t get into legal trouble if there’s a breach!

Identity and Access Management Software

Identity and access management, or IAMS software, offers security features by providing a central system to manage user access. This will prevent access to sensitive information and systems, as well as control user authentication and access privileges, and ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive systems, which may contain financial data belonging to your company or customers. It’s also ideal for alerting you to potential security threats, as well as alerting your team. 

Encryption Software

Most people in 2023 are familiar with encryption software, and if you’re looking for an additional layer of security to add to your business online, this is a good one!

It uses algorithms to convert sensitive data into a format that can be read and can only be decrypted with access to a specific key. So, even if a hacker gets access to all your customers’ credit card numbers, they’ll be unable to read it. It can be used to protect data in transit, like emails and purchases that are made from your business, as well as data that may be stored on a database, like previous transactions and bank details. 

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