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Special effects software helps to create stunning pieces of media. From TV commercials to blockbuster movies, and video games, to online videos, you need to add visual effects that can give a strong impression on a viewer. You can add special visual effects by using a beat special effect.

But, it’s more important to know what can be the best video-making software out of a huge collection of software in the market. So today, through this article, we will discuss the top 5 best special effects software for video editing in detail.

Each software enables users to add visual effects to their raw footage perfectly. So let’s get started for more detail!

1: Filmora

Filmora is the best special effect software for video editing. This Best Visual Effects Software is a better choice for Beginners. It can be the best for those who don’t have video editing skills yet want to create Hollywood-like videos.

Filmora provides some amazing fashionable video effects that allow the video to look real, cool, and unique.  It can be used in creating short video streaming, vlogger, or professional videos. This software is fully compatible with Windows and macOS 10.14. Moreover, it comes with so many amazing features, some of these useful features are given below:

Key Features:

  • This software provides more than 900 free video effects elements to use.
  • This software helps you to make your video cinematic with OpenFX
  • This software has 3D LUTs for color matching.
  • It allows you Content Management.
  • This software has Customizable Branding.
  • It allows you to Import and Export data.
  • You can Drag and Drop your video.
  • It gives Filtering and Media Library to use.

2: Houdini

Houdini is the Best Visual Effects Software for 3D Modeling. This software was first released in 1996 but still, it is the most powerful software for 3D artists to make 3D models. It is also famous software for its unique approach to procedural generation.

This software is mostly used by VFX companies like Sony Pictures or ILM. It has better rendering, modeling, and animation options to apply. This software also provides the Crowds tool which helps you to make motion blending and realistic layouts. This software also offers a free version.

You can also purchase its basic options, according to your task requirements, the price of its package is $6,995. Moreover, it has so many amazing features, such as:

Key Features:

  • This software offers SOP-based tools that help you to make fantastic destruction effects.
  • It also helps you to make blockbuster effects quickly.
  • It does not take much memory while making special effects.
  • It offers a free version for practice.

3: 3Ds Max

3Ds Max is also one of the best special effects software for video editing. It is an amazing choice for 3D artists, video game developers, and making TV commercial studios.  This software continuously upgrades from time to time. Each new version comes with many useful new tools that can extend the scope of options to you.

The software has a better Data Channel Modifier, Mash and Surface modeling, and also Procedural wood texture features. It is compatible with the Windows OS. It has many paid versions and it also offers a free trial for practice. This software has so many amazing features such as:

Key Features:

  • This software offers worth-mentioning visual effects for games
  • It helps you to make high-quality effects with animation and VFX.
  • This software can accelerate your editing.
  • This software offers a free trial before buying any paid version for practice.

4: Cinema 4D

 Cinema 4D is also one of the best special effects software for video editing. This amazing software allows users to make animations, and perform rendering, and texturing tasks. It also has a library of object preset scenes and useful materials. You can also use sculpting tools that help you to utilize Polygon and Parametric modeling options.

The Splines software also produces complex 3D objects, and its Deformers allow you to compress the objects without any geometry. The software is also compatible with PC and Mac, but you cannot Buy Cinema 4D online and you have to contact a licensed distributor of the software. Moreover, it has many amazing features such as:

Key Features:

  • It is a simple and easy-to-use software for beginners and professionals.
  • This software has an Intuitive interface which helps you in making VFX
  • It offers free service packs that are stable to use.

5: Nuke

Last but not least, Nuke special effect software for video editing is also the most popular and the Best Visual Effects Software. It is designed for Compositing for Professionals. This software is mostly used by companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, DreamWorks Animation, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

It is a node-based digital compositing software that can be used for the most demanding and difficult tasks. Nuke gives access to 2D and 3D compositing and it also allows you to use Editorial options. 2D compositing has some amazing features like Nodal toolset, Deep image compositing, Rotoscoping, and also Warp Effects while the 3D compositing options let you work in a 3D environment.

You just have to use a 3D camera tracker and depth generation tools for this 3D task. Well, you have to purchase a pricing plan which starts from $4,528 to $9,768. Moreover, it comes with many features such as:

Key features:

  • It is node-based digital software.
  • It offers a free trial.
  • It is better for professionals.
  • This software has a simple interface.


If you want to use editing software to make your visuals realistic then you have to choose one of the best special effects software for video editing. Each software gives you stop motion, Chroma key, and different effects to enhance your video.

Well, we have mentioned the top 5 best special effects software for video editing. Now you can choose one of them according to your task requirements. So that’s all you need to know about the “best special effects software for video editing”. We hope so, this article will help you a lot!

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