What Are the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers & Why?

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WordPress is one of the simplest and most reliable web host platforms, particularly due to its wide suite of plugins and years of tested expertise. Right now, 455 million websites use the open-source system, with Techjury’s guide to WordPress websites even reporting that 62 percent of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in the United States use it for their sites.

With its large scope, one of the most convenient routes to developing a WordPress-based site is using a managed hosting provider. It’s one of the most trusted CMS-built choices for many reasons, so it all comes down to which hosting provider meets your specific needs. Here are some of the best options out there and why.

Bluehost – Recommended by WordPress

Bluehost is a widely trusted managed hosting provider that is notably one of the only options directly endorsed by WordPress. This recommendation is nothing to brush aside either, as the provider has proven to be the most expertly optimized one for the WordPress platform. Because it is built specifically for the platform, it comes with a great uptime guarantee so you don’t have to worry about your site crashing due to scaling issues.

It’s even considered one of Namechk’s best managed WordPress hosting providers. It is listed as one of the best due to its advanced analytics, advanced features like WP-CLI/SSH access, one-click installs, and very active support 24/7 support team. Load times are only a real issue if you don’t properly optimize your pages, and this problem is easily amendable using the tools support you are given.

Another reason to go for this option is its speed and security, which are capable of handling traffic of up to 100 million visits a month. It should be noted that this comes with a bit of a higher price tag than other options, but its features provide a lot of value.

WP Engine – Top-tier Security

WP Engine has plenty of features that make it among the most attractive options you can look into. The biggest clincher, however, is its robust security. It does come with a premium fee, but it’s absolutely a worthy investment. The provider’s confidence in the security features is proven by their 60-day money-back guarantee, which you are not likely going to need anyway.

Security may not be a feature that is immediately felt on the surface, but it has a deep impact on your actual site’s functionality. It also concerns your data, sensitive information, uptime, and reliability for consumers. Information Age’s article on malware reveals that 4.1 million websites across the globe are infected. This problematic increase in malicious attacks has resulted in bot traffic massively overtaking humans, with almost half of small business websites being breached without their knowledge.

This is where WP Engine shines. It offers real-time threat detection, free daily database backups, on-demand restoration, quick fixes for hacked sites, SSL encryption, and core WordPress updates to prevent gaps that can be compromised.

GoDaddy – Advanced Domain Features

Although GoDaddy is not the only provider to offer domain registration, it stands out because of its extensive experience in domain development and management. Whether you are looking to host one or multiple domains, this service comes with easy management from one platform.

It has one-click installs, which can be a real help for users that don’t extensive knowledge of code. Considering the fact that domains are the online footprint or marker for your business, this is one of the most promising features you can rely on from GoDaddy.

Its comprehensive domain expertise even stands out in helping your WordPress site establish credibility. GoDaddy is listed as one of Forbes Advisor’s most reliable domain registrars for both .com and .org extensions. When you build a site with them, you get free business emails and domains that are already managed within their suite.

Of course, you would still need to be wary of overloaded servers, which can sometimes occur due to the number of hosted sites. Though rare, these instances would require you to reach out to their support team or simply ensure that you are on a less congested server.


Each of the managed hosting options mentioned here has its specific highlights, but what makes them the best is the fact that they all provide great services overall. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need. Although they are among the most reliable managed hosting providers you can check out, there are plenty of other great options you can look into if you’re still undecided. These three solutions simply take best-of-class marks due to their suite of solutions and number of positive reviews. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic and checking relevant updates, read our other articles on WordPress.

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